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Lemon Muffins

Ingredients for Making Lemon Muffins

  1. Wheat flour 250 grams
  2. Sugar 150-200 grams
  3. Baking soda 1 teaspoon
  4. Salt 1 teaspoon
  5. Medium Lemon 3 pieces
  6. 2 eggs
  7. Milk 150-200 milliliters
  8. Butter 100 grams
  9. Cinnamon powder 1/2 teaspoon
  10. Margarine or butter for lubrication
  • Main ingredients: Lemon, Flour
  • Serving Portion 18 Servings


Oven, Deep bowl - 2 pieces, Tablespoon, Knife, Blender, Cutting board, Mixer or hand whisk, Wooden spatula, Cupcake shape, Teaspoon, Bowl, Kitchen gloves, Oven grill, Flat serving dish, Plate, Corrugated cupcake paper baking dishes, kitchen paper towels

Making Lemon Muffins:

Step 1: prepare the lemon.

Rinse 2 lemons under running water and wipe dry with kitchen paper towels. We spread the ingredient on a cutting board and cut it into small pieces with a knife. Shredded citrus spread in a blender bowl. Grind the lemon ingredient at medium speed so that pieces of lemon the size fall into the mixture no more than 0.5 centimeters.

Step 2: prepare the eggs.

We break the eggs with a knife directly above the bowl. Using a hand whisk, beat the ingredient lightly until a uniform yellow color appears.

Step 3: prepare the dough.

Pour milk into a bowl with beaten eggs, and also add room temperature butter and chopped lemon. Attention: so that the creamy ingredient is soft and comfortable to work with, take it out of the refrigerator in advance and leave it aside for a while. We mix everything well with a whisk or a tablespoon until a homogeneous mass is formed. Then, pour flour into another bowl, 150 - 175 grams of sugar, baking soda and salt. Using a tablespoon, mix everything well until smooth. The dish is actually very easy to prepare and will not take you much time. We have already prepared lemon dough and will soon move on to the process of baking muffins. So, we make with our hand a small depression in the center of the flour dry mixture. Then, using a tablespoon, pour the lemon mass into the mixture and mix everything well with improvised equipment until we get a homogeneous mixture, and the flour becomes wet and saturated with lemon juice formed during the grinding of citrus.

Step 4: prepare the cinnamon.

Pour cinnamon and the remaining sugar into a small bowl. Using a tablespoon, mix the ingredients until smooth.

Step 5: prepare the remaining lemon.

We still have one lemon left. Therefore, we wash it under running water and then wipe it dry with a paper towel. This citrus will decorate the dish and give the muffins an unforgettable additional aroma and taste. So, put it on a cutting board and cut it with a knife along the fruit into two halves. After - each half is thinly cut into lemon slices and transferred to a free plate.

Step 6: prepare the lemon muffins.

We should succeed 18 lemon muffins. Therefore, we take a cupcake mold and put corrugated paper molds in each recess. Usually they are already saturated with oil. I always play it safe on this account and once again coat the molds with margarine or butter. And now, with the help of a tablespoon, we spread the lemon dough into each tin so that it is half full. After that, sprinkle each muffin 1/4 teaspoon sugar cinnamon over the entire baking surface. And at the end we spread a slice of lemon on each muffin. Attention: preheat the oven to temperature 200 ° - 210 ° C. Bake a dish about 20 minutes until the dough rises and becomes a ruddy golden color.

Step 7: Serve the Lemon Muffins.

After the time for cooking the muffins, turn off the oven and with the help of kitchen tacks we get a baking dish. Gently transfer the baked goods to the grill from the oven or to a flat dish and leave for 5 minutesso that the dish cools a little. And now you can serve lemon muffins to the table with hot tea or coffee, and indulge guests with delicious homemade cakes, the aroma of which has captivated them for a long time. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - In addition to cinnamon, lemon muffins can be sprinkled with powdered sugar. To do this, after baking, leave the dish aside and, when it cools, sprinkle with the sugar ingredient.

- - In addition to lemon, you can add raisins to baking. To do this, pre-soak the ingredient in warm water and then wipe it dry with paper towels. Before kneading the dough, add raisins and mix all the ingredients until smooth.

- - If you still have slices from the third lemon, do not throw them away. Simply put the chopped citrus in a clean jar, cover everything with sugar and put in the refrigerator. In this state, lemon can retain its taste for a long time, and is also ideal for tea.

- - The amount of crushed lemon for the dough may vary depending on how sweet you like baking. If you really don't like the sourness in the dish, then you should reduce the amount of citrus fruits in the dough. And for this it will be enough to add the lemon zest and the flesh of one lemon to the test mixture.

- - Pay attention to the quality of the flour. This ingredient should only be top grade and trusted brands. The amount of flour, in addition to the proportions in the recipe, look "by eye". If in your opinion the dough turns out to be quite liquid, then it is worth adding a little more flour. After all, the consistency of the test mass should be quite thick, but to the touch quite tender, like fondant.

- - If you don’t have any special baking soda on hand, do not be discouraged. An excellent substitute for it is ordinary baking soda, slaked with a few drops of table vinegar. This is a grandmother’s proven method that has never failed and thanks to which the pastries always turned out to be magnificent and beautiful.