Can Opener of the Gods

I realized the other day, while opening a can of black beans, that my can opener makes me inordinately happy. In my defense, it’s no ordinary opener: it’s a Trudeau “Stress Less” Can Opener ($19.99, shoptrudeau.com). You know how conventional can openers inevitably get snagged or skip over part of the can lid, forcing you to pry? None of that with the Trudeau model. It stealthily, almost noiselessly glides around the top of the can. After one full revolution, you may even doubt the lid has been severed, partly because the ingenious design boosts leverage and requires 50% less effort. But then you apply the Trudeau clamp, lift, et voila! It’s a wondrous thing. I highly recommend you pick one up, if only to know the magical feeling of loving a simple kitchen tool.


Alchemy will not take place within the potion. For example, water will not harden lava and will not purify toxic sludge until the respective materials are removed from the potion. This can be used to create utility potions that have a desired effect when thrown. For example, a flask that is 50% water (or blood) and 50% lava can be thrown to create an impromptu rock wall at the impact location for protection or aiding escape.

​Welcome to Golf Gifts From The Gods, your source for unique golf gifts and golf-themed gift ideas.

​​Golf and alcohol are a match made in heaven. ​Allow us to present our collection of the best ​drinking gifts for golfers. Whether you're looking for ​clever ways to ​transport your alcohol out onto the golf course or if you're just searching for some fun golf-themed drinkware for the house or home bar, we've got your covered. ​Our team of ​​thirsty (and slightly buzzed) golfers has ​​​​stumbled around the internet to curate this wonderful collection of drinking gifts every golfer would appreciate. ​​We did all the hard work so you wouldn't have to. you're welcome. Cheers and happy shopping!

​drinking gifts for golfers & ​booze-themed golf gifts

​"Best Dad By Par" Golfer Beer Glass

​​Win father's day or dad's birthday celebration with this wonderful golf gift for dad. Engraved into the glass so it won't ever wash, peel or fade away, this is truly a golf gift that dad will cherish for years to come.

​​​Give 'em something fun and unique with this personalized golf flask. A stainless steel flask with custom engraved faux leather, it's a ​perfect combination of golf humor and drinking portability. Magic Putting Juice. they'll love it.

​​Golf Club Drink Dispenser

​Drinking gifts for golfers don't get much ​cooler than this clever gadget. A small liquid reservoir hides away in the golf bag while a golf club head serves as the dispenser. Just push the button and let the good times flow.

"Eat Sleep Golf Repeat" Can Koozie

​​Whether drinking out on the golf course or just relaxing at home with a frosty beverage, these fun can koozies are sure to please the golfer on your list. The message is simple, yet it rings true for most golf addicts, ​pro-shop junkies and halfway house lovers.

​A Collection of the Best Golf Coolers

​​Every golfer needs a good cooler for the golf course, so check out our extensive collection of the best stealth golf bag cooler options as well as full golf-themed cooler bags and carrying cases here. A must-have item for ​​the golfer who ​​loves some swing juice out on the course.

​American Flag Golf Ball Beer Stein

​Golf, booze and freedom. what's more American than that? This heavy-duty beer stein combines all three in one beautiful package. Great gift for the patriotic golfer, the American flag is made up of red, white and blue golf balls and it's spectacular!

​​Yet another ​golf themed drinking gift idea, this gift set contains a stainless steel flask with golf design, 2 shot glasses and a ​filling funnel. Fill it with your favorite spirits and slide it into the golf bag for convenient, yet discreet, access to liquid courage just before you attempt that loooong shot over the water.

​ ​Leather Golf Beer Can Coolers

​Sure, we'll all seen plenty of foam beer can coolers, but how about an engraved leather beer hugger? A simple, traditional golf design is laser etched into the leather (with frickin' laser beams!) to create one very cool and super-unique golf-themed drinking gift. They work just as well off the golf course.

​​ ​Sneaky Alcohol Concealment Tubes

​​Quite possibly the ​most ingenious of ways to conceal your alcohol and sneak it out onto the golf course, these fake sunscreen and lotion bottles hold 8oz each of liquid refreshment. Perfect for topping off drinks or sneaking quick shots between shots, these make great gifts for golfers who drink.

​​​​ ​19th Hole Fizzics Beer ​Draft System

​Even if they don't drink while they golf, surely they enjoy a nice cold one after grinding out 18 holes on the golf course. With the Fizzics bottle-to-draft tap system, now they can ​enjoy dr​aft style beer right from the tap in the comfort of their own home. Check it out to learn more about this clever device.

​​ ​​Insulated Golf Tumblers (2 pack)

​​These Tervis insulated golf tumblers are perfect for just about any beverage​. Fill 'em up and take them out on the golf course or simply add them to your home drinkware for the perfect everyday reminder that you should be out on the golf course. Sold in 2 packs, so you can share one with a friend.

​​Golf Bag Wine Bottle Holder

​A nice, classy addition to any golfer's kitchen or wine collection, this golf bag wine bottle holder combines two of their favorite passions, golf and vino. ​Even non-golfers will appreciate the hand painted craftsmanship and beauty of this wonderful piece. Pick one up for your golf / drinking buddy today.

Food Of The Gods (sacred chocolate)

Ever wondered why people exchange chocolate on romantic occasions? Like Valentines Day for example?

Long before Willie Wonka came around, it was known among the ancient Maya as the “food of the gods,” because chocolate, or cacao, can act as a powerful aphrodisiac that awakens the “love hormones” in the body, such as serotonin and dopamine.

It has the power to provide mental clarity, to move you from your head to your heart, and to produce a gentle euphoria.

In the jungle, certain shamans use cacao in its raw, unadulterated form for healing. But here in the modern world, this plant spirit—or the energy behind the form called cacao—is often overlooked as a sacred medicine.

But when used correctly, cacao unlocks your ability to explore your own personal and mystical journey from an enlightening new perspective.

Lately, I’ve been drinking a homemade cacao hot chocolate in the mornings instead of coffee, and wow…it unleashes such beautiful creative energies while also giving you a subtle morning boost.

More on the mysteries of cacao below, but first, I wanted to share my favorite sacred hot chocolate recipe. (Be careful of how much raw cacao you use – this stuff can be potent!

Sacred Hot Chocolate

10 oz. hot water (almond milk can be substituted for beginners)
2 Tbsp. raw cacao powder
2 Tbsp. honey
1 Tbsp. organic coconut oil
1 tsp. maca powder
¼ tsp organic vanilla extract
Pinch of cayenne
Pinch of cinnamon

1. Put all ingredients, except for cinnamon, into a medium sized sauce pan over medium heat.
2. Whisk all ingredients together thoroughly.
3. Once the contents are simmering, remove from heat and pour into a cup.
4. Sprinkle cinnamon over top of the brew and enjoy!

Using Cacao In Ceremony

A Maya legend tells us that whenever there is an imbalance between humans and nature, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony. Some shamans therefore consider cacao the “food for the shift.” It represents the new order of love and peace, which is being cultivated right now.

With all the shifts on the planet, cacao’s power is growing. It’s therefore no surprise that ceremonies are popping up in various yoga studios, healing arts centers, and metaphysical festivals. Typical ceremonies last as long as four to six hours, and are led by either a shaman or mystic who understands the plant’s energy and effects. The cacao ceremonialist guides individuals toward unveiling their capacity for unconditional love, revealing their deepest truest selves, releasing anything that does not serve them, accessing liberation through love and ecstasy, and manifesting their most blissful lives.

During cacao ceremonies, one can expect to engage in various shamanic and metaphysical heart-centering practices including deep meditation, connection to the sacred cacao spirit, sound baths, Kundalini awakening, Trance Dance, Tantra, and various other sacred rituals.

One of cacao’s active pharmacological ingredients consists of N-acylethanolamines, which, according to Drugs.com, are “compounds found in chocolate that are structurally similar to anandamine, which is similar to the cannabinoid responsible for euphoria from cannabis. These compounds may not exert their effect by binding with the tetrahydrocannabinol receptors, but by inhibiting breakdown of endogenously produced anandamine, thus prolonging a ‘natural high.’”

Cacao’s alchemy can be subtle and its messages can come quietly. It is an excellent synergist and partnership facilitator, helping each of us to become aware of our subconscious mind. If we pay attention to these “easier” lessons, we can avoid the hard ones.

As psychologist Carl Jung explained, the language of the subconscious is symbols, images, and metaphors. He encouraged us to notice repetitive images and also the physiological responses, like headache or nausea—seemingly common phenomena that are often ignored. Through deep meditation with the plant, its medicine can show you deeper truths about these experiences. Don’t be surprised if you experience a proverbial “Aha!” moment.

Here are some of the health benefits of cacao:

• Increases blood flow.
• Contains powerful antioxidants, up to 40 times more than blueberries, which absorb free radicals.
• Boasts the highest plant-based source of iron—twice that of spinach.
• Full of magnesium for a healthy heart and brain.
• Acts as a natural mood elevator and antidepressant.
• Contains more calcium than cow’s milk per 100g.

Some of the reported spiritual benefits of cacao include:

• Acts as a heart chakra opener, allowing for deeper, authentic love-based connections and emotional release.
• Promotes powerful shamanic journeying.
• Creates a stronger connection with your higher self, to connect you with your own power and truth, and to remove blocks and create a blissful life.
• Facilitates deeper meditation, providing clarity and allowing you to receive inspiration and experience conscious creativity.
• Gaining awareness to oneness, love, and enlightenment.
• Balances the yin and yang, feminine and masculine, energies within.
• Improves yoga practice along with increasing flow of energy through Qigong, Reiki, and Kundalini.
• Allows connection to higher dimensions and ability to receive downloads, and raises vibration.

If you feel inspired to dance with the Spirit of Cacao and share her magic, we recommend finding a ceremony led by a shaman or mystic to experience the profound effects cacao has to offer. And if you want to simply begin using it for its many health benefits, or for communing with the plant and bringing it into your meditation, the simple recipe above is perfect for daily use.

Note: the effects of cacao are most noticeable when consumed on an empty stomach and prepared without any dairy products, as these tend to dilute its efficacy.

The food that you buy in jars in the supermarket is preserved by canning. It&rsquos the same method that preserves food in cans.

In general, food in cans will last longer than in jars. The jars are more likely to have issues with their seals, breakage, or deterioration from light. However, you can still expect jarred food to last at least 5 years.

Remember that &ldquoBest By&rdquo or &ldquoBest Before&rdquo date is not a safety date. It&rsquos the manufacturer&rsquos estimate of how long the food will remain at peak quality.

Here are just some jarred foods to consider for your emergency stockpile:

  • Jams
  • Applesauce
  • Pickles
  • Peppers
  • Pasta sauce
  • Baby food

Amberosia Tripel

A cornucopia of fruit, spice and caramel malt, with a little licorice and peat in the background. A tripel such as this could be what they were partaking of on Olympus in ancient times. Ye Gods, it is simply divine!

What You Get

1 Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner Brewing Extract (HME)

1 Canadian Blonde Brewing Extract (HME)

1 Packet of Saaz Pellet Hops

1 Packet of Safbrew T-58 Dry Ale Yeast

1 Packet of No-Rinse Cleanser

You Provide

1 cup Granulated White Sugar

For Fans Of

New Belgium Tripel Belgian Style Ale

Bieres de Chimay, Chimay Tripel

Brew Specs

STEP 1: Sanitizing

Cleaning is one of the most important steps in brewing. It kills microscopic bacteria, wild yeast, and molds that may cause off-flavors in your beer. Make certain to clean all equipment that comes in contact with your beer by following the directions below:

1. Fill clean keg with warm water to line mark 1 on the back, then add ½ pack (about 1 tablespoon) of No-Rinse Cleanser and stir until dissolved. Once dissolved, the solution is ready to use. Save the remaining ½ of No-Rinse Cleanser because you will need it for bottling.

2. Screw-on the lid and swirl the keg so that the cleaning solution makes contact with the entire interior of the keg, including the underside of the lid. Note that the ventilation notches under the lid may leak solution. Allow to sit for at least 2 minutes and swirl again.

3. To clean the spigot, open it fully and allow the liquid to flow for 5 seconds and then close.

4. Pour the rest of the solution from the keg into a large bowl. Place your spoon/whisk, can opener and measuring cup into the bowl to keep them cleaned throughout the brewing process. Leave them immersed for at least 2 minutes in cleaning solution prior to using.

5. After all, surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned, do not rinse or dry the keg or utensils. Return lid to the top of the keg, proceed immediately to brewing.


Brewing beer is the process of combining a starch source (in this case, a malt brewing extract) with yeast. Once combined, the yeast eats the sugars in the malt, producing alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2). This process is called fermentation.

1. Remove the yeast packet from under the lid of the cans of Brewing Extract,(not needed for this recipe), then place the unopened cans in hot tap water.

2. Place the packet of pellet hops into the hop sack tying it closed, then trim away excess material

3. Using the measuring cup, pour 4 cups of water into your clean 3-quart or larger pot. Add in your 1 cup of sugar and bring the mixture to a boil. Once boiling add in your hop sack, then remove from heat.

4. Open the cans of Brewing Extract and pour the contents into the hot mixture in your pot. Stir until thoroughly mixed. This mixture of unfermented beer is called wort.

5. Fill your fermenter with cold tap water to the mark 1 on the back. If using any other fermenter this would be approximately 1 gallon of water.

6. Pour the wort into your fermenter, and then bring the volume of the fermenter to mark 2 by adding more cold water. (If you have a different fermenter top it off with cold water to the 8.5-liter mark).

7. Stir your wort mixture vigorously with your sanitized spoon or whisk.

8. Sprinkle the T-58 yeast packet into the keg, and screw on the lid. Do not stir.

Put your fermenter in a location with a consistent temperature between 59° and 68° F (15°-20° C), and out of direct sunlight. Ferment for 21 days.

STEP 3: Bottling & Carbonating

After 21 days, taste a small sample to determine if the beer is fully fermented and ready to bottle. If it tastes like flat beer, it is ready. If it’s sweet, then it’s not ready. Let it ferment for 3 more days (24 total). At this point, it is time to bottle. Do not let it sit in the fermenter for longer than 24 days total.

1. When your beer is ready to bottle, fill a 1-gallon container with warm water, then add the remaining ½ pack of the No-Rinse Cleanser and stir until dissolved. Once dissolved, it is ready to use.

2. Distribute the cleaning solution equally among the bottles. Screw-on caps (or cover with a metal cap if using glass bottles) and shake bottles vigorously. Allow to sit 10 minutes, then shake the bottles again. Remove caps and empty all cleaning solution into a large bowl. Use this solution to clean any other equipment you may be used for bottling. Do not rinse.

3. Add 2 Carbonation Drops to each 740-mL bottle. For 1-liter bottles, add 2 ½ drops for ½-liter bottles add 1 drop. Alternatively, you can add table sugar using this table as a guide .

4. Holding the bottle at an angle, fill each bottle to about 2 inches from the bottle’s top.

5. Place caps on bottles, hand tighten, and gently turn the bottle over to check the bottle’s seal. It is not necessary to shake them.

6. Store the bottles upright and out of direct sunlight in a location with a consistent temperature between 70°-76°F or 21°-24°C. Allow sitting for a minimum of 14 days. If the temperature is cooler than suggested it may take an additional week to reach full carbonation.

Tip from our Brewmasters

After the primary carbonation has taken place your beer is ready to drink. We recommend putting 1 bottle in the refrigerator at first for 48 hrs. After 48hrs. give it a try and if it is up to your liking put the rest of your beer in the fridge. If it does not taste quite right, leave the bottles out at room temp for another week or so. Keep following this method until your brew tastes just how you like it.

This process is called conditioning and during this time the yeast left in your beer can help clean up any off-flavors. Almost everything gets a little better with time and so will your beer.

10 of the Weirdest Bottle Openers You Can Find on the Internet

Use 'em to crack open your very own bottle of (liquid) gold!

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Though chances are slim you’ll find an actual pot of gold, St. Patrick’s Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to embrace your fun and wacky side. Whether you find yourself combining ice cream and beer to make frothy Guinness Floats or cracking open a bottle of Irish Whiskey to make some Irish Coffee, chances are you’ll need a bottle opener at some point. Here are 10 unusual bottle openers that’ll make your holiday extra special.

Conway Wedding Ring Bottle Opener

This wedding ring, which moonlights as a bottle opener, is made from tungsten carbide, one of the hardest and most scratch resistant chemical compounds there is.

BeautyMood Playing Card Bottle Opener Set

No need to flex your poker face when you want to grab a cold one. This ace of spades bottle opener fits perfectly in your wallet when you’re on the go.

Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Opener

Let this mini lucha libre wrestler come to your beer and soda rescue as he places a lock hold on the cap, and pops it open for the win.

Banana Shape Bottle Opener

Go bananas over this peeled banana-shaped bottle opener that doubles as a keychain.

Hestia Greek Godness Bottle Opener

Get in good with the gods and your friends with this ethereal opener.

Foster and Rye Baseball Cap Bottle Opener

This wool snapback has a bottle opener on its brim, perfect for when you need to take cover from the sun, and pop open a cold one.

SUCK UK Hippo Bottle Opener

Remember the childhood game, Hungry Hungry Hippos? Well, our favorite mammals are still hungry, and can now open caps with their cast iron “teeth.”

Wall Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

Hit the slopes with this upcycled ski bottle opener. Bonus points: it mounts easily to surfaces so it can also double as wall art.

ShamBo Comb Bottle Opener

This handy stainless steel comb may not help with flyaways but you can use it to crack open a bottle at a moment’s notice.

Design Toscano Skeleton Ghost Hand Bottle Opener

Need a helping hand the next time you want to crack open a cold one? Fret not, this gothic opener can do the reaching for you.

Here are five main steps I took to reverse Hashimoto’s Disease:

1. I improved my digestion. Most people who are struggling with Hashimoto’s have some sort of digestion issues. Most digestion issues are rooted in low stomach acid due to stress.Low stomach acid prevents the body from properly breaking down and utilizing the nutrients in food.

This can lead to bloating, heartburn, indigestion, leaky gut, IBS, colitis, autoimmune disease, food intolerances, etc. I followed these steps to increase my stomach acid to improve my digestion.

2. All thyroid disease is rooted in some sort of adrenal imbalance, so I took steps to balance my adrenals. The adrenal glands are the body’s emergency system. When the body is under chronic stress, the adrenals will send out cortisol into the bloodstream. Over time, chronic cortisol output will weaken the endocrine system, liver, digestive system, and brain, and will also “slow down” your thyroid.

So, if you are wanting to reduce your thyroid symptoms, start with healthy adrenal glands.Here are 20 steps you can take to balance your adrenals and support your thyroid.

3. Because one of my root causes was an overabundance of heavy metals in my system, I spent a lot of time gently detoxing my liver. The liver is very important to thyroid health because it’s where most of the body’s T4 is converted into the active form FT3.

Even if you don’t have an issue with heavy metals, it’s still imperative to take steps to detox the liver to support thyroid hormone conversion. Here are 8 steps I took to detox my liver.

4. Sleep became a priority. One of the best ways to heal your adrenals and thyroid is with sleep. I struggled with insomnia, so it was an uphill battle for a while, but it was worth the battle! Here are 10 steps I took.

5. I ate a grain-free, nutrient-dense diet. I discuss in greater detail what I ate in my cookbook, The Grain-Free Family Table, but in a nut-shell here’s how I ate:

I avoided:
Processed foods
Sugar (except for on special occasions)
Gluten and all grains

In general, I ate:
Organic g rass-fed meats
Organic eggs
Organic c ultured dairy
Organic v egetables
Fruit (minimal)
Healthy pastured animal fats such as butter, ghee, tallow, etc.
Coconut oil
Lots of homemade chicken broth, soups, and stews
Soaked nuts and seeds
Soaked legumes and lentils

I can’t even tell you how much all of these steps changed my life! I can now spend time with my kids, family and friends and be an active member of my community.

My doctor said I couldn’t reverse Hashimoto’s disease – I’m here to tell you it’s possible. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal when given the right tools.

My health struggles and path to healing led me to write my book, The Grain-Free Family Table. In this book I share my entire story of recovery, health tips to help you reduce inflammation and begin recovering from disease, and over 125 grain-free recipes to get you going on the path.

As painful as it is to show you these photos and broadcast my struggles, I wanted to share my story for one reason – to bring others hope. There are over 30 million people in America who have been diagnosed with thyroid disease and another estimated 20 million who struggle with various autoimmune issues.

Most have been told they’re on a one-way street, with no hope of long-term healing.

Many other health issues either stem from or are aggravated by inflammation. Recent science points to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, neurological disorders, and tendonitis exhibiting links to inflammation.

Many people are now convinced of the need to reduce inflammation, but they need help figuring out how. I learned how to change my diet and help reduce my inflammation, giving my body the opportunity to recover. I’d like to help others take steps for themselves.

I have one simple request – will you please share my story with your friends and family? We all know someone struggling with autoimmune disease or other diseases related to inflammation. I believe they’ll find hope by hearing my story.

None of the photos have been retouched or “Photoshopped”. These are the raw images. The “after” picture was taken with my iPhone and I’m not wearing any make-up other than a bit of blush, mascara and lipstick.

Disclaimer: This information is designed for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your family doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your condition.

Posts may contain affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Paleo Ambrosia Salad

According to Greek legend, the god’s maintained their immortality by eating Ambrosia, and courageous mortals who consumed this sweet sustenance soon find themselves in robust health with increased strength. Sounds a lot like the benefits of Paleo to me.

In our near history, cooks have been creating their own versions of Ambrosia since the late 1800s when citrus fruit became more readily available in markets across the U.S. At its simplest, this staple of church socials and potluck tables is a sweet combination of orange slices, coconut, and sugar, all layered in a glass serving dish.

As the years passed, Southern aunties and grannies differentiated their contributions in the buffet line from their neighbors’ by adding other fruits and nuts: grapefruit, maraschino cherries, bananas, pineapple, raisins, pistachios, pecans, and marshmallows. Many recipes from vintage ladies’ magazines — the ones read while getting one’s hair “done” at the neighborhood beauty parlor — call for canned fruit and rely on Cool-Whip or instant pudding (!) to hold it all together. The result is a nostalgic throwback to a sugary past.

For this version, I wanted to update the classic with brighter flavors and a more modern nutritional sensibility. I kept the taste crisp with fresh fruit: navel oranges, pineapple, and raspberries. I added a not-so-Southern spin with freshly grated, toasted coconut and coconut milk whipped with a touch of vanilla. The result is lightly sweet, creamy, nutty, and all-together satisfying. Nectar of the gods, for mortals like us.


Drinks provide temporary buffs to Health recovery, Magicka recovery and/or Stamina recovery. The higher the level of the recipe, the greater the magnitude of the buff. The rarity of the recipe affects two things: the duration of the buff (green: 35 mins, blue: 1 hour, purple: 2 hours), and the number of stats boosted (green: one primary stat, blue: two primary stats, purple: all three primary stats).

It’s worth noting that whilst the blue and purple recipes do provide buffs to more than just one stat, the magnitude of the buff is not as big to a specific stat (such as Magicka recovery) than it is for a lower rarity recipe. Blue and purple rarity recipes overall give more recovery because more than just one recovery rate is boosted, where as the green-rarity recipe gives the largest boost to a single recovery rate.

Health Recovery

All Alcoholic Drinks provide a temporary buff to Health recovery.

Name Lv Ing. 1 Ing. 2 Ing. 3 Ing. 4 Stats
Golden Lager 1 Wheat 19 H Rec.
Nut Brown Ale 1 Barley 19 H Rec.
Red Rye Beer 1 Rye 19 H Rec.
Bog-Iron Ale 5 Yeast 31 H Rec.
Mazte 5 Rice 31 H Rec.
Surilie Syrah Wine 5 Surilie Grapes 31 H Rec.
Clarified Syrah Wine 10 Surilie Grapes Isinglass 46 H Rec.
Four-Eye Grog 10 Wheat Seaweed 46 H Rec.
Lemon Flower Mazte 10 Rice Lemon 46 H Rec.
Old Clear-Eye Whiskey 15 Barley Isinglass 61 H Rec.
Red Hippocras 15 Surilie Grapes Ginger 61 H Rec.
Tawny Port 15 Yeast Metheglin 61 H Rec.
Barley Nectar 20 Barley Honey 76 H Rec.
Eltheric Hooch 20 Rye Seaweed 76 H Rec.
Gossamer Mazte 20 Rice Isinglass 76 H Rec.
Ginger Wheat Beer 25 Wheat Ginger 91 H Rec.
Honey Rye 25 Rye Honey 91 H Rec.
Mermaid Whiskey 25 Barley Seaweed 91 H Rec.
Mulled Wine 30 Surilie Grapes Metheglin 106 H Rec.
Sour Mash 30 Barley Lemon 106 H Rec.
Spiced Mazte 30 Rice Ginger 106 H Rec.
Nereid Wine 35 Surilie Grapes Seaweed 121 H Rec.
Rye-in-Your-Eye 35 Rye Metheglin 121 H Rec.
Sorry, Honey Lager 35 Wheat Honey 121 H Rec.
Gods-Blind-Me 40 Yeast Isinglass 136 H Rec.
Cheydinhal Sherry 40 Surilie Grapes Honey 136 H Rec.
Colovian Amber Ale 40 Wheat Metheglin 136 H Rec.
Sweet Scamp Mazte 45 Rice Honey 151 H Rec.
Sour Gin Fizz 45 Yeast Lemon 151 H Rec.
Whiskey Sour 45 Rye Lemon 151 H Rec.
Comely Wench Whisky v1 Rye Ginger 169 H Rec.
Rimmen Sour Bock v1 Wheat Lemon 169 H Rec.
Frothy Sargassum v1 Yeast Seaweed 169 H Rec.
Arenthian Brandy v5 Surilie Grapes Lemon 187 H Rec.
Summer Sky Pale Ale v5 Wheat Isinglass 187 H Rec.
Argonian Mud-Nectar v5 Rice Seaweed 187 H Rec.
Alabaster Honey Rum v10 Yeast Honey 211 H Rec.
Crystal Tower Whiskey v10 Rye Isinglass 211 H Rec.
Palace of Kings Ginger Beer v10 Barley Ginger 211 H Rec.

Magicka Recovery

Tea provides a temporary buff to Magicka recovery.

Name LvL Ing. 1 Ing. 2 Ing. 3 Ing. 4 Stats
Jasmine Tea 1 Jasmine 19 M Rec.
Mint Chai 1 Mint 19 M Rec.
Rose Herbal Tea 1 Rose 19 M Rec.
Bitter Tea 5 Bittergreen 31 M Rec.
Comberry Chai 5 Comberry 31 M Rec.
Lotus Tea 5 Lotus 31 M Rec.
Honeyberry Tea 10 Comberry Honey 46 M Rec.
Morning Reveille Tea 10 Mint Ginger 46 M Rec.
Sweetsting Tea 10 Lotus Metheglin 46 M Rec.
Gingerose Tea 15 Rose Ginger 61 M Rec.
Green Scourgut Tea 15 Bittergreen Seaweed 61 M Rec.
Sourflower Tea 15 Lotus Lemon 61 M Rec.
Bitterlemon Tea 20 Bittergreen Lemon 76 M Rec.
Seaflower Tea 20 Lotus Seaweed 76 M Rec.
Treacleberry Tea 20 Comberry Metheglin 76 M Rec.
Enlightenment Tea 25 Lotus Isinglass 91 M Rec.
Mead de Menthe 25 Mint Metheglin 91 M Rec.
Thrassian Chai 25 Jasmine Seaweed 91 M Rec.
Maormer Tea 30 Rose Seaweed 106 M Rec.
Spiceberry Chai 30 Comberry Ginger 106 M Rec.
Torval Mint Tea 30 Mint Honey 106 M Rec.
Pink Profundity 35 Jasmine Isinglass 121 M Rec.
Puckermint Tea 35 Mint Lemon 121 M Rec.
Winter Rose Tea 35 Rose Isinglass 121 M Rec.
Two-Zephyr Tea 40 Rose Lemon 136 M Rec.
Sweet Slaughterfish Tea 40 Comberry Seaweed 136 M Rec.
Vivec’s Gingergreen Chai Recipe 40 Bittergreen Ginger 136 M Rec.
Sweet Dreams Tea 45 Lotus Honey 151 M Rec.
Jasminger Tea 45 Jasmine Ginger 151 M Rec.
Camlorn Mint Tea 45 Mint Isinglass 151 M Rec.
Aetherial Tea v1 Jasmine Metheglin 169 M Rec.
Clan Mother’s Cordial v1 Comberry Isinglass 169 M Rec.
Mournhold Twister v1 Bittergreen Honey 169 M Rec.
Bitter Ritual Tea v5 Bittergreen Isinglass 187 M Rec.
Khenarthi’s Wings Chai v5 Jasmine Honey 187 M Rec.
Five-Fireball Infusion v5 Lotus Ginger 187 M Rec.
Comberry Citrus Quencher v10 Comberry Lemon 211 M Rec.
Pirate Queen Mint Tea v10 Mint Seaweed 211 M Rec.
Falkreath Rosy Mead Recipe v10 Rose Metheglin 211 M Rec.

Stamina Recovery

Tonics provide a temporary buff to Stamina recovery.

Name LvL Ing. 1 Ing. 2 Ing. 3 Ing. 4 Stats
Acai Tonic Infusion 1 Acai Berry 19 S Rec.
Ginkgo Tonic 1 Ginkgo 19 S Rec.
Guarana Tonic 1 Guarana 19 S Rec.
Black Coffee 5 Coffee 31 S Rec.
Ginseng Tonic 5 Ginseng 31 S Rec.
Mate Infusion 5 Yerba Mate 31 S Rec.
Meady-Matey Infusion 10 Yerba Mate Metheglin 46 S Rec.
Tonsil Tingle Tonic 10 Ginkgo Honey 46 S Rec.
Yellow Goblin Tonic 10 Ginseng Lemon 46 S Rec.
Isinmate Infusion 15 Yerba Mate Isinglass 61 S Rec.
Kelp Kaveh 15 Coffee Seaweed 61 S Rec.
Sweetberry Tonic 15 Acai Berry Honey 61 S Rec.
Ginkgo Twist Tonic 20 Ginkgo Metheglin 76 S Rec.
Taneth Coffee 20 Coffee Honey 76 S Rec.
Yerba Zinger Tonic 20 Yerba Mate Ginger 76 S Rec.
Athlete’s Guzzle 25 Acai Berry Lemon 91 S Rec.
Busy Bee Brew 25 Coffee Metheglin 91 S Rec.
Ginseng Sling 25 Ginseng Honey 91 S Rec.
Berrymead Tonic 30 Acai Berry Metheglin 106 S Rec.
Dancing Grandma 30 Ginkgo Isinglass 106 S Rec.
Pirate’s Jig Tonic 30 Guarana Seaweed 106 S Rec.
Crystal Clarity 35 Ginseng Isinglass 121 S Rec.
Rihad Qishr 35 Coffee Ginger 121 S Rec.
Seaberry Tonic 35 Acai Berry Seaweed 121 S Rec.
Blue Road Marathon 40 Guarana Isinglass 136 S Rec.
Sweet Persistence 40 Yerba Mate Honey 136 S Rec.
Infernal Infusion 40 Ginseng Ginger 136 S Rec.
Shimmerene Tonic 45 Acai Berry Isinglass 151 S Rec.
Lemonic Invigoration 45 Guarana Lemon 151 S Rec.
Dreugh Spit 45 Ginseng Seaweed 151 S Rec.
Grandpa’s Bedtime Tonic v1 Guarana Ginger 169 S Rec.
Sload Slime v1 Ginkgo Seaweed 169 S Rec.
Soothing Sundas Tonic v1 Yerba Mate Lemon 169 S Rec.
Sailor’s Second Wind v5 Yerba Mate Seaweed 187 S Rec.
Sipping Imga Tonic v5 Ginkgo Lemon 187 S Rec.
Wamasu Spew v5 Ginseng Metheglin 187 S Rec.
Hasphat’s Sticky Guar Tonic v10 Guarana Honey 211 S Rec.
Nocturnal’s Everblack Coffee v10 Coffee Isinglass 211 S Rec.
Fyr’s Hyperagonal Potation v10 Acai Berry Ginger 211 S Rec.

Health and Magicka Recovery

Liqueurs provide a temporary buff to Health and Magicka recovery.

Name LvL Ing. 1 Ing. 2 Ing. 3 Ing. 4 Stats
Clamberskull 10 Rice Bittergreen 41 H/M Rec.
Cloudrest Golden Ale 10 Yeast Lotus 41 H/M Rec.
Skingrad Muscat 10 Surilie Grapes Comberry 41 H/M Rec.
Creme de Menthe 15 Rye Mint 53 H/M Rec.
Jasmine Moonshine 15 Barley Jasmine 53 H/M Rec.
Rose Lager 15 Wheat Rose 53 H/M Rec.
Clarified Rose Lager 20 Wheat Rose Isinglass 65 H/M Rec.
Horker’s Breath 20 Yeast Mint Ginger 65 H/M Rec.
Sujamma 20 Barley Comberry Lemon 65 H/M Rec.
Bitter Remorse Ale 25 Wheat Bittergreen Ginger 77 H/M Rec.
Spriggan Sap 25 Rye Lotus Lemon 77 H/M Rec.
Truth-Glimpse 25 Barley Mint Isinglass 77 H/M Rec.
Double Clarified Mazte 30 Rice Bittergreen Isinglass 89 H/M Rec.
Sanguine’s Temptation 30 Barley Lotus Honey 89 H/M Rec.
Sweet Lemonale 30 Wheat Comberry Lemon 89 H/M Rec.
Night-Grog 35 Yeast Comberry Ginger 101 H/M Rec.
Riften Rye 35 Rye Bittergreen Metheglin 101 H/M Rec.
Summer Mazte 35 Rice Rose Lemon 101 H/M Rec.
Rosy Island Ale 40 Yeast Rose Seaweed 113 H/M Rec.
Wizard’s Whiskey 40 Wheat Mint Lemon 113 H/M Rec.
Sweet and Sour Port 40 Surilie Grapes Bittergreen Metheglin 113 H/M Rec.
Anequina Stout 45 Barley Bittergreen Lemon 125 H/M Rec.
Black Night Cordial 45 Rice Comberry Seaweed 125 H/M Rec.
Sylph Gin 45 Yeast Lotus Honey 125 H/M Rec.
Comberry Bourbon v1 Rye Comberry Metheglin 142 H/M Rec.
Honeyhips Brown Ale v1 Barley Rose Honey 142 H/M Rec.
Hunt-Wife’s Grog v1 Yeast Bittergreen Isinglass 142 H/M Rec.
Breton Pint of Bitters v5 Barley Bittergreen Isinglass 156 H/M Rec.
Old Sweetheart Stout v5 Wheat Mint Honey 156 H/M Rec.
Blue Banekin Beer v5 Yeast Jasmine Ginger 156 H/M Rec.
Saint Pelin’s Tawny Port v10 Yeast Rose Lemon 176 H/M Rec.
Yokudan Sorrow Bourbon v10 Rye Lotus Seaweed 176 H/M Rec.
Clavicus Vines Chenin Blanc v10 Surilie Grapes Jasmine Metheglin 176 H/M Rec.

Health and Stamina Recovery

Tinctures provide a temporary buff to Health and Stamina recovery.

Name LvL Ing. 1 Ing. 2 Ing. 3 Ing. 4 Stats
Kaveh Stout 10 Rye Coffee 41 H/S Rec.
Stand-Me-Up Lager 10 Wheat Guarana 41 H/S Rec.
Timber Mammoth Ale 10 Barley Ginseng 41 H/S Rec.
Acai Dry Mazte 15 Rice Acai Berry 53 H/S Rec.
Ginkgo Lightning 15 Yeast Ginkgo 53 H/S Rec.
Yerba Syrah Wine 15 Surilie Grapes Yerba Mate 53 H/S Rec.
Bravil Mead 20 Rice Yerba Mate Honey 65 H/S Rec.
Elinhir Qishr 20 Yeast Coffee Ginger 65 H/S Rec.
West Weald Wallop 20 Surilie Grapes Acai Berry Isinglass 65 H/S Rec.
Drowned Sailor Ale 25 Yeast Ginseng Seaweed 77 H/S Rec.
Ginger Port 25 Surilie Grapes Yerba Mate Ginger 77 H/S Rec.
Ginkgo Double Brandy 25 Rice Ginkgo Honey 77 H/S Rec.
Fulmination Ale 30 Yeast Ginkgo Ginger 89 H/S Rec.
Sour Guar Shein 30 Surilie Grapes Guarana Lemon 89 H/S Rec.
Vvardenfell Flin 30 Rye Ginseng Seaweed 89 H/S Rec.
Imperial Stout 35 Barley Guarana Metheglin 101 H/S Rec.
Pyandonea Merlot 35 Surilie Grapes Ginseng Seaweed 101 H/S Rec.
Vigilance Gold Ale 35 Wheat Coffee Lemon 101 H/S Rec.
Dark Seducer 40 Rice Acai Berry Honey 113 H/S Rec.
Stalwart Stout 40 Barley Yerba Mate Isinglass 113 H/S Rec.
Boethiah’s Breath 40 Rye Guarana Ginger 113 H/S Rec.
Narsis Wickwheat Ale 45 Wheat Yerba Mate Isinglass 125 H/S Rec.
Spicy Wyress Wine 45 Surilie Grapes Ginkgo Ginger 125 H/S Rec.
White-Eye Whiskey 45 Rye Acai Berry Lemon 125 H/S Rec.
Blacklight Ginger Mazte v1 Rice Guarana Ginger 142 H/S Rec.
Jephre’s Earthbone Beer v1 Wheat Acai Berry Lemon 142 H/S Rec.
Kvatch Watch Grenache v1 Surilie Grapes Coffee Seaweed 142 H/S Rec.
Crow’s Nest Rye v5 Rye Coffee Seaweed 156 H/S Rec.
Surilie Bros. White Merlot v5 Surilie Grapes Ginkgo Lemon 156 H/S Rec.
Necrom Nights Mazte v5 Rice Ginseng Metheglin 156 H/S Rec.
Happy Ogrim Amber Ale v10 Wheat Ginkgo Honey 176 H/S Rec.
Psijic Sage’s Mazte v10 Rice Yerba Mate Isinglass 176 H/S Rec.
Stendarr’s Vigilance Ginger Ale v10 Barley Coffee Ginger 176 H/S Rec.

Magicka or Stamina Recovery

Cordial Teas provide a temporary buff to Magicka and Stamina recovery.

Name LvL Ing. 1 Ing. 2 Ing. 3 Ing. 4 Stats
Blackwood Mint Chai 10 Mint Acai Berry 41 M/S Rec.
Herbflower Tea 10 Rose Yerba Mate 41 M/S Rec.
Lillandril Tonic Tea 10 Jasmine Ginkgo 41 M/S Rec.
Bitter Kaveh 15 Bittergreen Coffee 53 M/S Rec.
Comberry Tonic 15 Comberry Guarana 53 M/S Rec.
Tsaesci Tea 15 Lotus Ginseng 53 M/S Rec.
Dibella’s Kiss Tea 20 Bittergreen Ginkgo Metheglin 65 M/S Rec.
Jasrana Tea Tonic 20 Jasmine Guarana Lemon 65 M/S Rec.
Pondwater Tea 20 Lotus Ginseng Seaweed 65 M/S Rec.
Azura’s Rose Tea 25 Rose Guarana Isinglass 77 M/S Rec.
Celestial Tonic Tea 25 Jasmine Acai Berry Metheglin 77 M/S Rec.
Cornerclub Kaveh 25 Comberry Coffee Lemon 77 M/S Rec.
Mintmead Kaveh 30 Mint Coffee Metheglin 89 M/S Rec.
Pink Wisdom Tea 30 Rose Acai Berry Isinglass 89 M/S Rec.
Sweet Scented Infusion 30 Jasmine Yerba Mate Honey 89 M/S Rec.
Jasminkgo Tonic 35 Jasmine Ginkgo Honey 101 M/S Rec.
Silver Lotusberry Tea 35 Lotus Acai Berry Isinglass 101 M/S Rec.
Tingle Tonic Tea 35 Mint Yerba Mate Ginger 101 M/S Rec.
Serene Awareness 40 Lotus Coffee Lemon 113 M/S Rec.
Midnight Ritual Tea 40 Comberry Ginkgo Seaweed 113 M/S Rec.
Chthonic Tonic 40 Jasmine Ginseng Metheglin 113 M/S Rec.
Centurion’s Friend Kaveh 45 Jasmine Coffee Seaweed 125 M/S Rec.
Elven Maiden Tea 45 Mint Guarana Metheglin 125 M/S Rec.
Strapping Lad Tonic 45 Rose Ginseng Honey 125 M/S Rec.
Mage’s Mead v1 Lotus Ginkgo Metheglin 142 M/S Rec.
First Kiss Tea v1 Mint Ginseng Honey 142 M/S Rec.
Senchal Dancer Tonic v1 Jasmine Yerba Mate Isinglass 142 M/S Rec.
Telvanni Tea v5 Lotus Acai Berry Honey 156 M/S Rec.
Ten Ogres Tonic v5 Rose Yerba Mate Metheglin 156 M/S Rec.
Ginger Guar Smoothie v5 Comberry Guarana Ginger 156 M/S Rec.
Balfiera Herbal Tonic v10 Comberry Ginseng Lemon 176 M/S Rec.
Mint Mudcrab Mojito v10 Mint Guarana Seaweed 176 M/S Rec.
Tonal Architect Tonic v10 Bittergreen Acai Berry Metheglin 176 M/S Rec.

Health, Magicka and Stamina Recovery

Distillates provide a temporary buff to Health, Magicka and Stamina recovery.