The Butcher Shop: Dry Aged Burger from The Butcher Shop

The Butcher Shop: Dry Aged Burger from The Butcher Shop

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Dry Aged Burger from The Butcher Shop

Who would have ever thought a burger could be sophisticated? The Butcher Shop in Boston really blew me away over the weekend with their dry aged burger. No, I have never had a burger this good.

Keep in mind that burgers and beers are offered on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 4:30 pm until close. The beers were interesting because they were seasonal craft beers like ‘21st Amendment’ and ‘CBC’.

I also got the beet salad (tried to be at least a little bit healthy). The wait staff was very well educated on the food, and also the craft beer and where it came from. I am definitely making The Butcher Shop my Monday tradition after this meal. I can’t wait to try the other burgers, and I am pretty sure they had a house

The Butcher Shoppe

Place your order online with us

Shop our full meat counter, including prime-cut steaks, locally sourced chicken breast, and fresh pork back ribs.

We cut and prepare everything by hand

Always cut to order by an artisanal butcher — no exceptions. All orders are cut fresh and packaged the day before your scheduled delivery.

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Each order is delivered on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks. Start to finish, our team adheres to the highest standards—there is no fresher way to order meat online in the Greater Toronto Area.

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At The Butcher Shoppe, the expert butcher cutting your steak has been doing it for years. Every order is treated like a unique one and always done by hand. That means precision trimming and attention to detail that machines just can’t achieve.

Meticulously sourced for the utmost quality

We’ve searched both in our own backyard and around to world to bring in unique, high quality, artisanal items. We’re proud to offer small batch items, such as duck, rabbit, lamb, and even beef, from small-farm processes just like us, as well as marquee items brought in from Australia, Japan, and beyond.

Next-day delivery to the GTA and beyond!

Our fleet of refrigerated trucks can deliver throughout the Greater Toronto Area, from Oshawa to Niagara, west to London and north to Bracebridge. Simply place your order online today and we’ll deliver your order the next day, right to your doorstep.

Restaurant, butcher shop and speakeasy venture to fill Platte Street space

Colt & Gray’s restaurant, speakeasy and butcher shop closed in 2019 after 10 years on Platte Street. But a Breckenridge restaurateur is getting ready to revamp the old model with her own twist.

Teryn Guadagnoli, who owns Modis restaurant in Breckenridge, plans to open a second location by July in the upstairs of the former Colt & Gray restaurant space at 1553 Platte St. She’s also opening a butcher shop and speakeasy downstairs in the same area as before called Luci’s Shambles & Provisions.

“I’m from Colorado Springs and have been living in Breckenridge for 13 years, so Denver has always been my escape,” Guadagnoli said. “The food scene has grown so much over the last 10 years, and I had always dreamed of being a part of it. So, when the opportunity for Colt & Gray popped up, I couldn’t say no.”

Guadagnoli signed a lease for the 9,000-square-foot LoHi space in March after a six-month process. She’s rented an apartment across the street for late nights, but will continue to commute from Breckenridge.

Modis is popular for its cold-smoked drinks. (Courtesy of Modis)

Modis, which Guadagnoli took over in 2013, is a contemporary restaurant with an extensive cocktail list and a menu that focuses on Colorado meat and produce. The Denver location won’t be much different, except for the decor, which Guadagnoli said will feature old suitcases and hark back to the building’s Samsonite factory origins.

“We hope to create what we’ve already built in Breckenridge down here,” she said. “We already have a good base of Denver customers, so we want to give them the same expectations.”

Luci’s Shambles & Provisions will have a separate entrance around the corner of the building. The butcher shop will serve dry-aged meat, charcuterie and sandwiches — “the perfect meal for a picnic,” Guadagnoli said. Her husband, who works in a meat processing plant, has helped the team get it started, but they are still searching for a head butcher.

The speakeasy, which will require a secret password to enter, will highlight Modis’ popular vintage cocktails, such as the smoked old-fashioned. Over the past nine years, Guadagnoli said she and her team have created thousands of cocktail recipes. She’s inspired by pre-prohibition and prohibition-era drinks, which she likes to modernize with things like smoke or their own homemade carbonated drinks and juices.

“Luci’s is short for Lucifer’s,” Guadagnoli said. “It’s a dark, dingy basement. But we’re doing our best to make it an awesome space for people to sip and enjoy vintage cocktails.”

Bacon Wrapped.Served with garden salad and your choice of baked or mashed potatoes and gravy.

Served with garden salad and your choice of baked or mashed potatoes and gravy.

Served with dill sauce, garden salad, and your choice of baked or mashed potatoes and gravy.

Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast

Served with garden salad and your choice of baked or mashed potatoes and gravy.

Topped with your choice of Portabella Mushroom cream sauce or with melted cheese, diced tomato, and scallions. Served with garden salad and your choice of baked or mashed potatoes and gravy.

Served with green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy.

Skillet Fried Chicken- Four Piece

Includes breast, wing, thigh, and leg (no substitutions). Served with green beans and mashed potatoes.

Four Piece with Sides for One $ 13.95

Four Piece with Sides for Two $ 17.95

Lunch Portion. Served with a garden salad.

Add Grilled Chicken Breast $ 6

Served with your choice of homemade dressing.

Half Pound Cheeseburger & Fries

Grilled Chicken Sandwich & Fries

DAVID & SONS MEATS 856-832-4870 120 center square road woolwich twp nj 08085 Best Barbecue BBQ Catering

At David & Sons we specialize in bringing exceptional product to exceptional people.

The majority of our steaks are Hereford cattle, all raised in the USA.

Get any of our steaks smoked raw for great added flavor. Add $2.00 per steak
Get any of our steaks seasoned, we have cajun, salt & pepper, Dry Rubb, Montreal $1.00 per steak

All prices are weight after trimmed.

Fresh B/I Fresh B/O 30 Day Dry Aged
Ribeye Steak 22.99 $24.99/# -
New York Strip - $20.99/# -
Porterhouse / T-Bone - -
Filet Mignon Center Cut $32.99/# Roast $27.99/#
Bacon Filet Bites $4.99/each
Veal market price
Brisket Whole $8.99/#
Tri-Tip $17.99/#
Shortribs $11.99/#
Beef Marrow Bones $3.99/#

Brisket, Chuck, & Shortrib Burgers $4.50/ea
Black & Blue Burger Patty $4.75/ea
Bacon Cheddar Patty $4.75/ea
Dry Aged Patty $7.99/ea limited availability

30 Day Dry Aged New York Strip

30 Day Dry Aged Porterhouse

Fresh Bone In or Boneless Ribeye

Fresh Bone In or Boneless New York Strip

Fresh Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks

Filet Mignon, cut to any size or tied whole

Skirt Steak and so much more

Fresh Brisket, Pork Butts, Ribs

We carry a full line of Prime and Choice Meats. Our beef is all Hereford cattle and all AMERICAN raised.
We also keep a nice selection of 30 Day Dry Aged beef products in stock for your next occassion.

Dry aging is a process that slow ages meat in a humidity and temperature controlled enviroment. It typically takes 14 - 30 plus days (depending on your flavor goals) to reach maximum flavor and tenderness.
If you have a special occasion coming up and need a large quantity of dry aged beef please try to give us as much heads up time as possible so we can meet your quantity needs and cut needs.


SMOKED STEAKS. The best trick I can offer you:

We take any of our steaks or chops and smoke them at a low temperature for 5 - 10 minuets, then chill.
The steak is still raw in the middlel but when you take it home and cook on a gas grill or in the kitchen the steak finishes with an intense smoke flavor, like you cooked it on an open pit. We try to keep a small selection smoked in house.


Ground Beef :
We grind our beef fresh everyday.

Try our Briskit, Chuck, and Shortrib Burger - 1st Place Philadelphia Burger Brawl -


We are making all of our own sausages. Varities will vary day by day if you have a certain kind you love please give us a call and we can make a batch up if needed.

Varities change all the time

German Style Bratwurst
Sweet Italian
Hot Italian
Chicken Parmesan with sundried tomato & sweet basil
Chicken Apple
and many many more.

Ground Chicken, Lamb, or Veal
Please give us a call ahead so we may have time to get the grinder setup for your order and save you from having to wait.


mv2.png/v1/fill/w_88,h_12,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01,blur_3/Around%20The%20Block%20Butcher%20Shop_Fork%20(whit.png" />

mv2.jpg" />

"Freshest product and finest cuts at reasonable prices"

" By far the best butcher we've ever been to"

"Great staff, super friendly and willing to help"

mv2.png/v1/fill/w_104,h_14,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01,blur_3/Around%20The%20Block%20Butcher%20Shop_Fork%20(whit.png" />


Update: Our Great Neck location is now open for dine-in service. Please call the restaurant to make a reservation.

Update: Our Brooklyn location is now open for heated outdoor dining, and indoor dining rooms will reopen on Sunday, February 14th. Online reservations are now available. Please pay close attention to the "indoor" and "outdoor" indicators when making a reservation.

We will continue to make limited menu and butcher shop items available for pickup and delivery from both our Brooklyn and Great Neck locations. We will also be serving a limited selection from our wine list to customers over the age of 21.

To place an order for pickup or delivery from our Brooklyn restaurant, please follow the link below. To order pickup from our Great Neck restaurant, please give us a call at (516) 487-8800 or follow the link below.

Pickup and delivery from our Brooklyn and Great Neck locations will be available from 11:45AM - 8:45PM daily, based on limited availability.

Peter Luger Steak House

Allen Brothers's legacy in sourcing only the finest in USDA Prime Beef from the stockyards of Chicago for more than 125 years has forged la reputation for the kind of ultra high quality product that you can't find at your local grocer. The purveyor ages its grain-fed and pasture-raised products for 60 days as part of a patented aging process in which the beef is dry- or wet-aged prior to cutting. "People are seeing that if they are going to spend good money on a steak, then it has to be the best," says John DeBenedetti, the brand's director and EVP of Protein (yes, that's his real title), who's noticed an increase in demand for gifting options for the holiday season.

Handle all of your grilling needs with this online butcher shop, which not only offers succulent, pasture-raised steaks, but also seasonings and grills to complete the carnivorous package. The service allows you to get hands-on with your selections by building your own box of favorites like marbled ribeyes, tender filets, mega-sized cowboy steaks, and rich burgers made from ground brisket&mdashor get a variety with one of their curated boxes. As a feel-good bonus, all of the meats are delivered to your door by carbon neutral shipping in a biodegradable cooler.

Gourmet Meats and More

Dry Aged Steak

Dry aging is a retro art form, from the simpler days of local butcher shops, poodle skirts and soda fountains. So naturally in our quest to revive the art of the neighborhood butcher, we’ve brought back dry aged beef and made it available for everyone from the adventurous chef to the inquisitive foodie.

In the 1960’s, meat producers began “wet aging” beef, a process that does not result in the same buttery tenderness and rich beef flavor. Nowadays, real dry aged steaks are often only found in high end restaurants and select butcher shops. Lucky for you, we’ve brought this artisan process to your neighborhood butcher & grocer so that you too can experience the supreme flavor of dry aged beef.

Our dry aging process begins with the finest premium loins, wrapped in cheese cloth and hung in a climate and humidity controlled room between 36 degrees and freezing. These cuts must be well-marbled prime grade beef in order to ensure proper aging. While traditional dry aging takes 7-21 days, our dry aged beef is aged for a minimum of 21 days and up to 45 days. During this process, enzymes break down and tenderize the meat and a bacterial crust forms on the outside of the cut. Before cutting for a customer, this layer is trimmed away, leaving a tender steak with super enhanced beef flavor. During drying, the beef’s juices are absorbed into the meat, reducing the weight by about 25%, but saturating the beef flavor and tenderizing the cut.

Our Offerings

At The Meat House we offer at least three different kinds of dry aged beef.*

We recommend cooking your dry aged steak for 25% – 35% less time than a normal steak. This is because of the decreased amount of moisture in the steak. Also, use a meat thermometer to ensure proper doneness (130-135 degrees for medium rare, 140-145 for medium).

Dry aging takes a great deal of time, knowledge and precision, but the end result is considered the best among steak connoisseurs. Father’s Day is right around the corner- show Dad that he deserves only the best with a big, juicy dry aged steak! It might even take him back to his glory days…

We must warn you that these retro cuts of meat have been known to bring about that “good ole’ days” feeling and leave you with a hankering for a chocolate milkshake and a night out at the drive-in…

DAVID & SONS MEATS 856-832-4870 120 center square road woolwich twp nj 08085 Best Barbecue BBQ Catering

South Jersey Magazine just come out with the Best of the Best issue.. Were in it again.. This time for the Shrimp Po' Boy Try one if you haven't yet!

David & Sons - Bring Smoked Wings, Brisket, Cubans, Pulled Pork, Ribs, Real Food, Real BBQ, Low & Slow

Welcome to David & Sons Meats


David & Sons Meats in Swedesboro 856-832-4870
Looking for 322 BBQ in Mullica Hill www.322BBQ.com 856-434-4591

We also have a large variety of appetizer, sides, and salads to make your next party a success.

Any questions just ask to speak to the butcher!

Please accept 10% off your order. Thank you for your service.



The SHRIMP PO'BOY (1/2 price on Mondays)



This relatively new addition to the South Jersey food scene - founded by executive chef David Wiederholt - is a top notch butcher shop that also offers fresh seafood and sandwiches. But be sure to try their takeout barbecue selections that would fit perfectly in Tennessee or Texas. Ribs, brisket, pulled pork and more are slow smoked over an oak fire to mouthwatering results. Swedesboro / Woolwich, 856-832-4870

David & Sons is open:
we stay open later and have our hot BBQ in the case
ready to go for those of you running late

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10:30 am-7pm
Wednesday 10:30 am-7pm
Thursday 10:30 am-7pm
Friday 10:30 am-7pm
Saturday 10:30 am-7pm
Sunday 10:30 am-7pm

Hours are subject to change if we sell out of BBQ! Stop by early to guarantee you get your HUGE racks of ribs, 12 hour smoked brisket, honey brined turkey breast and dry rubbed pulled pork!

We slow smoke all of our BBQ everyday and try to prepare enough to last the entire day, but we will upon occasion run out of certain items depending on demand. If there is any item you simply can not live without please call ahead and place your order. Thank you.

David & Sons services the entire South Jersey region.

For Delivery we service the majority of: Lunch or Catering

Woolwich TWP, NJ
Logan TWP, NJ
Swedesboro, NJ
Woolwich Township, NJ
Mullica Hill, NJ

Watch the video: Dry Aged Beef - The Butcher Shop - Oregon (May 2022).