Shurpa from duck

Shurpa from duck

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Ingredients for Duck Shurpa

  1. Wild duck (fresh carcass) 2 carcasses
  2. Raw pork fat 300 grams
  3. Potato 700 grams
  4. Sweet bell pepper 400 grams
  5. Fresh tomato 500 grams
  6. Carrot 500 grams
  7. Garlic 1 head
  8. Tomato paste 6 tablespoons
  9. Parsley 1 bunch
  10. Cilantro 1 bunch
  11. Dill 1 bunch
  12. Black peppercorns 6 pieces
  13. Zira 2 teaspoons
  14. Ground coriander 2 teaspoons
  15. Sunli hops 2 teaspoons
  16. Bay leaf 4 pieces
  17. Salt to taste to taste
  18. Vodka 100 grams
  19. Distilled pure water 6 liters
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving15 servings
  • World Cuisine


Cauldron, Electric stove, Knife - 2 pieces, Teaspoon, Skimmer, Cutting board - 2 pieces, Deep bowl - 5 pieces, Plate - 2 pieces, Tablespoon, Frying pan

Cooking duck shurpa:

Step 1: prepare the duck for cooking.

Real shurpa is prepared in nature, with fresh game. We’ll wake her up at the stake. Our game will be ducks. After the ducks are shot, and for a real shurpa there should be at least a couple of them, duck carcasses must be plucked. I.e remove feathers and shot with a knife on a cutting board. Later clean their insides. But I will tell you that the duck heart, kidneys, liver and ventricle turn out, well, very tasty in shurpa. Although according to the idea in this dish, cooked at home, these ingredients should not be. But since this is shurpa from game, it was prepared in nature, and we can honestly call it real shurpa. We will lay a duck in it with all the components offered to it. A featherless duck singe from small remaining feathers over the fire or if this process occurs at home then over the hotplate. Just take the duck in your hands and slowly turn it over the fire, small feathers will burn.

Step 2: Cook the duck.

We take a cauldron of 10 liters and put whole carcasses of ducks in it. Of course, you can chop the carcasses into portions, but this is if you cook the shurpa at home, and you just do not have enough time to cook it. In a cauldron with ducks we pour pure distilled water so that it completely covers them, it will take about 6 liters of water. Take 1 onion we wash it in water, peel it with a knife from the peel, wash it again and throw it whole to the duck in a cauldron. We set the cauldron with the ingredients ready for cooking over the fire. We cook ducks. Any duck, regardless of its cooking method, takes a very long time to cook. In order for the duck to boil well you need 4 to 5 hours. So boldly while the meat is being cooked, proceed to the preparation of all the other ingredients that will be needed for making shurpa. Do not salt water in a cauldron with a duck; salt will make the meat stiff. During the cooking of the broth from the duck, do not forget to remove the foam with a slotted spoon from its surface, it is completely superfluous in our dish.

Step 3: prepare all the ingredients for the shurpa.

We take the amount of potatoes we need according to the recipe, wash it in water from dirt, and clean it with a knife from the peel. Rinse again in water. We put the washed potatoes on a cutting board and cut into large slices. Approximate slice diameter 1 to 1 centimeter. Stack the chopped potatoes in a deep bowl. We take the amount of carrots we need according to the recipe, wash it in water from dirt, and clean it with a knife from the peel. Rinse again in water. We put the washed carrots on a cutting board and cut it with a knife into long flat layers. Put the sliced ​​layers across the board and chop the knife into large slices. Approximate slice diameter 5 by 5 mm. Stack the chopped carrots in a deep bowl. We take the amount of onion we need according to the recipe, wash it in water from dirt, and clean it with a knife from the peel. Rinse again in water. We put the washed onion on a cutting board and cut with a knife into medium half rings. Approximate ring diameter 5 to 2 millimeters. Stack the chopped onions in a deep bowl. We take the amount of bell pepper we need according to the recipe, wash it in water from dirt, cut off the tails, clean from the core and seeds. Rinse again in water. We put the washed bell peppers on a cutting board and cut it into large rings with a knife. Approximate ring diameter 5 millimeters. Sliced ​​bell peppers are placed in a deep bowl. We take the amount of tomato we need according to the recipe, wash them in water from dirt, cut off the part on which the stem was attached, and cut them into large slices. The approximate diameter of each side of the sliced ​​tomato slice 1 centimeter. Stack the chopped tomatoes in a deep bowl. Take the dill, parsley and cilantro. All types of greens we need 1 bunch. We wash them in water, put them on a cutting board and shred them with a knife into medium pieces. Put chopped greens on a plate. Take the garlic 1 head, we clean the cloves from the peel and finely chop with a knife. Put chopped garlic on a plate. If you cook shurpa from duck at home, vegetables at home can be cut into medium cubes. All vegetables for shurpa are chopped.

Step 4: fry carrots and onions.

We take the amount of fat that we need according to the recipe, on a cutting board we cut it with a knife, with straws. The approximate diameter of the straw 5 by 5 mm. We install a small portable electric stove next to it and connect it to the batteries. If there is no such tile, make another small bonfire side by side. Set the pan on a stove or on a fire and heat it. On a preheated frying pan, lay out the fat cut into strips directly from the cutting board with a knife. The fat became golden. Pour onion to the fried bacon, continue to fry. Do not forget to periodically stir all the ingredients with a tablespoon so that they do not burn. Add the chopped carrots to the onions fried to a light golden crust. You do not need to stew vegetables. We easily fry them and remove the pan from the fire. Vegetables will reach full readiness in duck broth.

Step 5: combine all the ingredients.

Duck cooked 4 and a half hours, during this time, everyone will have time to get pretty hungry, but I'm sure you will find the strength to wait for the result of the preparation of the shurpa. We check the readiness of the duck with a fork, its teeth should easily enter the pulp of the boiled duck. If this does not happen, then you have to wait a little longer, until completely ready. When the duck and broth are cooked, add the potatoes to them. Cook it for about 10 minutes and put all the other vegetables. Potatoes should not be completely boiled; they will reach readiness during the cooking process of all other ingredients of the shurpa. We put potatoes in the broth, now it's time to salt. We put salt to taste. Add the fried carrots and pork greaves directly from the pan to the boiling broth, helping yourself with a tablespoon. Duck broth with potatoes, onions, carrots and pork greaves cook together 5 to 10 minutes. Carrots will become soft during this time. Potatoes are almost cooked. So it's time to throw all the other ingredients. Add sweet bell peppers and tomatoes. Cook all the vegetables 15 - 20 minutes until ready. Final touches! Pour spices into an almost finished shurpa - zira, coriander, hops-suneli, black pepper, Bay leaf and 2 tablespoons of tomato paste. From all the chopped greens we take half and pour in after the spices. Boil all the ingredients for 10 minutes and season with finely chopped garlic. At the last moment we pour into the shurpa 100 grams of vodka. I don’t know why this ingredient is needed, but they told me that you cannot do without it. We remove the cauldron from the fire, cover and give, the shurpe will at least infuse 5 to 10 minutes. Pour the finished shurpa into plates and sprinkle the remaining greens on top. You should get 15 servings.

Step 6: serve the shurpa from the duck.

Shurpa from duck is served with pita bread under vodka. Sour cream is placed next to it. Divinely tasty, aromatic, satisfying and healthy. I really hope you enjoyed it! Bon appetit and good health!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can add millet to the shurpa. This is rarely done, but in our recipe it is acceptable. Krupa will make the shurpa thicker.

- - The meat in the shurpa can be pre-fried. After this process, the shurpa becomes fatter and the fried meat is cooked faster.

- - You can add apples, apricots, plums, quinces, dried apricots to the shurpa. They give flavor and acidity.

- - Shurpa can be cooked on kvass or on vegetable broth. Shurpa on a vegetable broth, vegetables served separately with meat. And in the broth put crackers.

- - In Tatarstan, shurpa is cooked without vegetables with onions and noodles. In Turkey, it is made with shrimp and seafood and served with croutons. In Uzbekistan, kefir or sour cream is added to the broth.

- - Frying vegetables in fat is not necessary, this is my personal trick in cooking this dish.