Recipe for preparing papanas with jam and sour cream

Recipe for preparing papanas with jam and sour cream

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Papanas preparation recipe

Drain the whey cheese, put it in a bowl with the salt, sugar (depending on preference), vanilla sugar and orange peel plus a teaspoon of baking powder.

Chop everything with a fork, mix and then put the two eggs.

After mixing completely, add the flour and knead. The amount of flour varies depending on the cheese, eggs .... I used about 250 grams.

The dough should be non-sticky.

Sprinkle flour on the workbench and divide the dough into 5 larger equal pieces and 5 smaller equal ones.

We flatten the big ones and make a hole in the middle, and we give the small ones a ball-like appearance.

Heat plenty of oil and fry the papanas one by one until they brown nicely.

Remove them on absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

We serve papanas with lots of sour cream and jam! As much as possible!

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