This Is How You Catch a Baseball in Your Beer

Hey, better not let that expensive ballpark beer go to waste

You're at a baseball game, with a $10 beer in hand. With your beer. How to catch the coveted fly ball while still keeping your beer? Well, if you're as cool as this Seattle Mariners fan, you aim to catch it in your beer. And, if you're everyone else, prepare to be amazed.

This Seattle Mariners fan not only catches the ball in his beer, but he then immediately starts chugging (lest he throw away $10 on an overpriced beer at the ballpark.) Bleacher Report points out that it looks like his glass split from the impact of the ball, so it's necessary to start chugging. As Bleacher Report puts it: "Don’t think about all the different resins, dirt, and hand skin that the ball was covered in when it splashed down into his $10 beer. Think about the wherewithal this guy had in immediately chugging the rest of his drink with ball still in the bottom."

Check out the fan give himself a true "Seattle shower" (we especially like the redhead fan's reaction behind him.) The Mariners may have lost, but this guy clearly won. And make sure you check out which stadiums have the most expensive beer, too.

Watch the video: Brett Young - Catch (January 2022).