Snack baskets with red caviar

Ingredients for making snack baskets with red caviar

  1. Frozen puff pastry ready frozen dough 500 grams
  2. Butter 50 grams
  3. Cream cheese 1 piece
  4. Fresh dill to taste
  5. Red caviar 100 grams
  6. Vegetable oil for greasing baking tins
  • Main Ingredients: Caviar, Cheese, Yeast Dough, Puff Pastry
  • Serving15 servings


Refrigerator, Kitchen paper towel, Cutting board, Kitchen knife, Teaspoon, Plate - 2 pieces, Bowl, Glass, Cupcake baking dishes, Table spoon, Kitchen table, Rolling pin, Pastry brush, Fork, Oven, Kitchen gloves, Wide flat dish for filing

Cooking snack baskets with red caviar:

Step 1: prepare the dough.

We take out the dough from the refrigerator and free it from packaging. We transfer the test ingredient to a chopping board, slightly crushed with flour, and leave it to defrost at room temperature for 40-60 minutes. Attention: more time is not worth defrosting, since in this case it will be difficult to work with the dough, but it is also not necessary less, since the dough will break.

Step 2: prepare the dill.

We wash dill greens under running water. Then put the ingredient on a paper towel and get wet from the water. Using a knife, finely chop the dill and transfer to a free plate.

Step 3: prepare the butter.

We take out the butter from the refrigerator and transfer it to a free plate. When the oil reaches room temperature, use a knife to cut it into small pieces. Attention: for the preparation of the filling, the creamy ingredient cannot be heated in the microwave or melted on a fire.

Step 4: prepare the processed cheese.

We take out the processed cheese from the refrigerator, free it from packaging and transfer it to a free bowl. Immediately chop our ingredient into small rectangles with a knife. Attention: Before slicing the cheese ingredient, be sure to moisten the blade of the knife with water so that the cheese does not stick to the ingredient.

Step 5: prepare the filling.

In a bowl to the cheese ingredient, we shift the pieces of softened butter and finely chopped dill. Using a tablespoon, mix all the ingredients well until smooth. If the filling is very thick, then add a little more butter.

Step 6: form the baskets.

When the dough is soft and supple enough, transfer it from the cutting board to the kitchen table, crushed with flour. Using a rolling pin, we roll out the dough into a large thin cake, thick no more than 5 millimeters. Using a glass, squeeze circles on the test formation. Cupcakes baking molds with the help of a pastry brush are greased with vegetable oil and in each of them we spread the test mugs. We evenly press the dough with your fingers to the bottom and walls of the mold and give it the opportunity to slightly rise above its edge. Then we pierce the bottom of future baskets several times with a fork so that it does not rise during baking. Bake baskets in a preheated oven to a temperature 180 ° -200 ° C during 20-25 minutes. When the baskets turn golden, turn off the oven, using tacks, remove the tins and set them aside. We transfer the finished product to a paper towel and cool it to room temperature.

Step 7: prepare snack baskets with red caviar.

We fill the cooled baskets with a teaspoon with the filling, and spread the red caviar on top of it, using the same cutlery.

Step 8: Serve the red caviar snack baskets.

We transfer ready snack baskets with red caviar to a flat wide dish and put on a festive table. The gourmet dish will delight everyone with its unforgettable taste and will immediately raise everyone’s mood for the whole day without exception, let alone the aromas of the filling and the freshly baked dough. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - If after cooking baskets you have left the dough, do not freeze it again. Better make cookies or some other item from it.

- - If you bought a frozen ready-made dough, it is better to defrost it naturally to room temperature. Do not defrost the dough with a microwave.

- - Cream cheese can be replaced with soft cream cheese. It is better to buy processed cheese with a high percentage of fat content so that it has a dense consistency.

- - If you have corrugated cupcake baking tins, use them. Then your product will gain a more aesthetic appearance.