Baked apple

Baked apple

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The simplest recipe and always to the liking of my little girls!

  • 3-4 apples
  • sugar (one teaspoon for each apple)
  • raisins
  • cinnamon

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Wash the apples and make a cut at the top, the one with the tail. Put a teaspoon of sugar in the hollow of each apple and bake for 7-8 minutes.

Place on a saucer sprinkle with cinnamon and a few raisins.

A goodness!

Ingredients for decoration

1. In a large bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and cinnamon (1/8 teaspoon), then set the mixture aside.

2. In a smaller bowl, mix the beaten egg and milk.

3. In a third container, compose the sugar topping and cinnamon, mixing the two ingredients.

4. Slice the apples into 0.5 cm slices, then using a special knife with circles of different sizes, cut the slices into smaller and smaller circles, discarding the part containing the seeds.

5. If you do not have a tool of this type, you can try to use glasses of different sizes, ideally not very smoothed at the top, so that they can cut easily.

6. Place the apple rings on a kitchen napkin to remove excess water.

7. Combine the ingredients from the first 2 bowls to form a dough, heat the oil in the pan then pass each apple ring through the dough, then brown them one by one in the pan, on both sides.

8. When the apple rings are golden, take them out on napkins on a plate for a few seconds, then roll them all in the cinnamon and sugar mixture.

A glass dessert with baked apple, cream and biscuits is my example today. Apple with yogurt and biscuit (from 12 months). Steam the apple pieces for about 12 minutes. They are rustic biscuits, easy to prepare, full of apple-scented cubes.

The biscuits swell when baked, so it's important to leave some space between them. Easy Cooking Baked apple & # 8211 Goodies from Oana goodies. I am often amazed at how easy it is to prepare baby food!

Baked apple with amaranth pudding

I discovered amaranth once I entered the land of diversification and I confess that it has become a pseudo-cereal loved by everyone in the house. Gluten free and high in protein, amaranth is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and is an important source of antioxidants and fiber.

In dwarfs up to a year old, it is important to consider its protein value when combining it with other protein foods. Also, if you want to use iron in it, try to avoid combining it with calcium sources, because as you already know, calcium prevents the absorption of iron.

Amaranth is also very versatile in terms of food combinations. It goes perfectly with vegetables in "salty" dishes (pilaf, meatballs, fake caviar), but also in "sweet" dishes (puddings).

In the pudding below, I preferred to boil it in milk and serve it to the dwarf in a baked apple, along with cinnamon and walnuts. I assure you it is a delicious dish.

Molecular characterization of the COPT / Ctr-type copper transporter family under heavy metal stress in alfalfa

In nature, heavy metals significantly affect crop growth and quality. Among various heavy metals, copper (Cu) is both essential and toxic to plants depending on the concentration and complex homeostatic networks. The Cu transporter family (COPT) plays important roles in Cu homeostasis, including absorption, transportation, and growth in plants however, this gene family is still poorly understood in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.). In this study, a total of 12 MsCOPTs were identified and characterized. Based on the conserved motif and phylogenetic analysis, MsCOPTs could be divided into four subgroups (A1, A2, A3, and B). Gene structure, chromosomal location, and synteny analyzes of MsCOPTs showed that segmental and tandem duplications likely contributed to their evolution. Tissue-specific expression analysis of MsCOPT genes indicated various spatiotemporal expression patterns. Most MsCOPT genes had high transcription levels in roots and nodules, indicating that these genes may play vital roles in the absorption and transport of Cu through root. The complementary heterologous expression function of yeast once again indicates that root-specific COPT can supplement the growth of defective yeast strains on YPEG medium, suggesting that these genes are Cu transporters. In summary, for the first time, our research identified COPT family genes at the whole-genome level to provide guidance for effectively improving the problem of Cu deficiency in the grass-livestock chain and provide theoretical support for the subsequent development of grass and animal husbandry .

Keywords: Copper transporter Heavy metal stress Medicago sativa Yeast heterologous expression.

Copyright © 2021 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Conflict of interest statement

Declaration of competing interest The author declares that there is no competitive or financial interest known to influence the work reported in this paper.

Marinated salmon in the oven & # 8211 A sensational fish recipe. A fish recipe for everyone's taste, even the little ones!

1. Cut the fish fillets into 4-5 cm wide portions. Place them in a shallow baking dish. It is recommended to place them together, not to leave large spaces between the pieces. Season the salmon with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

2. Beat the egg yolks well with a fork and add the preserved cream at room temperature. Then add the chopped greens and lemon zest given through a small grater. Add the mustard and mix everything well.

3. Pour the prepared sauce over the salmon, then bake in the preheated oven at 200 degrees. Bake for 20-25 minutes until the sauce becomes thick.

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Baked fish - 3 most successful recipes and some useful tips, with which you will get the most delicious fish!

Fish is a very nutritious food, being an excellent source of low-calorie protein, it is better than any other type of meat. Fish meat is tasty and easily digestible. Although it has less protein than beef, it contains all the essential amino acids. Fish and seafood are a source of vitamins (A, B12, D, E) and minerals (phosphorus, iodine, potassium). Moreover, fish fat & # 8211 variable from one species to another is not dangerous. It is rich in omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. We present below 3 best baked fish recipes. Prepared independently, in aluminum foil, with potatoes or other vegetables, it is always obtained particularly delicious, juicy and aromatic. Choose your favorite recipe and surprise your guests with the most delicious baked fish.

Recipe No.1 & # 8211 Baked fish in aluminum foil


-green according to taste (for decoration)


1. Clean and wash the fish.

2. Peel the onion and cut it in half into slices. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

3. Wash the lemon and cut it in half into slices.

4. Fry the onion in a pan with hot oil. Add the carrot and stir. Match with salt and ground black pepper.

5. Rub the fish with salt and pepper, both inside and out. Fill the fish with the fried vegetables, 2-3 slices of lemon and chopped butter.

6. Arrange the fish on a piece of aluminum foil. If there are still fried vegetables left, arrange the vegetables first, then the fish.

7. Cover the fish with a few slices of lemon. Wrap the fish well in aluminum foil. Tighten the edges well. If necessary, use another piece of foil.

8. Arrange the fish on a baking tray and bake in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for 60 minutes.

9. Remove the aluminum foil and arrange the fish on a plate of the right size. Decorate it with greenery. Cut the fish into slices.

Recipe No.2 & # 8211 Baked fish with potatoes


-10 medium-sized potatoes


1. Boil the potatoes. Leave them a little raw. Drain them and let them cool.

2. Peel the onions and grate them. Fry them in a pan with hot oil. Add the flour to the pan and mix. Cook for a few more minutes.

3. Pour the cream and ketchup into the onion pan. Stir and sauté for another 2 minutes.

4. Pour the milk into the pan and mix. Boil for a few minutes. Season the sauce with salt and ground black pepper.

5. Cut the potatoes into slices. Grease a baking tray (or form) with oil and arrange the potatoes in the pan. Cover the potatoes with the fish, cut into pieces. Pour the prepared sauce into the pan. Bake the fish in the preheated oven at 220 ° C for 40 minutes. Do not cover the tray with the lid. 10 minutes before the fish is ready, sprinkle it with grated cheese.

Note: If desired, you can replace potatoes with cauliflower or other favorite vegetables. Likewise, fish in milk sauce can be cooked on its own.

Recipe No.3 & # 8211 Baked fish with vegetables


-2 packets of melted cheese


1. Finely chop the cabbage, carrots, bell pepper and onion. Fry the vegetables in a hot pan with oil. When the cabbage has softened, add the tomatoes given through the meat grinder (or tomato paste) to the pan.

2. Cut the fish into medium-sized pieces. Rub each piece of fish with salt and spices to taste. Grease the fish with mayonnaise.

3. Grease a baking tray with grease. Arrange half of the fried vegetables in the pan, then the fish. Sprinkle the fish with lemon juice and cover with the remaining vegetables.

4. Cover the fish and vegetables with a grill of mayonnaise and place the tray in the preheated oven.

5. Put the melted cheese (directly from the fridge) through the grater. 15 minutes before the fish is ready, sprinkle with grated cheese and return to the oven.

Vanilla ice cream with baked apple

But let me tell you how I did it. I put the apples, washed, on a baking tray over high heat. I turned them on one side and on the other, until the shell cracked on them. That lasted about 30-35 minutes.

Spring is coming with news from Nestl & eacute

Vanilla ice cream I made it the day before, from 200 ml of liquid cream and 200 ml of sour cream from the market, well mixed with 150 g of powdered sugar to which I added a teaspoon of vanilla. When the composition became like a cream, I put it & icircn forms with a large posh, I decorated with a little caramel sauce (5 teaspoons of sugar melt over low heat with 5 teaspoons of lemon juice and let it boil, stirring often , until the juice decreases) and "quotes" of melted chocolate, then I put it in the freezer.

I took out the tray with apples, I put an apple and a lump of ice cream on each plate, I sprinkled a little caster sugar (or ground walnuts, who likes it), a teaspoon of honey and a cinnamon powder over the apples.

Karaoke and an international dinner, among the activities to be performed.

On the blog the recipe book you will discover a lot of other interesting recipes.

Baked apple and caramel

This year I kind of worked on apple recipes. It is a very handy fruit at any time, it is extremely tender and it goes well with various types of alcohol and a lot of other foods. The other day I made an apple terrine according to a recipe by Raymond Blanc, a joy that I will talk about soon here. I was left with a few Granny Smith apples, peeled and pitted, thinly sliced ​​(1 to 2 mm each slice), and spread on a tray (use a baking sheet if do this) and I sprinkled them with three or four tablespoons of melted butter in which I had mixed a healthy neck of Marsala wine (you can use a Porto wine, maybe a Sherry, maybe Ovid's Tear or, who knows, maybe a Pineau de Charente).

I baked the apples for half an hour at 180 degrees Celsius. I then gathered them from the tray and transferred them to a plastic wrap. I rolled the foil and got a baked apple stick. I tied the ends of the foil and let the bar cool.

I put a saucepan on the fire. In it, 50 grams of butter, three tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of apple syrup left in the pan. I waited for the sugar to melt and caramelize, then I poured 150 milliliters of sweet cream into a thin thread. I mixed it in the pan, taking it periodically from the heat, until I got a sauce with the consistency of molasses. I covered the baked apple bar with caramel. The really interesting part came the next day, after my caramel-coated bar had cooled considerably in the fridge.

The bar could be cut into rounds or thicker pieces. Mint leaves not only have a decorative role, they fit well in this story and with taste.

Cream could be a good idea but not necessarily necessary, the dessert is completely like that, without other additions.

Easy, tasty, easy to make. Another way to see and taste the ripe apple. You might like it. Stay healthy.

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