Dessert "Airy" with marshmallows and fruits

Dessert "Airy" with marshmallows and fruits

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Ingredients for the preparation of dessert "Air" with marshmallows and fruits

  1. Sour cream 200 gr.
  2. Sugar 2 tbsp
  3. Orange 1 pc.
  4. Apple 1 pc.
  5. Banana 1 pc.
  6. Pear 1 pc.
  7. Marshmallow 200 gr.
  • Main Ingredients: Orange, Banana, Apple, Pear, Sour Cream
  • Serving 2 servings


Plate, Violets, Bowl, Knife, Cutting board, Spoon

Cooking dessert "Air" with marshmallows and fruits:

Step 1: Cooking the ingredients.

All fruits should be washed and dried well. Peel banana and orange. Next, the fruits need to be cut into medium pieces. The juice that drains, we collect in a separate container. Marshmallows also need to be cut into pieces. Cream-brulee marshmallows are best combined in a dish, but if desired, you can use vanilla or other marshmallows to your taste, or whatever is at hand.

Step 2: We are preparing refueling.

Add two tablespoons of sugar to sour cream and beat thoroughly. Sugar should be completely dissolved. The dessert will turn out tasty and aromatic, if you use greasy non-powder sour cream.

Step 3: Lay out the dessert in layers.

At the bottom of the bowl we pour some fruit juice, which was collected during the slicing of the fruit. Next, lay out sliced ​​fruits in layers: apple, orange, banana, pear. Between the layers we spread the sliced ​​marshmallows. That is, if you look at the dessert as if in a section, you get the following picture: fruit juice, apple, marshmallows, orange, marshmallows, bananas, marshmallows, pears and again marshmallows.

Step 4: Serve a dessert with marshmallows and fruit "Airy".

The whole composition on top is abundantly poured with cooked sour cream with sugar, and dessert is served on the table. Such a dish can be decorated with grated chocolate chips or topping. The dessert is tasty, fragrant and incredibly light. Even if you follow a diet, you can well indulge yourself with a similar dish. It is based on fruits, so for the body it is truly airy! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you wish, you can replace the fruit with others, or add some other ingredient. In short, dessert can be prepared from the fruits that you have in the refrigerator. The presented set is not fundamental, although it is selected harmoniously in terms of taste.

- - If you want to diversify the dessert, you can grease each layer of fruit and marshmallows with sour cream. Then the dessert will be more nutritious and individual.

- - Sour cream in the dessert, if necessary or if desired, can be replaced with yogurt. Then the dish will turn out even more light and low-calorie. But in this case, sugar does not need to be added to yogurt, like sour cream.


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