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Curd cakes with condensed milk

Curd cakes with condensed milk

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Ingredients for the preparation of curd muffins with condensed milk

  1. Sour curd 250 grams
  2. Premium flour 250 grams
  3. Eggs 2 pieces
  4. Boiled condensed milk 0.5 jars
  5. Sugar 3 tablespoons
  6. Baking powder 1 teaspoon
  7. Vegetable oil to grease the baking sheet to taste
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings


Strainer, Spoon, Bowl, Baking tray, Stove with oven

Cooking curd muffins with condensed milk:

Step 1: prepare the dough.

First, sift the flour. Please note that this must be done. And not only to eliminate possible, what a sin to hide, foreign objects and impurities. After sifting, the flour becomes oxygenated. And this is good for the test. We drive raw eggs, sugar, baking powder and cottage cheese into the sifted flour. It is better to pre-either pass through a meat grinder, or rub it thoroughly. And now, from all of the above, prepare the dough. It must be completely homogeneous.

Step 2: cook condensed milk.

It can certainly be bought in a store already cooked. Well, if you do not come across this, then you can cook it yourself. In a pan of water we dip a jar of ordinary condensed milk with sugar and cook it over low heat for several hours. Only water all this time should cover it completely. And it’s better to put the jar on some rag. Otherwise, there is a danger of explosion. Will you scrape condensed milk from the ceiling ...

Step 3: form the dumplings.

We separate small lumps from the dough with our hands and make the same amount of flat cakes with our hands. They should ultimately be an even number. On one we put about a teaspoon or slightly less boiled condensed milk, cover with a second tortilla and carefully pinch the edges. Is everyone ready? We put them on a greased baking sheet and put in the oven. Its temperature should be 180-200 degrees. It is necessary to bake until the top of the dumplings becomes golden. About twenty minutes.

Step 4: serve.

Are you done? There is a delicious dessert that your loved ones will surely enjoy. What is it with? Yes, at your discretion: with milk, sour cream, tea or just like that. In any case, delicious. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - "Condensed milk" is a popular name. On a jar with real condensed milk should be written "Whole condensed milk with sugar." And 8.5 percent fat. These are the requirements of GOST. Everything else pulls only in the name "Milk-containing product."

- - Curd donuts can be cooked without filling. In this case, it is recommended to add honey to the dough. Fillings can also be used different. Just not flowed.

- - Pancakes can not only be baked, but also fried in large quantities of oil. As you like more.