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Grapefruit fresh

Ingredients for making grapefruit fresh

  1. Grapefruit 2-3 pcs
  • Main Ingredients Grapefruit
  • Serving 1 serving


Citrus Juicer, Cutting Board, Knife, Glass

Making grapefruit fresh:

Step 1: Prepare Grapefruits.

It is better to take pink or red grapefruits for making juice - they are sweeter. The juice of yellow and white grapefruit is acidic. The exact amount of fruit that will be needed for fresh is difficult to name. Usually, 2 large juicy grapefruits produce 200 ml - one glass.

Grapefruits need to be cut correctly, otherwise you will have to eat fruit, and not drink juice. Imagine how a fruit grows on a tree, and cut it like that - across into two halves. Carefully remove the bones with a knife. If you plan to make a large volume of fresh, then immediately cut all the grapefruits from which you will squeeze the juice and put in a bowl.

Step 2: Making Grapefruit Fresh

To prepare grapefruit fresh without auxiliary means will not work. A citrus juice squeezer is needed. Electric is indispensable if you need to prepare a couple of liters of fresh for the whole family. There is absolutely no effort, a few minutes and you will get a wonderful fresh juice. If you need only one cup, you can also make it yourself for your beloved. The truth will have to make a little effort.

In the handle of the juicer, the "nozzle" is stationary, you need to put half of the grapefruit on it (naturally pulp down) and press firmly, while scrolling.
In electric juicers, the “nozzle” rotates quickly, so just put a grapefruit, press on it and hold it so that it does not come off. In modern devices there is a special holder for this, you do not need to do anything manually. Pour the finished juice into a jug or glass.

Step 3: Serve the grapefruit fresh.

Serve grapefruit fresh in glasses or a jug for juice, if you cooked large quantities. It is best to drink it within 5-15 minutes after preparation - this is the most healthy juice. The longer it is stored, the faster the beneficial substances are destroyed.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

“There is a lot of fruit acid in grapefruit juice, so you need to drink it through a straw, this will help preserve tooth enamel.”

- If you are taking any medications, it is better not to drink grapefruit juice, as it is not compatible with many of them.