Lamb with cabbage

Lamb with cabbage

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Ingredients for Cooking Lamb with Cabbage

  1. Lamb neck (meat of a young individual) 500 grams
  2. Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons
  3. White cabbage 500 grams
  4. Any kind of broth or water 2 cups (cup capacity 200 milliliters)
  5. Onion 2 pieces
  6. Tomatoes 400 grams
  7. Fresh cilantro 1 bunch
  8. 2 cloves of garlic
  9. Laurel leaf 2-3 pieces to taste
  10. Salt to taste
  11. Ground black pepper to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Lamb, Onion, Tomato
  • Serving 2 servings
  • World cuisine


Cutting board - 2 pieces, Knife - 2 pieces, Deep bowl - 3 pieces, Lid, Paper kitchen towels, Stove, Tablespoon, Kettle, Teaspoon, Deep plate, Plate - 3 pieces, Cauldron with a lid, Kitchen spatula, Glass

Cooking lamb with cabbage:

Step 1: prepare the cabbage.

To prepare two servings of this aromatic dish, you need about half a head of white cabbage, remove the top contaminated leaves from the cabbage, 3-4 pieces will be enough. After washing the vegetable under running water from various kinds of contaminants, shake above the sink from excess liquid, cut the cob, and cut half the cabbage into 2 parts. Place both parts of the cabbage on a chopping board one at a time and use a knife to chop the pieces that are medium in size and arbitrary in shape. It can be triangles, squares, large straws whatever your heart desires. Then transfer the cabbage into a deep bowl. Now salt the cabbage with a little salt to taste and shake it with your hands to let the juice flow. Cover the bowl and leave the vegetable as it is on 10 - 15 minutes, during which time the cabbage soften.

Step 2: prepare the tomatoes.

Turn the stove to a high level and boil a teapot of plain running water. Rinse the right amount of tomato under running water. On each tomato, make an incision crosswise with a knife and place the tomatoes in a deep bowl. Then pour this ingredient with boiling water and soak the tomatoes in hot water for 40 - 50 seconds. Now drain the boiling water, fill the tomatoes with cold water and let them cool completely, this will take about 10 minutes. Then remove the peel and the place where the stalk was attached from each tomato. Cut each tomato into 2 halves and use a teaspoon to remove the seeds. Now put the halves of the tomato on a cutting board, cut into a medium cube with an approximate diameter of up to 2 centimeters and transfer the slices into a separate deep plate.

Step 3: prepare the meat.

For stewing it is worth choosing the meat of a young lamb. This recipe uses the neck of a young individual, it does not need to be soaked in marinades, but it should be cleaned of excess fat. Rinse the meat under running water, pat dry with paper kitchen towels, lay it on a cutting board, and clean it with a knife from the chow and excess fat, which can make the meat stiff. Cut the meat into portioned pieces with an approximate diameter 3 by 3 centimeters and place in a deep bowl.

Step 4: prepare onions, garlic and cilantro.

Peel onions and garlic and rinse under running water with cilantro. Dry the onion with paper kitchen towels, lay the ingredients one at a time on a cutting board and chop the onion with a medium cube with an approximate diameter up to 1 centimeter or half rings with thickness up to 5 millimeters. Then chop the garlic in small pieces of arbitrary shape and size. Shake the cilantro over the sink from excess fluid and just finely chop. Arrange the slices in separate plates.

Step 5: saute the lamb and onions.

Turn the stove on to a medium level and place on it a deep cauldron with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. When the fat is hot, throw the prepared mutton into it and, stirring the meat of the kitchen scapula, fry it until golden brown. This process will take you at least 10 to 12 minutes. Then add to the cauldron, chopped onions, a leaf of laurel and fry them with lamb, stirring with a kitchen spatula, about 3 to 4 minutes until the onion is covered with a light golden crust. In total, roasting lamb and onions will take you approximately 15 - 17 minutes.

Step 6: stew meat with tomatoes.

Across 15 - 17 minutes add chopped tomatoes to the cauldron and 1 cup broth. The type of broth does not really matter, if you want a less fatty dish, stew lamb in vegetable broth or in water. If you prefer a rich meal, prepare the dish in chicken, beef or pork broth. Mix the ingredients with a kitchen spatula until smooth, screw the stove to a small level and cover the cauldron with a lid. Stew meat for 40 minutes until completely ready and complete evaporation of the liquid.

Step 7: bring the dish to full readiness.

After the required time has passed, remove the lid from the cauldron and add chopped cabbage with chopped cilantro to it. Re-mix the ingredients with a kitchen spatula, pour into the cauldron 1 cup broth increase the temperature of the stove to a medium level and, stirring, simmer the cabbage with meat, for 25-30 minutes until cabbage, greens and complete evaporation of moisture are completely ready. In 10 minutes before final cooking, season your dish with garlic, salt to taste, and ground black pepper. After cooking, mix lamb and cabbage with a kitchen spatula, cover the cauldron with a lid and let your culinary masterpiece brew before serving at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 8: serve lamb with cabbage.

Lamb with cabbage is served hot, placed in portions on plates. In addition to this dish, you can offer sour cream, homemade cream, and freshly chopped greens of dill, parsley, cilantro and green onions. This dish is more suitable for the winter season, since it turns out to be very satisfying, saturated, you can say bold. Having eaten a portion of lamb with cabbage, you will be full from about 6 to 8 hours. Enjoy a simple and very tasty meal! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Sometimes cabbage is combined with potatoes and carrots. Carrots are stewed with onions and lamb, and potatoes are added then when cabbage.

- - The spices in this recipe can be supplemented by adding white ground pepper, curry, allspice, coriander, dried basil, a little nutmeg and dried oregano.

- - To prepare this dish, you can use such parts of lamb carcass as drumstick, shank, shoulder blade, neck.

- - When choosing lamb, be sure to ask the seller to burn a piece of fat from the piece of lamb that you have chosen. The unpleasant smell of lamb meat remains only if the male was not slaughtered correctly, such meat is called lamb. If the meat will smell like urine, then it is better to abandon this piece, and if there is the usual smell of singed meat, then such mutton can be used to prepare different dishes.

- - If the flavor of mutton itself is not pleasant to you, but you like the meat, you can neutralize the specific mutton flavor by pickling the meat in any marinade you like.


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