VIDEO: Beaver Creek Food & Wine Weekend Behind-the-Scenes

VIDEO: Beaver Creek Food & Wine Weekend Behind-the-Scenes

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Take a peek at the great events of the first Beaver Creek Food & Wine weekend

Courtesy of Nicole Campoy-Leffler

Beaver Creek

Food & Wine magazine hosted the culinary-obsessed and the professionals they follow a few weekends ago at the Beaver Creek Food & Wine Weekend. Snowy mornings were spent skiing, while afternoons were filled with tastings and pairings.

Bon Appetit used to put on this event every year, but this was the first year that it was hosted by Food & Wine magazine. They did an incredible job of incorporating their surroundings — no morning began so early as to prevent skiing, there was a sold-out Snowshoe & Lunch event, and snowcats, c with heavy blankets and a front row view of the stars (in the sky, not celebrities…) escorted diners to chef John Besh’s dinner at Allie’s Cabin.

Check out our behind-the-scenes look at some of the weekend’s best events, and click here to see the full write-up of the festival.

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