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Mojito popsicle

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Mojito Popsicle Recipe by of 14-07-2017 [Updated on 14-07-2017]

What I propose today is the recipe for my favorite popsicle, the mojito popsicle. Fresh, tasty and with that slight alcoholic aftertaste, it is the perfect ice cream to be enjoyed perhaps on a pleasant evening with friends!
The idea came to me after seeing the icy mojito popsicle and having not tried it yet, I thought I'd prepare it myself, after all, mojito is my favorite cocktail, could I ever miss the popsicle? As already mentioned for the prosecco one, this popsicle is clearly to be served for adult guests, perhaps for an aperitif or after an informal dinner;) Girls, I leave you to the recipe and I wish you a sweet day, today I have a lot of things to do, including a pizza lesson in Ischia. Kisses :*


How to make the Mojito Popsicle

In a saucepan over the fire, prepare a syrup by dissolving the sugar in water.
Once it has cooled, add the rum and the juice of half a lime, then mix.

Meanwhile, cut the remaining lime into thin slices and place one for each popsicle mold.

Now pour in the liquid obtained, a few mint leaves and the wooden stick.
Move the popsicles to the freezer for at least 4 hours.

Your Mojito Popsicles are ready to be enjoyed.

Popsicle time! Original ideas to refresh the summer

Icicles are the ideal snack for hot summer days, when the sun leaves no respite and even a biscuit seems too heavy.

But why be satisfied with those sold in bars, which always have the same flavors, mint, lemon, anise and orange, when you can easily recreate them at home, inventing, like this, many varieties & # 224?
And why not take a cue from cocktails to make popsicles that are not only tasty and original, but that also make us funnier and more brilliant?
From the union of cocktails and popsicle (or "icicle" in English) the poptails, & # 160ideal for adults who want to cool off while enjoying a solid mojito.

On the next pages you will find some ideas of popsicles and poptails that we have found around the web. Which do you like best?

Mojito Popsicles

Follow the instructions below to make the recipe perfectly and amaze all your guests.

  1. In a saucepan, prepare the sugar syrup by bringing the water to the boil with the sugar and one of the two sprigs of mint, then turn off and leave to cool. Once the mixture is cold, remove the mint and mix with the rum, the tonic water and the lime juice, then pour into the molds and complete with the other mint leaves. Store in the freezer for 8 hours before "sipping" the mojito in small bites.
  2. nThe extra advice
    As an alternative, it's easy to make Bloody Mary popsicles in the same way. Mix all the ingredients provided in the cocktail recipe, blending the celery with the lemon juice, then pour everything into the molds and freeze.
  3. Recipe and photos taken from the book Yum! by M. Teresa Di Marco and M. C & eacutecile Ferr & egrave (Guido Tommasi Ed.)

Follow the instructions below to make the recipe perfectly and amaze all your guests.

Mojito popsicles

THE mojito popsicles are tasty and fresh ice creams that recall the flavor of the most famous cocktail of the summer, the Mojito . The flavors that reign in these popsicles are those of rum, lime and mint, in short, the very ones we are used to perceive in the classic long drink. The freshness of the ice, which is present in the drink, in this case you can savor it from the first to the last taste, precisely because we are talking about a real popsicle.

Mojito popsicles are clearly DIY alcohol popsicles, which you can then offer to a adult audience, for children, on the other hand, you can serve the classic lemon or fruit popsicles. These delicious and fresh ice creams are the super idea to amaze your guests on warm summer evenings, they will be the icing on the cake that will amaze and fascinate them, with amazement, enthusiasm, but also great flavor.

Mojito Popsicle - Recipes

Completely unexpected, I received a beautiful gift! I've lived without until now, but I wonder how.
I was unaware of its existence, which is probably why my days have been so empty lately. But I will not keep you on your toes, I present to you this useless as well as wonderful invention: Zoku Quick Pop Maker.

This is a small box that takes place in your freezer without a large encumbrance, and that you will take out every after dinner for centuries to come to make at the moment some excellent popsicles or sorbets.
(No, but did you know it existed? I don't and I sprinkle my head with ashes).

At the time of dessert you can amaze the diners making a popsicle in just 7 or 9 minutes (if if if, tonight we see eh).
Just pour into the appropriate recesses what you like best: fruit juice, centrifuged something, vegetable milk, chopped fruit, crumbled biscuits, and everything that your imagination and common sense will suggest.

Then he waits patiently for 7-9 long minutes, screws that green stuff on the handle, takes out the popsicle and savors.

This is the theory. Tonight I'll see how it behaves in practice.
The hardest part will be waiting for the 24 hours it takes for the box to freeze.
But we will talk about it in the appropriate documentary.

In the meantime, I'll show you some pictures from the site, so you can get an idea of ​​how good this new game is.

That popsicle is a cocktail!

Mojito & ampc, frozen and to lick: the trend of popsicles-cocktails, or cocktail-popsicles, if you prefer, refreshes the summer with an alcoholic whim.

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Solofrutta homemade popsicle: here's how to prepare it

The pleasure of a nice refreshing popsicle combined with that of your favorite cocktail? Yes, yes. Indeed, the alcoholic popsicle is a real trend. The trend is so strong that now even major brands of the ice cream industry have performed with ice cream cocktails. Packaged and ready to lick, or homemade, with the ingredients of your choice, it's time to try it.

They are also called "frozen cocktail”, Ie iced cocktails -, so they were baptized in New York where fashion originally took hold. In English, the popsicle is called "popsicle" - American style, or "ice lolly", while the "lollipop" is the lollipop. Mixing ingredients and words, the "Poptail”, The cocktail in a popsicle-lollipop format. The idea comes from two friends, Laura and Cécilia, who have turned into entrepreneurs of the alcoholic summer.

Gin Fizz made with gin, kiwi, apple and Bellini cucumber based on Prosecco and white peaches Strawberry Mojito, with rum, mint and naturally fragile Spritz with Aperol, melon and orange. The alcohol content varies between 3 and 8 degrees, but there are also non-alcoholic cocktails, such as Berry, made with raspberries, strawberries and watermelon. All, of course, frozen and mounted on a toothpick. With a touch that is always witty and glamorous, since in addition to cylinders and discs, these poptails are for example in the shape of a heart, or of lips.

Another English version but more natural oriented is Likaliks, all organic, seasonal ingredients, a line of poptails - as well as classic popsicles - invented by a couple, Karis and Dominic. Here, for example, we also find banana Daiquiri, Irish Coffee and even an alcoholic tiramisu disguised as a popsicle.

Staying on the line of "good, beautiful and healthy", but in Italian version, an excellent example is that of Stekko, born from the idea of ​​an entrepreneur from Bergamo, Cristian, who works on artisan quality for "all-fruit" ice lollies and multilayer ice creams strictly on a stick, beautiful to look at, rich in fiber and vitamins and without the addition of any dyes or preservatives. And given that goodness pays off and this year Stekko, thanks to Giorgia, has opened its doors in Palma de Mallorca, the alcoholic version could not be missing, starting with the Mojito.

Giorgia gives us the very simple recipe to make our mojito popsicle at home. For a popsicle, the doses and ingredients are: 2 fingers of rum and 4 fingers of water, a slice of lime, 3 or 4 teaspoons of brown sugar, 2 or 3 drops of mint syrup, and a mint leaf. Leave all the ingredients (except the leaf) to macerate for a couple of hours at least, then "whip" the popsicle with the lime slice and mint leaf well positioned and in plain sight and put in the freezer: the cocktail on a stick soon will be served!

From Piña Colada to Margarita, from Cuba libre to sangria (in the latter case you have to dilute the wine with water to make sure they freeze), or even a nice limoncello (just add it to the classic recipe for lemon popsicles), you can indulge in becoming skilled bartenders allied with their own freezer home.

Mojito ice lolly

& # 8220L & # 8217 optimist is the one who sees in hail a good start for a Mojito“.
I took ice And Mojito and I did a mojito popsicle, also called mojito ice!

The Mojito is a very famous cocktail of Cuban origin.
Is composed by rum, Brown sugar, lime juice, mint leaves And sparkling water.

I took all of these ingredients and made them great icicle!

A nice idea that can be exploited on many occasions, particularly in summer when, during the very hot days, we can offer a refreshing surprise to friends who come to visit us.

The icicle al Mojito it can be served at the end of a meal, as a snack, or during the break between the first and second course or to break between fish and meat, as is used in weddings.

Let's see now the recipe of the mojito ice!

Mojito popsicles, for a very fresh summer!

An unusual and very fresh idea for the summer, a quick and delicious recipe for ice lollies lovers, for Mojito fans and for those who cannot imagine the summer without the company of cocktails. Lime, mint, brown sugar: these are the characteristics of one of the drinks that rhymes with summer, here are the magical ingredients to also prepare delicious mojito popsicles, perfect to enjoy as a snack or dessert for a dinner with friends in the garden or On the terrace.

Here's how to prepare Mojito popsicles for a very fresh summer:

Cut eight thin lime slices and squeeze the remaining citrus in a bowl with water and brown sugar until it melts. Keep 8 mint leaves and set them aside, the others chop finely and add them to the mixture of water, sugar and lime and leave to flavor for about 15 minutes.

Place a slice of lime and a mint leaf in each popsicle mold and in the meantime also filter the mixture you have prepared. Add the rum to it and mix well, now it's time to fill the molds with the cocktail and create a handle with straws, sticks, stirrers. Before serving the Mojito popsicles, let them rest in the refrigerator for at least three hours.

Mojito Popsicle - Recipes

Summer has arrived and with it the season of icicles. I made several flavors of popsicles for my grandson's birthday who turned 4 on July 1st. Fruit flavors for children and a special mojito popsicle for adults.

They are prepared with 5 ingredients: water, granulated sugar, fresh mint (just picked in my garden), lime juice and white rum. Beautiful to look at and super tasty.

The famous Cuban cocktail based on white rum and mint turns into the coolest popsicle of the summer! You will surely amaze your guests by offering them a different aperitif, the drink on a stick !!

Ingredients for about 10 popsicles:

  • 500 ml of water
  • 155 gr of granulated sugar
  • 30 gr of fresh mint leaves
  • 200 ml of lime juice
  • 60 ml of white rum
  • 10 thin slices of lime
  • 10 fresh mint leaves


  1. Pour the water and sugar into a saucepan and bring to the boil until the sugar has completely dissolved.
  2. Remove from the heat and add 20 grams of mint leaves to the syrup. Transfer the mixture to a glass jar and refrigerate overnight.
  3. The next day, sift the syrup with a fine sieve, add the lime juice, the remaining 10 grams of finely chopped mint leaves and the white rum.
  4. Mix well and pour into the special molds for the popsicles, put a slice of lime and a mint leaf inside each.
  5. Transfer the mold to the freezer and freeze for at least 1 hour, insert the wooden sticks and freeze for another 7 hours.
  6. Serve immediately!

The coolest popsicle of the summer! Try it yourself and let me know what you think !! Enjoy !!

Mojito popsicles for the club of 27

The heat is already tropical and we are only at the end of June, so the idea of ​​making Mojito popsicles for the Club of 27 I liked it right away. This month's theme was just that, the popsicle: a moment of sweet refreshment, thirst-quenching and refreshing.

The invention of the popsicle

Like many cuisine dishes around the world, the invention of the popsicle was completely random and was made in 1905 by an 11-year-old boy Frank Epperson of Okland, which in winter he left outside the windowsill, a glass of water and soda with inside the stick he had used to mix them. The next day, causing the block to thaw slightly, the child removed the glass and began to eat the ice lolly by holding it by the stick. In 1923 Epperson obtained the patent for his idea of ​​the & # 8220 ice on the stick & # 8221 which he called popsicle.

After World War II, the icicles arrived in Italy, brought by the Americans. In Emilia Romagna in 1960 the icicle was called BIF (from the initials of the surnames of the members of the company that produced it).

The industrial popsicle is usually fruit-flavored, with bright colors given more by the dyes than by the fruit contained and are loved by children. Here, on the other hand, I chose an adult type, a copy of a very famous cocktail: the Mojito popsicle for the Club of 27. Very refreshing, thanks to the mint and lime, but also very alcoholic, too much for me so I leave it there. original version and my modifications. For me, in addition to being too alcoholic, it is also not very consistent as a popsicle, it melts immediately, because the alcohol prevents freezing. In addition, the recipe includes 1 cap of mint, very difficult to dose. So I halved the rum and only put in 2g of mint. The result is a very good and refreshing popsicle where the alcoholic note does not prevail over the rest of the flavors. This is a recipe that I will often do again.

If you liked Mojito popsicles and are interested in unusual frozen dishes, check out the recipe for Gran Mugello cheese ice cream. It is an incredible delicacy!