Chicken hee

Ingredients for making chicken hey

  1. Chicken, more specifically 500 gram chicken fillet (main ingredient)
  2. Carrot 3-4 pieces
  3. Onions 2-3 heads
  4. Table vinegar 8-9 soup spoons
  5. Korean carrot seasoning 2 full soup spoons
  6. Vegetable oil about 150 grams
  7. Ground pepper 1 tablespoon
  8. Salt 1 tablespoon
  • Main Ingredients Chicken
  • Serving 2 servings
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Frying pan - 1 pc., Knives for cutting meat and vegetables - 1 set, Korean carrot grate - 1 pc. Ordinary pan for cooling dishes in the refrigerator - 1 pc.

Making chicken hey:

Step 1: prepare the chicken fillet.

If our chicken fillet is frozen, we defrost it, wash it under running water and let it dry a little. Then, using a knife, we cut it into thin strips, so that during cooking it probably was not raw inside.

Step 2: grate carrots and cut onions.

After cleaning and washing the carrots, we rub them on a special “Korean” grater. We try to cut the onion as thin as possible into half rings.

Step 3: stew the fillet with vegetables.

We take the pan, pour 150 grams of vegetable oil into it and put it on the fire. After the oil is hot, add to it all our cooked ingredients: fillet, carrots, onions and it is all mixed thoroughly.

Step 4: add the spices.

Give hehe stew for about 5 minutes and add vinegar, salt, ground black pepper, Korean carrot seasoning and salt. All this is added to taste. Another five minutes of stewing and the dish is almost done.

Step 5: chill the dishes.

After five minutes of stewing, after the spices have been added, transfer the hex from the pan to a clean pan and let cool. As soon as it has cooled - put in the refrigerator and cool it completely.

Step 6: serve to the table.

We take out the already well-cooled chicken hey from the refrigerator and serve it in the company of guests. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Hot heh should not be immediately put in the refrigerator, as this can lead to the failure of the refrigerator itself. It is better to let it cool (take it to the balcony), and then put it in the refrigerator.

- - the dish in the fridge can last up to 4 days. But as a rule, hey from chicken is eaten immediately and with great pleasure.