Kraft is Removing High-Fructose Corn Syrup from Capri Sun

Kraft is Removing High-Fructose Corn Syrup from Capri Sun

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Capri Sun has reformulated its beverage formula to eliminate high-fructose corn syrup

Kraft is responding to changing consumer preferences by replacing high-fructose corn syrup with real sugar.

In an effort to reverse a steady decline in sales and keep up with changing consumer preferences, Kraft Foods has announced that it will replace the high-fructose corn syrup used in Capri Sun with sugar, reports The Associated Press.

The reformulated Capri Sun juice drinks began shipping to stores in February, and will be available at nationwide retailers in the coming weeks. Capri Sun’s Roarin’ Waters flavored water beverage will be sweetened with a combination of sugar, the artificial sweetener sucralose, and stevia, a plant-based sweetener.

"Moms and dads tell us they want to feel good about what they give their children to eat and drink, and that they're increasingly interested in health and wellness," Kraft said in a statement.

In December, the Hershey company made a similar concession in response to growing demand for products with real sugar, and announced that it too was in the process of replacing high-fructose corn syrup with sugar in a number of its products.

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