Cheese in batter

Cheese in batter

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Ingredients for making cheese in batter

  1. Hard cheese 200 g
  2. Soft cheese 200 g
  3. 2 eggs
  4. Flour (pancake possible) 3-4 table. spoons
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Beer 4 table. spoons
  7. Ground black pepper to taste
  8. Caraway to taste
  9. Paprika to taste
  10. Cooking Oil
  • Main ingredients Eggs, Cheese
  • Serving 3 servings


Crockery, Stove, Mixer or whisk, Frying pan, Skimmer

Making cheese in batter:

Step 1: Cut the cheese.

For our purposes, any cheese, even processed, is suitable, so you can experiment and follow the result. Both hard and soft cheese need to be cut into cubes or plates about 5 centimeters long, 2 centimeters wide, and 6 millimeters thick. The sizes are pretty arbitrary, start from the size of a piece of cheese, but cut tthin slices. Soft cheese can be cut a little thicker so that it does not melt too quickly in a pan.

Step 2: Cook the batter.

Break eggs into a deep plate, add salt and spices, beer and flour to taste. Beat with a mixer or whisk until smooth to avoid lumps. The dough will turn out as for making fritters. Since the batter is liquid, it is not evenly distributed on the cheese block. You can choose one of two options - add flour to the batter to make it thicker, or let the excess batter drain before we fry the cheese.

Step 3: Fry the cheese in batter.

Put the cheese plates in the batter and let them soak. On a preheated pan, greased with vegetable oil, spread the cheese plates. It is very convenient to fry cheese in a batter in deep fat, but a skillet will do. Quickly fry the cheese from all sides to a golden crust, remove it from the pan with a slotted spoon so that the excess oil is back in the pan, and transfer the cheese to a large flat plate. Cheese plates should not lie in layersso as not to warm each other. Cheese in batter needs to be slightly cooled, so a plate with cheese plates goes to the refrigerator.

Step 4: Serve the cheese in batter.

While the cheese plates are cooling, we will have time to cut them a salad of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, and serve fresh crispy toasts or salted croutons. We get the cheese plates in batter and put on the table along with any salty sauce. Soft cheese is baked inside as a souffle omelet, and hard cheese has a salty taste and it is more dense. Which one do you like more? Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - The batter can be made in different ways, for example: beat eggs with salt and seasonings separately, and dip the cheese plates first in it, and then separately in flour. It’s more like a breading, but also very tasty!

- - Cheese in batter - ideal for a quick and satisfying breakfast.

- - Soft cream cheese baked in batter can be seasoned with berry jam or jam. Then we take "sweet" spices - vanillin, cinnamon, etc.

- - To get rid of excess oil after frying, the cheese in batter can be laid out and dried with a paper towel.

- - The batter options can be changed using light or dark beer. It also affects the taste of cheese.