‘World’s Hottest Burger’ is Doused in Hot Sauce and Literally Set on Fire

‘World’s Hottest Burger’ is Doused in Hot Sauce and Literally Set on Fire

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The Xtreme Smokehouse and Grill in Washington has created a burger that measures one million on the Scoville heat scale

This burger is around 250 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper.

Think your mouth burns when you put a little bit too much Tabasco on your cheeseburger? Try the Xtreme Smokehouse and Grill Hellfire Burger and weep. Loren Gingrich, owner of the Xtreme Smokehouse in Washington, Iowa, believes his creation is the hottest burger in the entire world, according to local news station KCRG. We hate to break it to him, but The Daily Meal reported last year on Britain’s XXX Hot Chili Burger served at Burger Off in Brighton, which measures at 9.2 million on the Scoville scale, a full nine times more potent than Xtreme’s version.

Still, the Hellfire Burger is nothing to sneeze at (though you may cough quite a bit after trying to down that much hot sauce). Gingrich starts with a homemade hot pepper relish made from jalapeños, habaneros, and serrano peppers. Then he sears the beef patty, which is infused with cayenne and ghost peppers. Next, he adds a good dousing of Hellfire sauce. The final touch is a splash of grain alcohol, and the burger is literally set on fire.

You have to be 18 or older to order the burger, and there’s a waiver to sign and protective eyewear to wear, giving a whole new meaning to “you’ll put your eye out with that.” Though you’re more likely to end up with a scorched throat and watery tear ducts.

‘World’s Hottest Burger’ is Doused in Hot Sauce and Literally Set on Fire - Recipes

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Henry Lawson gave voice to a uniquely Australian identity and much of the Australian ethos of mateship was developed in his writing. Lawson authority Gregory Bryan has written a fascinating dual biography of Henry Lawson and his great mate and fellow writer, Jim Gordon (who wrote as Jim Grahame). Lawson first met Jim Gordon in Bourke in 1892 and despite being separated for more than 20 years they remained best friends until Lawsonrsquos death in 1922. While Jim Gordon was a well-known, published poet during his lifetime, only Lawson achieved a lasting fame ndash despite Lawson believing that Gordonrsquos writing was superior to his own. Jim Gordon sustained Lawson through his darkest struggles and without Gordon, Lawson may not have been so passionate about the Australian ideal of looking after, sticking up for and standing by onersquos mates. Mates is the story of two remarkable lives and an enduring mateship. Although born seven years and almost 700 km apart, the lives of Henry Lawson and Jim Gordon would intersect in ways that fostered a unique, intimate friendship. That friendship would spawn an ethos that endures long after both men were buried within the Australian soil each so much loved. And could I roll the summers back, or bring the dead time on again Or from the grave or world-wide track, call back to Bourke the vanished men, With mind content Irsquod go to sleep, and leave those mates to judge me true, And leave my name to Bourke to keepmdash the Bourke of Ninety-one and two.

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In ‘LAWSIE: Well…you wanted to know’, John Laws addresses the critics and controversies, discusses his phenomenal success and tells of the famous and infamous people he has met along the way…Brian Henderson, Col Joye, John Singleton, Kerry Packer, John Williamson, Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, Peter Warren, ‘Jumbo’ Jim Burgess, and a host of prime ministers and politicians. Not bad for a Depression-era kid evacuated to Sydney from Papua New Guinea during World War II one who suffered from polio as child (and again as an adult), was a loner at school and then lost his father when he was just 15 years old. From this ‘nothing’, as Laws saw his early life, he made something special. Laws also talks about his life his love for Caroline, his wife of 40 years and the remarkable success he achieved along the way … with only the odd regret.

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Who needs modern self-help gurus when a 19th century novelist and playwright had it all worked out?Oscar Wilde delighted in making fun of social conventions, shocking his contemporaries by laughing at serious issues and showing a profound wisdomabout men, women and relationships.Wildersquos amusing quotes ndash taken from his plays, novels and essays ndash are keen observations on love, marriage, money, work, beauty, age, relationships and life. Beshocked, amused and entertained.

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John Killick fed his gambling addiction by robbing banks in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, but this career criminal entered a new phase when he met Russian immigrant Lucy Dudko at a party in 1995. Infamously remembered for his part in an audacious and desperate escape from prion in a helicopter, today he stands as a man in balance with the community, surrounded by supportive family and friends around him. On the Inside is John’s story about being in some of Australia’s most infamous prisons … Silverwater, Bathurst, Goulbourn Supermax the conditions inside and the people he met there … The Backpacker Murderer Ivan Milat, Graeme Thorne Kidnapper Steven Bradley the last man hanged in Australia, Ronald Ryan, but also many unknown stories. This is John Killick at his best – raw, confronting and redemptive. In prison, John was able to participate in courses that helped him manage his addiction and put him on the right road for successful rehabilitation. This is his story of self-discovery, of his wasted life of years in prison, and how the prison system shaped him.

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Retro Rugby League is a celebration of the ‘greatest game of all’ from the 1950s when Clive Churchill dominated the League, through the 1960s which highlighted the deeds of the champion St George and South Sydney teams, to the heady days of the 1970s when the toughness of the NSWRL premiership catapulted Australian Rugby League to the very top of the international rankings.

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Each of these outstanding country, bush and outback pubs has a unique story to tell about its surroundings, its neighbours and about its customers, both regular and occasional. Author and photographer Colin Whelan crosses Australia on his motorbike to visit these disappearing icons of outback Australia. He tells of his travels between the pubs, the marvellous stories of pioneering history and the characters and drinking culture that he uncovered.

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Retro Cricket is a celebration of the halcyon days of world cricket. From the retirement of Sir Don Bradman in 1948 to the Kerry Packer-led cricket ‘revolution’ in 1977, this book allows the reader to fondly look back and enjoy rare images of bygone cricketing days. At more than 300 pages and with more than 400 images, Retro Cricket is not just a history book, it is a celebration of a great game. Retro Cricket is a book for all generations, not just those who watched the game during the heady days of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

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Rugby league legend Darryl Brohman pulls on his apron, fires up the barbeque and blends his favourite barbeque recipes and league stories. The Big Marn, star of the Channel 9’s The Footy Show, shows us how to prepare for the barbeque season, has plenty of ideas for feeding a scrum, picks his favourite wings and introduces us to his barbeque immortals. The Big Marn’s Barbeque Cookbook is informative, colourful and entertaining – just like Big Marn himself!

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Let Gray ‘Big Red’ Stockdale take you on a journey with this unique culinary style. A mixture of step-by-step basics and flexible fundamentals, Red HoT Smokin’! takes you on a whirlwind tour of fried chicken, BBQ and burgers, with all the extras thrown in. Master the art of the smoker experiment with pickles and sauces or learn to bang together the perfect burger!

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Dips are not just party food they can form the basis of a snack or light meal in and of themselves. There is nothing better then a bowl of hummus, taramasalata or some dip that involved cottage cheese and sour cream - or both - and a fresh baguette or disc of Lebanese bread gradually getting torn into pieces, dunked into said dip and then devoured, bite by bite. This book gives you all the classics recipes for dips and spreads, with simple and easy instructions on how to make it seem easy and fuss free. With every dip and spread recipe that would suit all your guests.

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This rare collection shows the variety of cars in Australia across all makes – from Dodge to Rolls-Royce, Rover to Chevrolet, Toyota to Ford and of course General Motors Holden. Organised into periods, the book is a showcase of car manufacturers. From the Veteran and Edwardian era, to Vintage Cars of 1919�, Classic Cars of 1931�, and the Post-Classic Cars of 1946�s, the book is packed with more than 1100 vehicles, many carefully restored to their original glory.

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01 Surfing-Water is Freedom A01

Ord, Russell Pancia, Anthony

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Russell Ord's spectacular images have won him worldwide recognition, and deservedly so. Based in Western Australia, Russell is renowned for his awesome images of super-thick empty peaks and heavy sessions at reefs like The Box and The Right. You can pick up any surf magazine in the country and find Russell’s work on the front and back covers, and filling out entire spreads and the pages in-between In ‘Surfing: Water is Freedom’, Russell teams with noted local writer Anthony Pancia to tell the story ‘behind the waves’ … the people who surf them, those who make their livelihoods from them, and who follow the culture with a passion. It is an extraordinary book for the new millennium. And Anthony Pancia’s words bring the images to life with wonderful stories of passion and adventure. Russell Ord's photography stands alone. Nobody else in the world swims in the heaviest slab waves in the world, putting life, limb and limb on the line to capture such dramatic and fantastically composed photos. ‘It’s more than just moments in time,’ Ord says, ‘It’s about the connection with people and the environment, creating content that reflects this very essence’

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01 Mediterranean Lifestyle Cooking A01

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Beautiful recipes from breakfast through to dinner with healthy snacks and sweet treats that all the family can enjoy and benefit from.The Mediterranean plate is not only about the food but also about the lifestyle.The importance of this lifestyle is evident in the research into the longevity of the people of who live in the Mediterranean and around the Aagen Sea.The enjoyment of a Mediterranean diet enriched by olive oil seems to be the key. It has often been referred to as the healthiest way to eat. It is rich in excellent olive oil, the best yogurt, whole grains, fish and seafood, sun-kissed seasonal fruit and vegetables, wild greens and bean dishes every meal, and fruit always following the main, small portions of meat and cheeses. But always with olive oil. Mary Valle brings you on a journey through the Mediterranean with an introduction into the use of olive oil and essential pantry items. Mary’s style of cooking is seasonal, simple, healthy and delicious. Beautiful recipes from breakfast through to dinner with healthy snacks and sweet treats that all the family can enjoy and benefit from.

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01 Talking with Champions A01

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In ‘Talking with Champions’, author Tristan K’Nell shares his interviews with the finest athletes across Australia and New Zealand. Also featured are several international champions including Laila Ali, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield and Larry Holmes. Tristan K’Nell takes the essence of each interview and distils the elements that makes each person a champion. With some of the biggest names in sport, this collection of interviews, quotes and tips is bound to provide inspiration for anyone who wants to know what it takes to be a champion.

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Following the success of his previous book The Six Secrets, Daniel Springfield has once again brought into question the facts surrounding seven tragic events over the past six decades. From the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe, the subsequent assassination of JFK, and the tragic events of 911, when the world watched the collapse of the World Trade Towers,Springfield weaves a narrative of intrigue and suspense. Taking the reader on a journey of possibilities that may or may not have a depth of truth in our recent history, leaving many questions unanswered.

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01 The Barbecue Guide A01

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This fabulous new guide covers everything you would need to know about cooking on your barbecue or on a hot grill. Eating and cooking outdoors is part of the Australian lifestyle and this book gives you everything from starters to the best ways of cooking your favourite meat or vegetables. Included is sides and salads and how to cook for one or the whole family. With traditional favourites to the modern cuisine dishes, from Mexican to the perfect way to cook a steak. Includes Seafood dishes, Meat, Pork, Lamb,Ribs, Sides, Mexican dishes, Meatballs and more.

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01 Wood-Fired Pizza Oven A01

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The arrival of the outdoor wood pizza oven into suburban backyards has opened up a new world for pizza lovers and those who appreciate well-cooked food. In The Outdoor Wood Pizza Oven, author and chef John Pellicano takes the reader through the steps of building and maintaining an outdoor pizza oven, and shares 50 of his best pizza recipes. The variety of toppings on offer in this book will make a gourmet chef of even the most casual weekend warrior.

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01 Narwhal s Friends of the Sea-Cloth A01

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Introduce your baby to books with these bright, crinkly cloth books. Smooth fabric and crinkle paper inserts encourage tactile play, while the bright illustrations engage early visual awareness

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Introduce your baby to books with these bright, crinkly cloth books. Smooth fabric and crinkle paper inserts encourage tactile play, while the bright illustrations engage early visual awareness

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/_/b/_baby_farm_animals_front_cover_finals_hr.jpg

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

The founder of the Australasian Barbecue Alliance Adam Robert just loves everything to do with smoking and the BBQ and he is the Bronze winner of the BBQ book of the year. He has now updated his highly sought after RIBS cookbook by supplementing with further sumptuous sides, even more delicious satisfying recipes, along with his universally loved meat board of slow-cooked ribs.Ribs Sides is the ultimate collection of the very best recipes, tips and techniques from barbecue aficionado Adam Roberts. Adam walks you through the big, bold flavors for all levels of expertise with all you need to know about different rib types, marinades, rubs and cooking methods for both indoor and outdoor kitchens.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/r/i/ribs_and_sides_cover_a.jpg

01 Green Guide: Sharks Rays of A01

08 176 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Behavioural insights, action photography and your questions answered.The Australian Green Guides have been created for wildlife enthusiasts of all ages. The most commonly asked questions are answered with particular emphasis on fascinating behavioural insights into both common and unusual creatures. The pages are alive with entertaining and informative text accompanied by exciting action photography.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/7/0/705.jpg

01 Photo Guide to Trees of Austra A01

08 170 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Compact, easy-to-use format the ideal pocket-size travelling companion. Authoritative text describing key identification features. Full-colour photographs illustrating each of the 170 species. Thumbnail outlines of each family group enabling quick identification.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/c/o/cover_front_photographic_guide_to_trees.jpg

08 310 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Moving story of combat tracker dogs during the Vietnam WarTrackers is a gritty and moving story that reveals the Australian Army?s little known use of combat tracker dogs during the Vietnam War. A war veteran tells his story with vivid and compelling immediacy, blending the terror of hunting and encountering the elusive Vietcong with the tender relationship between a naive young Australian soldier and his larrikin labrador-kelpie cross, Caesar.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/6/5/653.jpg

01 Companion Planting in Australi A01

08 204 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

In this age of increasing hostility towards chemical control of the food we eat, Companion Planting is the ideal guide to working with nature.Companion Planting is a notebook of gardening tips compiled from Brenda Little's observations as well as suggestions from like-minded gardeners. Entertaining and often anecdotal, Brenda's notes are arranged alphabetically, allowing the reader to easily search for a particular plant or garden pest. Her summary of good and bad garden companions is a useful and quick reference tool for gardeners planting beds or containers of vegetables or herbs. In this age of increasing hostility towards chemical control of the food we eat, Companion Planting is the ideal guide to working with nature, to produce cabbages that squeak with health and beans that snap like gunshot.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/4/9/490.jpg

01 Australian Aboriginal Painting A01

08 802 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Australian Aboriginal Paintings presents an overview of traditional Aboriginal religious paintings. They are all 'from' the Dreaming, the Tjukurrpa, the Wonggar, the Creation, and express this now, in present day Australia.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/9/7/9781864368031.jpg

08 960 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

For perhaps fifty thousand years the Aboriginal people have lived, and lived well, in Australia. They have developed a unique knowledge of native plants and a deep understanding of the value of many animal products. Bush Food is an exploration of these traditional skills and a compendium of the kinds of foods eaten by Aborigines. It indicates how food is caught or gathered, hunted or picked, how it is prepared and cooked, and what nutritional value it has. It considers, too, the use of natural products in traditional Aboriginal herbal medicine.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/1/3/1366.jpg

08 635 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

A Practical guide to caring for bees and beehives Around the world, beekeeping is increasingly popular as concern grows that bees and their environments are threatened by global warming and climate change.A beginnerrsquos guide for backyard hobbyist beekeepers, this guide includes everything you need to know about keeping bees during that first crucial year. Janet Luke follows three new beekeepers on their journey setting up and managing three different popular beehive designs: Top Bar, Warre and Flow. She interviews keepers and carries out inspections of their hives, discussing topics of interest to all readers, such as locating hives, introducing bees, comb management, varroa control, disease inspections, feeding bees, re-queening, harvesting honey and preparing for winter.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/a/_/a_beekeepers_year-frontcover-lr.jpg

01 The 100 Days that Mapped a Nation A01

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Highly illustrated with a lively but authoritative text by Graeme Lay, this book is the definitive celebration of a remarkable achievement. In the 100 days Captain Cook spent here on three separate voyages he managed to charter the coastline of New Zealand, literally putting the country on the map.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/c/o/cook_cover_c.jpg

08 380 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

New Edition. A comprehensive guide for those who wish to find, identify and understand Australian spiders.Illustrated with an identification guide, colour drawings and photographs, Spiderwatch is an easy-to-use and practical field manual. It contains advice on where to find spiders and how to draw, photograph and take notes on them as well as on anatomy and evolution. More than 100 of the most frequently encountered Australian spiders are depicted. Most of these are described in detail, with information on toxicity, habitat and prey capture. As well, Spiderwatch includes facts on Australia's dangerous spiders and advice on first aid.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/6/8/687.jpg

01 Fifty Shades of 50 A01

08 455 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Multimedia personality Brendan lsquoJonesyrsquo Jones tells all in this amusing, if not totally reliable, memoir of growing up in suburban Sydney and following his dream to be a radio DJ. In the quirky and irreverent style that fans of his top-rating breakfast radio show with Amanda Keller know and love, Jonesy shares his funny anecdotes and various media adventures ndash both on radio and TV ndash as well as his passion for his true love, motorbikes!BRENDAN JONES lsquoBrendan Jones is a walking anecdote. Hilarious and perverse things just seem to happen to him!rsquondash Amanda Keller

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/f/i/fifty_shades_of_50_cover_hi_res.jpg

01 Terrorism in Australia A01

08 394 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Terrorism in Australia takes us into a world unknown to most of us on how the culture of terrorists groups work and think and how this is an issue that authorities continue to strive to stay on top of around the world but also in Australia. How do we stop an attack on our shores, who is who in our terrorist groups in Australia and around the world and stories behind capturing some of the most dangerous terrorists in Australia and putting them into prison. Peter also reveals the shadowy world of how Australian teens are being radicalised and he also takes us deep inside the first major Terrorism Police Organization in Australia where terrorism wasn’t a word used often. Peter now uses his skills and insight into organised crime and terrorism with background information on how Terrorism became a word now used often in Australia and how his work with governments all over the world has become so vital to stopping Terrorism in Australia. Most books discuss the history of Terrorism unlike this book which tells the stories of the police and how they stopped terrorism in Australia before it became too late. Peter has conducted terrorism related investigations/training in Egypt, France, England, Northern Ireland, Canada and the United States. Peter has been extensively awarded for previous criminal investigations, including the AFP Operations Medal, Investigation of the Year (Specialist), NSW Police Commissioner Commendation (x 4) for criminal investigation.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/t/e/terrorism_in_australia_frontcover_lr.jpg

08 765 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

With a career spanning over 50 years, Glenn Shorrock is one of the elder statesmen of Australian contemporary show business. Born in Kent England in 1944 before emigrating with his family to Adelaide as a ‘ten pound Pom’ in the 1950s, his is a success story that took him around the world to international stardom. From his days with Sixties pop band The Twilights, to his work with Brian Cadd and Axiom in the early 1970s to his fronting of chart-topping Little River Band, Glenn tells his story in an intelligent, witty style that recalls the heady days of the 1960s and international fame in the 1970s and 80s. ‘Now … Where Was I?’ is Glenn’s story in his own words. He writes of his childhood in Kent, England and his family’s decision to emigrate to Australia in the 1950s. Resettled in the northern suburbs of Adelaide as a ‘ten-pound pom’ Glenn formed a ‘doo-wop’ acapella group with some other lads which later became the nucleus for the chart-topping pop group The Twilights. Winning Australia’s ‘Battle of the Bands’ in 1966, Glenn and the boys found themselves in England at the end of the year, recording at Abbey Road while the Beatles wrote Penny Laine in the studio next door. After The Twilights, Glenn found fame with Brian Cadd’s group Axiom, with their hit ‘A Little Ray of Sunshine’ becoming an international best-seller. In 1975, Glenn was seconded by Beeb Birtles and Grahame Goble to be the front man of their new group Little River Band. For the next five years, the band travelled and performed all around the world and had enormous success in the US and Europe with a string of Hits. In 1980, he decided to take a break from touring but the group replaced him with John Farnham. Although he later returned to front the group in the mid-1980s, the band disintegrated and the founding members lost the right to perform under the LRB name. Glenn tells these stories and many more – the big names, the long tours and the bitter controversies – all the while, not loosing his unique sense of humour and touch of irony.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/n/o/now_where_was_i_frontcover-lr.jpg

08 624 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

The NSA (National Security Agency) remained secretive for a reason. A saying behind the scenes was, ‘If no one talks, then no one dies.’ The NSA, then the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), were setup after WWII, being fuelled by government moneys, yet both classified as ‘independent’ . controlled by a select group of some of the most powerful men in America. Dr Max Stroheim spent 34 years with the NSA from its inception, yet never talked of the incredible things he saw. The risks to his family were too great. Max’s closest colleagues had talked . and died. On his deathbed Max hints to his only son, an underachieving LA journalist named CJ Stroheim, to delve into the NSA’s secretive past. Max knew that his son would be eager to follow through, having meticulously planned a series of research-based puzzles and codes which may ultimately lead CJ to the truth behind ‘The Six Secrets’. With an opportunity to learn more about his father’s secretive past, CJ has a new sense of direction. The last thing he expected to do was to find love as well. Feisty lawyer Emma Burgess becomes embroiled in the investigation, and together they go on the run as they face enemies from within the government that they can’t fully comprehend. Their adventures span four continents, escaping a series of dramatic assassination attempts, all the while edging closer to the truth . and inexorably falling in love with each other. CJ and Emma are finally led to Dr Stroheim’s dossier, a hand-written memoir of his 34 years inside the NSA, and the revelation of some of the most important government secrets in history. The Six Secrets are eventually revealed, but will anyone believe them? Even though The Six Secrets is a work of fiction, Daniel Springfield spent thousands of hours meticulously researching to be as historically accurate as possible. Some characters are real, some are based on actual persons, and some are devised, yet the events, projects, and organizations shaping the story are real. Many of the issues the lead characters experience, such as computer hacking and monitoring, Daniel writes with authenticity, as they’ve happened to him – and still occur. The upcoming saga is not only an unfolding adventure for the story’s characters, it was a ‘journey of revelations’ for the author.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/t/h/the_six_secrets_final_cover_hi_res.jpg

01 The A to Z of Rugby League Players A01

08 599 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

For any serious follower of the game, this updated edition is a must. Every premiership player since 1908 is listed, as well as the great players who have represented Australia. This book now in its sixth edition has sold over 300,000 units since it was first published. Completely updated with all stats on each player and their career in rugby league.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/a/-/a-z_of_rugby_league_players_frontcover_hr.jpg

01 Reed Concise Guide to Animals of Austral A01

08 150 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Pocket sized.Covers over 200 species of mammal, reptile and amphibian.Contains 250 photographs illustrating key features.Pocket sized Covers over 200 species of mammal, reptile and amphibian.Contains 250 photographs illustrating key features.Written accounts on ID, habitat, behaviour and range.Plastic cover ideal for use in field

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/r/e/reed_concise_guide_animals_frnt_cvr-hr.jpg

01 Tropical Marine WildLife of Australia A01

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

The definitive guide to tropical Australian and central Indo-Pacific marine life, covering over 2,400 species of animals and plants, including many never before photographed or covered in field guides. For example, it is the first major book to describe tropical Australian echinoderms and seaweeds. Groups covered include seaweeds, corals, molluscs, crustaceans, fishes, reptiles and mammals. The characteristics of each species are outlined, including distinguishing features, distribution and rarity.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/t/r/tropical_marine_wildlife_of_australia_-_cover_c8.jpg

01 Families in the Digital Age: A01

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Concerned about the impact of smartphones and other screens on your family? Worried about high levels of anxiety? Encountering conflict about screen time in your home? This little guidebook tells you what you need to know about how to live in the digital age. Find out what makes children thrive. Consider what it means to live well and be emotionally agile.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/c/o/cover_25_5.jpg

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Assassinator of painting. The artist who upset the establishment. Joan Miro (1893-1983) is one of the most significant Spanish painters of the twentieth century. His early work clearly shows the influence of Fauvism and Cubism. The Catalan landscape also shapes the themes and treatment of these initial works. In his travels, Miro encountered the intellectual avant-garde of his time his friends included Francis Picabia, Tristan Tzara, Andre Masson, Jean Arp and Pablo Picasso. From the mid-twenties onward, Miro strove to leave direct objective references behind and developed the pictograms that typify his style. The pictures of this period, which include perhaps the most beautiful and significant ones of his whole oeuvre, dispense with spatiality and an unambiguous reference to objects. From then on, the surfaces were defined by numerals, writing, abstract emblems, and playful figures and creatures. The year 1944 saw the beginning of his extensive graphic oeuvre, ceramics, monumental mural works, and sculptures.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/9/7/9783836531306.jpg

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

In this first in a new series for TASCHEN, leading graphic designer Yang Liu tackles one of the hottest, and one of the oldest, topics of all: he and she. Drawing on the experiences, challenges and many perspectives on men and women she has encountered in her own life, Yang Liu distils the vast, swirling question of gender to bold, binary pictograms.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/9/7/9783836553988.jpg

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Stephen Wilkes’s extraordinary panoramas depict our most famous landmarks from dawn to dusk, the result of thousands of exposures blended into one seamless, multi-moment composition. From the Grand Canyon to Piazza San Marco, we discover a new way of seeing some of the world’s most iconic locations.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/x/l/xl-wilkes_day_to_night-cover_06929.jpg

01 George Herriman s Krazy Kat A01

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

A color facsimile of the complete pages of George Herriman’s Krazy Kat 1935󈞘. One of the first comics to be considered a work of art, Krazy Kat delights with its detailed characterization and visual-verbal creativity alongside the slapstick shenanigans between Krazy and Ignatz the mouse. This volume comes with a 100-page illustrated introduction by Alexander Braun.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/x/l/xl-herriman_krazy_kat-cover_01173.jpg

01 The Fire Next Time A01

Baldwin James Schapiro Steve

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

All the grief, grit, and unassailable dignity of the civil rights movement are evoked in this illustrated edition of James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time, with photographs by Steve Schapiro. Together, Baldwin’s frank account of the black experience and Schapiro’s vital images offer poetic and potent testimony to one of the most important struggles of American society.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/9/7/9783836571517.png

Rio Branco MiguelHerkenhoff Paulo

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Miguel Rio Branco unites more than four decades of work across several major cities into one astonishing poetic statement on urban life. Eschewing city landmarks or aspirational ideals, Rio Branco turns his lens to common threads of struggle in metropolises around the globe. Maldicidade is a collection in which all urban dwellers will find something of themselves, or something they long to escape.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/9/7/9783836572330.png

01 NY Times 36 Hours Europe 3rd Edition A01

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Across world capitals and tiny places with infectious personalities, Europe packs some serious travel punches. This third edition of the best-selling 36 Hours Europe is comprehensively revised to offer 130 expert itineraries from The New York Times, revealing the continent’s best-kept secrets. Includes 20 new stories ranging from Galway, Burgundy, and Bergen to the Amalfi Coast and Cyprus.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/9/7/9783836573382.png

01 NY Times 36 Hours World 150 Cities A01

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Globe-trotters rejoice! This updated volume gathers the crème de la crème from The New York Times travel series. The Times’s renowned writers curate 150 bite-sized itineraries into an A–Z showcase of the world’s most captivating cities, from Barcelona to Bogotá, New Delhi to New Orleans—with 26 new stories including Amman and Nairobi.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/9/7/9783836575331.png

01 The Stan Lee Story A01

08 0 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

First published as a signed Collector’s Edition and sold out within a week, this is an unparalleled account of the life and times of Stan Lee, written and edited with the Godfather of comics himself. His tale is told by Roy Thomas, who brings “you are there” insights to Lee’s journey alongside never-before-seen photographs, original comic art, and rare comicbook facsimiles—a tribute worthy of the Man.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/x/l/xl-stan_lee-cover_04610.jpg

08 49 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Welcome to the heart of Italian wealth and style, where the removal of sunglasses is a surgical procedure and popping to the shops without stillies is simply illegal. As usual our LUXE staff editors flew to the city to join our resident editor and contributors to walk the walk and talk the talk, studiously avoiding the swarms of ubiquitous luxury labels to bring you the cutting edge of fab. Go on, put your fash foot forward! LUXE Milan. Swank and frank. LUXE City Guides distil priceless information from a crack team of more than 30 savvy, stylish, plugged-in resident curators. Whether you have a few hours or a few days, LUXE is all you need to get the inside scoop on your destination, while sidestepping the drab touristy faff, packed in a ultra-handy, light format that fits into your pocket/handbag – discreet and useful. Featuring totally original and fresh content, LUXE City Guides contain everything you need to know and you’d simply never find as a visitor. From hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs, to out of town activities, spa and beauty places, unique “by the hand” shopping itineraries, our team of resident curators independently cherry-pick each recommendation based on merit alone. That means you can rest assured that absolutely everything covered in LUXE City Guides is deemed consummately fabulous for all the right reasons. Each LUXE City GUide comes with the constantly updated, free digital destination app, to ensures you have the most up-to-the-minute recommendations at your nimble fingertips, offline maps, ‘around me’ functions, geolocation, ‘step by step’ itineraries and a lot more.

04 01 http://au.newhollandpublishers.com/media/catalog/product/9/7/9789888132959.jpg

08 45 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

The city that gave us skyscrapers, Lloyd Wright, the blues, house and hot dogs is a Fat Sam's Grand Slam of a town, where you can go gastro to assho' and cheese fries to freeze dried gastronomy in just a few blocks. Everybody, on arrival, should be blindfolded and taken directly to Adler Planetarium for the knicker-dropping vista-dah moment. Add stunning Lake Michigan, pumping food and culture, and residents with manners to put Parisians to shame and you've got one helluva good time. Set your heart on sunset cocktails with breathtaking sky-high city views, or jazz-hot nights in a swinging former gangster's speakeasy? Need your own art expert or personal shopper to guide you to the city's treasures? Want to sample the restaurants turning the Second City into America's culinary capital? Don't forget the stashes of fine antiques, period d'cor and architectural salvage we've dug up for you, or maybe you'd like to take in Chicago's spectacular skyline from your own yacht? LUXE. Puts the chic in Chicago. LUXE City Guides distil priceless information from a crack team of more than 30 savvy, stylish, plugged-in resident curators. Whether you have a few hours or a few days, LUXE is all you need to get the inside scoop on your destination, while sidestepping the drab touristy faff, packed in a ultra-handy, light format that fits into your pocket/handbag – discreet and useful. Featuring totally original and fresh content, LUXE City Guides contain everything you need to know and you’d simply never find as a visitor. From hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs, to out of town activities, spa and beauty places, unique “by the hand” shopping itineraries, our team of resident curators independently cherry-pick each recommendation based on merit alone. That means you can rest assured that absolutely everything covered in LUXE City Guides is deemed consummately fabulous for all the right reasons. Each LUXE City GUide comes with the constantly updated, free digital destination app, to ensures you have the most up-to-the-minute recommendations at your nimble fingertips, offline maps, ‘around me’ functions, geolocation, ‘step by step’ itineraries and a lot more.

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Putting the art in party and the brat in wurst. The Wall? Yoursquore about twenty-five years too late, mein Liebling. Nowadays Berlin is the epitome of cool, laidback charm from east to west, with underground vibe, perpetual nightlife, inimitable style and creativity. So, Volfie, vat are you vaiting for? LUXE Berlin. Lean, mean und on das scene. LUXE City Guides distil priceless information from a crack team of more than 30 savvy, stylish, plugged-in resident curators. Whether you have a few hours or a few days, LUXE is all you need to get the inside scoop on your destination, while sidestepping the drab touristy faff, packed in a ultra-handy, light format that fits into your pocket/handbag – discreet and useful. Featuring totally original and fresh content, LUXE City Guides contain everything you need to know and you’d simply never find as a visitor. From hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs, to out of town activities, spa and beauty places, unique “by the hand” shopping itineraries, our team of resident curators independently cherry-pick each recommendation based on merit alone. That means you can rest assured that absolutely everything covered in LUXE City Guides is deemed consummately fabulous for all the right reasons. Each LUXE City GUide comes with the constantly updated, free digital destination app, to ensures you have the most up-to-the-minute recommendations at your nimble fingertips, offline maps, ‘around me’ functions, geolocation, ‘step by step’ itineraries and a lot more.

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Ravishing La Ville-Lumiegravere is understandably regarded as Europersquos most beautiful, but while she can be sweet and coquettish, she can also be a snooty grande dame indeed. Wersquove taken her over our knee and shersquos promised to behave ndash so crack open a bottle, itrsquos champagne time for Loulouhellip LUXE Paris. Vive la LUXE! LUXE City Guides distil priceless information from a crack team of more than 30 savvy, stylish, plugged-in resident curators. Whether you have a few hours or a few days, LUXE is all you need to get the inside scoop on your destination, while sidestepping the drab touristy faff, packed in a ultra-handy, light format that fits into your pocket/handbag – discreet and useful. Featuring totally original and fresh content, LUXE City Guides contain everything you need to know and you’d simply never find as a visitor. From hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs, to out of town activities, spa and beauty places, unique “by the hand” shopping itineraries, our team of resident curators independently cherry-pick each recommendation based on merit alone. That means you can rest assured that absolutely everything covered in LUXE City Guides is deemed consummately fabulous for all the right reasons. Each LUXE City GUide comes with the constantly updated, free digital destination app, to ensures you have the most up-to-the-minute recommendations at your nimble fingertips, offline maps, ‘around me’ functions, geolocation, ‘step by step’ itineraries and a lot more.

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08 45 gr TL Distribution 02 AU

Here today, gondola tomorrowhellip Escaping the Draylon hordes and branded billboards of this crumbling lagoon jewel can be daunting, but venture beyond the centre into her winding waterways and labyrinthine alleys, and yoursquoll be handsomely rewarded. La Serenissimarsquos richly brocaded sleeve hides historic wonders and artisanal swag galore. LUXE Venice. Chic-issimo! LUXE City Guides distil priceless information from a crack team of more than 30 savvy, stylish, plugged-in resident curators. Whether you have a few hours or a few days, LUXE is all you need to get the inside scoop on your destination, while sidestepping the drab touristy faff, packed in a ultra-handy, light format that fits into your pocket/handbag – discreet and useful. Featuring totally original and fresh content, LUXE City Guides contain everything you need to know and you’d simply never find as a visitor. From hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs, to out of town activities, spa and beauty places, unique “by the hand” shopping itineraries, our team of resident curators independently cherry-pick each recommendation based on merit alone. That means you can rest assured that absolutely everything covered in LUXE City Guides is deemed consummately fabulous for all the right reasons. Each LUXE City GUide comes with the constantly updated, free digital destination app, to ensures you have the most up-to-the-minute recommendations at your nimble fingertips, offline maps, ‘around me’ functions, geolocation, ‘step by step’ itineraries and a lot more.


Turku (Swedish: Åbo) is the oldest city and former capital of Finland. It was settled during the 13th century, making it one of the only few – and by far the largest – medieval cities in Finland. Turku is the cradle of Finnish culture, since over the years it has played an important role as the gateway to Finland for international influence. Nowadays Turku is a vivid city with clusters of maritime and medical business.

Bisecting Turku city centre, the River Aura is the heart and soul of the city: this is where Turku was born, and a large part of city life – museums, sights, restaurants and cafés – is still concentrated on the riverside. The river banks form a national urban park allowing for a pleasant stroll from the Turku Cathedral to the Turku Castle. Close to the river mouth is the island of Ruissalo, with oak forests and 19th-century villas. Turku is at its best in summertime, when it hosts many festivals, including rock festivals, chamber music festivals and a medieval fair. But do not forget the winter atmosphere, if you are lucky you may be able to have a thrilling walk on the ice cover of River Aura.

In addition to the cultural sights and museums, Turku attracts visitors due to the Archipelago Sea, which stretches all the way from Turku to Åland and on to Stockholm, forming the largest archipelago in the world by the number of islands and islets.

Greater Turku (as defined here) includes a few surrounding towns and some countryside. Of these Raisio in the nort-west is included here, while Kaarina and Naantali have their own articles, as has the Turku countryside in the north, including (west to east) Masku, Rusko, Paattinen (part of Turku) and Lieto.

History Edit

Turku is Finland’s oldest city and one of the oldest in the entire Nordic region. The city came into existence at Koroinen on the banks of river Aura, a few kilometres north from the Turku market square. Trading took place on this historic site as early as in the 1150s, and in 1229, the bishopric was transferred there as well. The Aura River Valley had already been a prosperous and relatively densely populated area since the Iron Age. The Finnish name, Turku, is an archaic Russian word for 'marketplace' (turgu). The name of the Italian city, Trieste, comes from the same Indo-European origin. Turku Market Square has long been one of the largest and finest on the south coast. The etymology of the Swedish name Åbo is unclear. One possible explanation is that the city was named Åbo by Swedish settlers because it was a settlement (bo) on the Aura River (å).

The year 1229 is regarded as the year in which the City of Turku was founded. Excavations in different parts of the city centre have provided more light on the city's history. The construction of Turku Castle began in the 1280s, the Dominican monastery of St. Olof was being built on Samppalinna Hill and Turku Cathedral was consecrated in the year 1300. From this point on, the city held an important position in the Swedish state and it had staple town charter (the right to conduct foreign trade), assuring that trading was brisk. The German bourgeoisie of Turku held a major role in the early development of the city, and Turku had a community that was part of the Hanseatic League, which dominated trade along the coasts of Northern Europe.

During Swedish rule, Turku was the largest and most important city of its region, as well as being a major city of the Swedish Kingdom. Queen Christina of Sweden founded the first university of Finland in Turku in 1640. At that point it was only Sweden's third university following Uppsala University and the Academia Gustaviana in Tartu, Estonia. Turku remained the Finnish capital until the year 1812. Russia, after overtaking Finland from Sweden 1809, moved the capital to Helsinki, which was closer to Saint Petersburg and farther from Stockholm. Turku remained Finland's largest city until the end of the 1840s, but its ambitions were dealt a death blow in 1827, when a raging fire destroyed most of the city. "Turun palo" is still the largest urban fire in the history of the Nordic countries. The city was almost completely destroyed, and the rest of the major institutions with the exception of the archbishop's seat were moved to Helsinki. The burnt city needed an altogether new town plan, which was drawn up by German architect Carl Ludvig Engel the following year.

Turku is still a gateway to Sweden. The competition between cruise ferry companies led to ferries ever increasing in size and features, which let the Turku shipyard develop into a world leader of building large cruise ships, with customers such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival and TUI Cruises. Turku shipyard employs directly and indirectly 8000 people. In addition to this, follows employment effect to foreign companies.

In 2011 Turku was the European Capital of Culture along with Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Afterwards Turku has seen a huge boost in domestic and foreign visitors.

People Edit

Turku remains a regional capital of Finland Proper and is the third most populous city-region in Finland and the eighth largest urban area in the Nordic countries, with around 330 000 inhabitants living in the Turku sub-region. Nowadays Turku is a major academic town for Finland: there are two universities (one with Finnish, one with Swedish as its language with business schools, a law school and a medical school), and four universities of applied sciences. Consequently, you will find that the city is bustling with young adults. The large number of students means that restaurants, live music clubs and nightlife are ample. A true local speciality you will find in few other Finnish cities are the floating bars in the river Aura. There is a cultural spirit in the city, and some of the proud residents are still irked that Helsinki took over as Finland's capital back in 1812. In other parts of Finland people from Turku are stereotypically thought of as being bit reserved and uppish in their views of their hometown. However, if you have a coffee at the Market Square and chat with the locals, you will soon find out that this is not the case. The Turku dialect has many influences from Swedish and historically also from Estonian, and it can from time to time sound even a bit like Estonian. The city is also famous throughout Finland for its processed mustard called Turun Sinappi, though ownership and production was controversially moved abroad in 2008, with production being resumed in Finland in 2014.

Read Edit

  • Vares (book series) (Reijo Mäki, 1986–13). Finnish crime literature usually focuses more on police procedurals, or the psychological and sociological fallout from crime. One writer, Reijo Mäki, however, has written a series of books about a private investigator called Jussi Vares. He is your regular hardboiled PI: he drinks, makes love, hates everyone, and gets beaten up and mugged on a regular basis. All Vares books take place in Turku, which is also home to the books' writer. Mäki is a celebrity in Turku, where you can perhaps catch him in his favourite bar, Uusi Apteekki (New Pharmacy).
  • The Home of Dark Butterflies (Leena Lander, 1991). Writer Leena Lander tells the story of a fourteen-year-old boy named Juhani, who is haunted by his traumatic past. Juhani has been shuttled between foster homes and temporary families for the past six years, leaving any prospect of stability in his life a faded dream. When Juhani winds up in a remote shelter for troubled youth known as The Island, he has little idea of how ruthless superintendent Olavi Harjula can truly be. In addition to Harjula and the six other boys, The Island is also home to the superintendent's wife Irene, the couple's two young daughters, and Tynne, who tends to the local livestock in addition to catering all the meals. The island of the story has actually existed, though the boys' home was closed already in 1968. The story was also made into a film of the same name in 2008 and shooting took place on the actual island in the Turku archipelago. The film was also Finland's Oscar nominee for a foreign language film in 2008.

Watch Edit

  • Restless (Aku Louhimies, 2000) is a story about Ari (Mikko Nousiainen), a 27-year-old ambulance doctor living in Turku, who's main pastime are one-night stands. He doesn't want to meet any of the girls again because he is certain that commitment equals pain. But one day Ari realizes that he cannot feel anything at all. Then he meets a woman named Tiina (Laura Malmivaara) on the beach. Without really intending to, they start dating each other, reaching the point where Tiina, falling in love, begins to look for commitment. Ari is introduced to Tiina's friends, including two other couples. Ari then ends up having sex with Tiina's two best friends (Ilona and Hanna-Riikka). Meanwhile Tiina continues to love Ari. During this Tiina manages to commit Ari to reluctantly become the father of her to be born child.
  • Vares movies (Aleksi Mäkelä, 2004-2012). Vares books proved so popular in Finland that in 2004 a film was released, starring Juha Veijonen as the detective, and directed by Aleksi Mäkelä, considered by many the number one action-director in Finland. A second film appeared a few years later, and the two films' success led to a series of all together eight films.
  • Man Exposed (Aku Louhimies, 2006) is a comedy-drama film about a rebel minister working in Turku's St Michael's Church, who is suddenly asked to run for bishop. At the same time he is running into problems in his marriage and life in general.
  • Tears of April (Aku Louhimies, 2008) is a war drama film based on the novel by Leena Lander, the film is set in the final stages of the Finnish Civil War. The film tells a story of a captured female Red Guard fighter, Miina, and the soldier Aaro who escorts her to her trial.
  • Love and Other Troubles (Samuli Valkama, 2012) is a Finnish romantic comedy film set in Turku. It stars Emilie de Ravin as Sara, an American line dance teacher, who meets Ville (Jussi Nikkilä), a 25-year-old former child star, and his father (Ville Virtanen), an ex-rock star, who both fall in love with her.
  • The Girl King (Mika Kaurismäki, 2015) is a biographical drama about Christina, Queen of Sweden, who reigned from 1632 until her abdication in 1654.

Climate Edit

Turku, like the rest of Finland, has four distinct seasons. Situated by the Baltic Sea and sheltered by the islands of the Archipelago Sea, Turku has a humid continental climate. Like much of southern Finland, the city experiences warm summers, with temperatures ranging up to 30°C (85°F), and winters with frequent snowfall and temperatures down to about −25°C (−15°F). The best time to visit is definitely the warm period from late May to early September. If visiting in wintertime and meeting slush, ride somewhat more inland (a local bus can get you far enough) and you will probably find the real snow. Once in a while you can find it in Turku city center too.

Current weather forecasts can be checked at the Finnish Meteorological Institute website.

Visitor information Edit

Turku's official tourist agency is Turku Touring. It serves also the larger region.

  • 60.44906 22.26784 1Visit Turku, Aurakatu 2 ( next to the City Hall, near the Aura bridge at busy times also the back door is open ), ☏ +358 2 262-7444 , fax : +358 2 262-7679 , ✉ [email protected] . Sep–Mar: daily 10:00–15:00 Apr–Sep: M–F 08:30–18:00, Sa–Su 10:00–18:00 . Turku Touring's office offers advice, sight-seeing tours, maps, guide books, souvenirs, bicycle hire instructions, group outings and more. ( updated Mar 2018 )

By plane Edit

Turku Airport (TKU) Edit

  • 60.5109 22.2743 1Turku Airport ( TKUIATA ) ( 8 km north of the city centre ). Is a compact airport with 2 terminals for check-in

The national carrier of Finland, Finnair, has a connection between Turku and Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport every few hours. Scandinavian Airlines services Turku from Stockholm and Kittilä. AirBaltic has a connection between Turku and Riga. All these carriers use Turku Airport's Terminal 1. Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air serves Turku from Gdańsk, Kaunas, Kraków and Skopje and uses Terminal 2 at the airport.

Bus line 1 departs from the airport every 20 minutes and goes via the centre to the Port of Turku. Several hotels happen to be along the route. Tickets are available on board for €3/1.50 (free transfers for two hours, see Get around for details). The line operates from 05:20 to 00:45. The day's last bus waits as long as 15 minutes if necessary, to allow passengers to catch it. The last buses operate only to Kauppatori, not to the harbour.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) Edit

If coming by air, a common option is to fly to the internationally well connected Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport (HEL IATA ). Turku is 166 km away from Helsinki and easily reached by plane, train (transfer in Helsinki centre) or coach. With car the voyage by the Finnish national road 1 (E18) takes around 1hr40min.

There is an almost hourly ExpressBus coach connection from Helsinki-Vantaa to Turku bus station operated by Vainio, departing from platform 54 (?) in front of the international flights terminal. Usually the voyage starts with AirBus, with an easy transfer to the Vainio coach at Turvesolmu. The service operates round the clock, although there may be a gap of two hours between services in the small hours of the night. The trip takes between 2 hr 15 min and 2 hr 55 min, depending on whether the service calls in towns on the way.

The Onniflyer service of Onnibus.com is typically a bit cheaper and faster (two hours), but has only eight round-trips per day. The Onnibus buses are red double-deckers with free Wi-Fi but little legroom. They depart from platforms 23 and 24 in front of Terminal 2. Book ticket online in advance for a cheaper price.

By train Edit

VR, the state-owned railway company, operates all the domestic routes as well as the connections from Vyborg, Saint Petersburg and Moscow in Russia. Turku has three VR operated Railway stations: the 60.4538 22.25331 2 Central railway station ("Turku", service M-F 08:10–17:15) on the northern edge of Turku's central business district, 60.4505 22.297 3 Kupittaa railway station ("Kupittaa") in the eastern part of the city and 60.43448 22.22334 4 Turku harbour railway stop ("Turku satama") in Turku harbour on the western edge of Turku centre. Trains arriving from the direction of Helsinki first stop at Kupittaa and then arrive at the central station, while trains from Tampere arrive directly at the central station. Some of the trains continue onward to the harbour, which is handy if you are connecting to a passenger ferry towards Stockholm or Mariehamn. Kupittaa has limited service (tickets bought in advance or from a machine), the harbour none. Only the central station is manned. From the central station you can purchase all domestic train tickets and train tickets from Finland to Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Vyborg, and InterRail cards to Europe.

Links between Turku and the rest of the country are frequent and excellent, although not hourly any more. There are connections from Helsinki and Tampere, travel time approximately 2 hours, Jyväskylä (3.5 hr), Kuopio (5.5 hr) and Oulu (7 hr). There is also an overnight car and sleeper train connection to Rovaniemi in Lapland (10–15 hr, often with a transfer to a day train in Tampere).

From abroad, except Russia, you have to travel via Stockholm and take a ferry cruise from there. This can be a scenic and environmental friendly option, and if you travel by rail otherwise, most of the European railway companies offer discounts for the ferry connection.

A few buses (including lines 32 and 42) pass the Kupittaa and Turku stations on their way to the centre, just cross the street and wait for one, if you don't want to take the walk or a bike ride. If you have registered with the bike sharing system and paid the fee you can borrow a bike for free (for 30 min see By bicycle below for details).

By bus Edit

Matkahuolto operates the 60.45712 22.26808 5 Turku bus station , where long-distance services usually terminate, as do some regional services. The station is at the northern edge of the city centre within walking distance from the central railway station (1 km) and Kauppatori (Market Square, 800 m). Matkahuolto has abandoned the station building and now uses the freight terminal across Läntinen pitkäkatu. The bus station has good local bus connections, although it is not the hub for them. There are stops for local and regional lines at a few different places on or around the station, note where your bus stops. Some coach lines arriving at the station continue to the Port of Turku, if needed. If going there, tell that when buying your ticket and when boarding.

Normal bus connections from Kamppi in Helsinki leave for Turku more or less every half an hour during the day and every hour or two during the night. All these connections are either express or special express (there are also a few "regular" connections, if you search for them). Tickets cost around €30 (round trip around €55) for adults, around €20 for children aged 12–16, €15 for children aged 4–11 and Finnish students (ISIC not accepted). Children under the age of four travel for free. Cheaper tickets can often be had in advance on the net (check also the individual companies' websites).

There is a line from Tampere hourly in daytime, the last coach arriving 00:55, from Pori about hourly (check!) and from Vaasa about every two hours, the last arriving 21:20.

For timetables, for the above mentioned or other connections, see the Finnish Transport Agency service or Matkahuolto.

Also Onnibus has connections to Turku. Tickets to these buses vary in price, cheapest well in advance on the Internet, for same day usually about €10 bought from online, €15–20 from Helsinki if bought when boarding (with busy services often sold out). Timetables and tickets at their own web site.

NanoBus is a low cost bus operator between Helsinki and Turku. Its one way tickets cost about €3–5 when bought from their own website (in August 2020, prices may raise when they get their market share).

Direct bus services from Saint Petersburg are provided by Ensi-Bus and Transgold.

There is a Fölläri station at the bus station (by Aninkaistenkatu) if you have registered and paid you can borrow a bike to get onward (see below for details).

By ferry Edit

The most scenic way to get to Turku is by taking a passenger ferry across the Baltic Sea, from Stockholm or from Kapellskär, Norrtälje, in Sweden. The 60.43482 22.21966 6 Port of Turku is next to Turku Castle and is easily accessible on bus line 1, which travels between the port and the airport via the centre. The port also has its own railway and bus station (by the Viking terminal), and some trains and buses depart at the port. With light luggage, grabbing a fölläri bike or strolling along the river to the centre can be a nice option (3 km to Kauppatori, buses within reach all the time).

The two biggest ferry lines are the Finnish Viking Line and the now Estonian TallinkSilja. Both operate two departures each day from Stockholm via Åland: one in the morning, arriving in the evening, and one in the evening, arriving in the morning. For a scenic view, and less expensive prices, a morning departure is advisable. Going in the night, you avoid one night at a hotel, but the effective sleeping time is short, as you are probably waked up for cleaning of the cabin well before arrival (generous, although not cheap, breakfast available). Evening departures provide adequate night club activities on board if you want to cut loose before arriving. All ferries between Turku and Stockholm make a brief stop in Åland, in either Mariehamn or Långnäs. Due to this stop, plus a Finnish-demanded exception to European Union rules, passengers can make purchases on the ferries tax-freely.

For those with vehicles (e.g. a car or bikes) there are also more quiet ropax ferries from Kapellskär (either directly or via Långnäs) to Naantali 20 km from Turku, by Finnlines. Local buses serve Naantali, tickets €3/1.50 with transfers included, an additional €5 for a bike.

Looking for special offers may save a lot of money on the ferry passage. In summer, book early if you have a car, especially if it exceeds standard dimensions.

It is also possible to take smaller ferries from Åland, connecting islands of Åland and the Archipelago Sea with each other and with the mainland. Using the small ferries is more complicated and possibly more expensive, but can be rewarding. See Åland#Get around, Korpo, Brändö and Houtskär.

During the summer of 2020 ferry routes were started also from Tallinn and Hiiumaa in Estonia and Riga in Latvia, as passenger traffic from Stockholm was diminished. The connections proved popular, so it is possible that some of them will get established in some form after the pandemic.

By yacht Edit

Many people also from other regions, including Helsinki, spend their summer vacation yachting around the Archipelago Sea surrounding Turku. The Sea of Åland and the Gulf of Finland, coming from Sweden and Estonia respectively, can easily be crossed in a day, while a voyage directly from Gotland requires overnight sailing. There is an abundance of minor guest harbours on the remaining distance through the archipelago.

Turku Guest Harbour is on the Aura river halfway between the port and Kauppatori, while Turku Yacht Club's Guest Harbour, Ruissalo Marina and Ruissalon Telakka are on the scenic island of Ruissalo, with buses (line 8) to the city centre once an hour or half an hour in daytime. Except Telakka, they have fuel stations and septic tank emptying. There is also a free mooring site above the Aura bridge (in the absolute centre), but only for short visits without mast (perhaps a nice tour if you have a suitable dinghy).

  • 60.4401 22.2447 7Turku Guest Harbour, Läntinen Rantakatu 57 ( in the centre, 2 km from Kauppatori ), ☏ +358 400-880-051 , +358 400-536-613 . City guest harbour. Good services, including non-free laundromat. May be full in peak season. For size over 15m×5.2m, check special arrangements. €28–45 in season with beam <3m and without reservation: €32 . ( updated Jun 2019 )
  • 60.43669 22.20569 8Ruissalon Telakka, Hevoskarintie 23 ( Ruissalo, opposite Port of Turku ), ☏ +358 400-330-413 . Former boat yard some of the yachts built here again call the harbour home, and part of the moorings are reserved for classical yachts. From here to the centre you can either take the water bus (daytime in season, bikes free) or walk 400 m to the bus stop for a 12-min ride with line 8. Both options use the Föli tickets (€3/1.50). Café and pizzeria. Toilets and showers, but no fuel or septic tank emptying. €25 . ( updated Jun 2019 )
  • 60.4265 22.1593 9TPS Guest Harbour, Pursiseuranranta 30 , ☏ +358 44-376-2655 , ✉ [email protected] . Marina of one of the local yacht clubs. On the island Ruissalo, a 20-minute bus ride (line 8) from the centre. Services include sauna and Wi-Fi. Restaurant. Guiding to the mooring from the fuel pier, off hours look for orange cones instead. €20 . ( updated Jun 2019 )
  • 60.4261 22.1073 10Ruissalo Marina, Ruissalon puistotie 618 , ☏ +358 2 445-5926 (10:00–19:00), +358 2 445-40 (off hours) . By the Ruissalon Kylpylä spa hotel near the western end of the island, a 25-minute bus ride (line 8) from the centre. Reservation recommended. €30 . ( updated Jun 2019 )

By car Edit

Turku is well connected by roads to other parts of Finland. Main routes are national road 1 (E18) from Helsinki, 8 (E8) from Tromsø, Vaasa and Pori along the west coast, 9 (E63) from Kuopio, Jyväskylä and Tampere, and 10 from Hämeenlinna. Road 40 circulates Turku. E18 is a high-speed controlled-access highway all the way from Russia. Roads 8 and 9 are high-speed highways for some distance outside the city. Turku can be reached from Helsinki in around 1 hr 40 min in summer and 2 hrs 40 in winter. The former main road from Helsinki, now regional road 110, is somewhat slower but allows your seeing more of the landscape.

From Sweden, use the above mentioned ferries. Those to Turku and Naantali, and on the routes from Åland via Korpo or via Brändö and Kustavi, all take cars.

There are a few scenic roads around Turku as well:

  • The Archipelago Trail (Skärgårdens ringväg, Saariston Rengastie) allows travellers to access the archipelago without a boat of their own. Part of the "trail" can be used when coming from Sweden via Åland: drive to Långnäs and take the ferry to Korpo, or use the ferries via Brändö and Kustavi.
  • Hämeen Härkätie leads to Turku from Hämeenlinna and is the most important road of early Finnish history. The route was once used by merchants, pilgrims, and kings. Along the route, with small detours, you will find a splendid array of interesting sites, such as museums, churches and shopping spots. If you want to really experience a journey in time, you can stay at an old manor house or inn along the way.
  • The partly medieval King's Road (Kuninkaantie, Kungsvägen) leads to Turku along the south coast all the way from the eastern border of Finland, passing Helsinki. It is part of the old post roads, dating back to the 14th century, that lead from Stockholm to Christiania (Oslo) and Bergen on the Atlantic coast (of Norway), and, crossing the Archipelago Sea, via Turku to Viborg (now Vyborg in Russia). The modern tourist route is extended all the way to Saint Petersburg. You can see lots of medieval churches, museums and old villages along the road.

Turku has an excellent public transportation system, and its buses reach every corner of the city. The hub for the local bus traffic is normally the Market Square, Kauppatori (Swedish: Salutorget), which is in the central business district and often considered the midpoint of the city. In 2018–2021, however, there are construction works, and most bus stops are moved away temporarily to nearby roads. Most main sights are within walking distance from the square. A bike is the quickest way to get around and bikeways are generally good, although not always fast (try a nice trip along the river).

By foot Edit

The vast majority of the city's sights are within a kilometre or two from Kauppatori. The river Aura passes through the centre, and its banks are very popular, allowing for a pleasant stroll from, say, the national shrine of Finland, the Turku Cathedral, to the Turku Castle, which used to house Swedish Kings – or upstream to experience some countryside.

Turku Touring, the official tourist agency of the city, offers different walking tours for visitors. There are also leaflets with self guided walking tours, such as Sculpture walk, ArchitecTour, Romantic Turku and Stepping it up. You can get a map from main library (Linnankatu 2) or Tourist information (Aurakatu 2). If you have a smartphone you can download a Citynomadi app and get a map there.

By bicycle Edit

The fastest and most flexible way of seeing Turku is on a bike. There are good bike paths mostly as needed, although at the very heart of the city you have to know the routes or sometimes join car traffic, or get off the bike unless sufficiently experienced not all the best routes are obvious. A four-year experiment with salted winter routes in the centre started 2017 (12 km first year Civitas eccentric). These routes lead along the river, around the campuses and through the central business district. Elsewhere bikeways and roads are not always maintained sufficiently in the winter for easy (in the centre: safe) biking, but local hardcore cyclists are biking throughout the year.

For getting out of the city, bikes can be loaded on the local buses (including regional buses in the Föli cooperation) for €6 at the driver's discretion, i.e. probably when there are not too many passengers. Cost on coaches varies by company, often about the price of a children's ticket for longer voyages, sometimes likewise a flat €6.

The city tourist office can suggest cycling routes (there is a bike route map of the city and surrounding towns on the net). They also rent bikes (€23/day).

Bike theft is common and vandalism happens. A lock gives some protection. If leaving the bike close to the river it should be locked to something.

Bike sharing Edit

In May 2018, the City of Turku started renting 300 citybikes called Föli-fillari ("Föli-bike") or fölläri in 34 different “bicycle stations”. Most are along the river, from the harbour to the ÅA campus, some elsewhere in the centre, from the central railway station in the west to the hospital and Kupittaa station in the east and from Martti in the south to Ikituuri in the Student village in the north, two in Ruissalo (part of the summer only) and one in the Skanssi suburban shopping area.

You register your phone number (which works as ID leave out the "+" but include country code), your credit card, and optionally your e-mail address and your Föli card number on the net ("nice" user interface that does not necessarily work) and pay a fee for one use (€2 + for time exceeding 30 min) or for a first 30 day period (€6/30 days + for time exceeding 30 min/ride, renewed and charged automatically – if you want just one period, you can cancel immediately). The 30-day Föli cards include the borrowing right, but you still need to register. This is as of July 2020, the payment system has been changing.

Return the bike to a Föli station in 30 min and there are no additional charges. If you paid for 30 days (or have a Föli card including the biking right) you can borrow the bike again immediately or borrow another when you like. Use the bike slots if possible, but what counts is that you lock the bike at the station, are in Wi-Fi range from it and the returning gets registered.

If you borrow a bike for more than 30 min you pay €1/hr up to 2 hr and €2/hr up to five hours (€8), which is the maximum borrowing time (€80 fine for missing that deadline).

In winter the fölläri bikes have studded tyres, but some problems: the gears are usually frozen in freezing temperatures, many bikes are out of order (frozen lock, battery dead) and returning bikes fails more often than normal. Otherwise they work reasonably well also in snowy streets.

If your returning the bike was not registered, usually due to transient Wi-Fi problems or your not pushing the OK button to confirm, you cannot borrow another bike until the issue is sorted out by contacting the Föli office (M–Sa, limited hours). If the first attempt does not succeed (the red flashing led should turn to flashing green) you may have to unlock and relock the bike and again push OK twice. If the bike gets confused, pushing "P" (for temporary parking) tends to return a sensible state. If returning does not work and it is off hours, you might want to keep the bike until you find a working station. Charges for exceeding time will be returned as you explain the situation in answering the receipt e-mail.

Those who have a library card can also borrow bikes from the main library in summer (until 30 September), for free. Return the bike before the library closes in the evening.

Bicycle service Edit

There are several bike shops offering service for bikers. Here some of them:

  • 60.3424531 22.6960136 1Bikestation, Kirkonmäentie 3, 21570 Sauvo ( 35 km from Turku ), ☏ +358 44-324-4010 . The only bicycle service and shop specialized in Rohloff bicycles and gears in Turku region. Also mobile power supply (powered by hub dynamo) and hand made wheels for bike travellers.
  • 60.454 22.273 2Visan polkupyörähuolto, Yliopistonkatu 8 ( in the corner of Aninkaistenkatu and Yliopistonkatu ), ☏ +358 2 231-1191 . Competent bicycle shop hidden in a back yard. Does not sell only mainstream stuff.
  • 60.444481 22.277783 3Raispo, Itäinen Pitkäkatu 38-40 , ☏ +358 40-557-7158 , ✉ [email protected] . M-F 10:00-18:00, Sa Su 10:00-14:00 . Bike shop with bike service. ( updated Apr 2018 )

By electric kick scooter Edit

Swedish Voi and German Tier rent electric kick scooters for use in the centre. Install the smartphone app, check where the nearest scooter is, check price, unlock with the app, drive, park it in some sensible location in the allowed area (mind the vision impaired) and release it with the app. The companies aim to keep the scooters available also in winter, conditions permitting, but the vehicles are not ideal in snowy or slippery conditions. Minimum age, imposed by the companies, is 18.

The scooters are legally regarded as bikes and should follow rules for bikes, even though people usually drive them on the pavement where bike lanes are missing (which is allowed only for smaller children). They have a top speed of 20 km/h (12 mph), which is plenty acquaint yourself with the scooter and its controls somewhere safe. In some areas the scooters enforce a lower speed (5–6 km/h).

By bus Edit

Tickets are harmonized with some of the surrounding municipalities: Raisio, Naantali, Kaarina, Rusko and Lieto, as the "Föli" cooperation. Tickets are handled as if all buses serving the area were local.

  • Monitori , Aurakatu ( in KOP-kolmio by Kauppatori ), ☏ +358 2 262-4811 (M–F 08:00–15:00 Sa 09:00–14:00) , ✉ [email protected] . M–F 08:00–18:00, Sa 09:00–14:00 . Bus customer service now across the street from the old office, combined with municipal services. Address, hours etc. need updating. ( updated Jun 2018 )

Information about local buses can be found at the Föli pages. There are several map views (e.g. one showing the current locations of buses) and tailored timetable views (such as for a specific stop) and a route planner. You can also use the Föli Digitransit route planner to seek local bus routes between given locations and addresses. The route planner used seems to be the same at both websites, with options to include driving, and to tune walking and transfer preferences. The planner works well in most situations, but some sanity checks are needed: the planner can guess at destinations with "similar" spelling (if you do a spelling mistake or use a name not in the database), and may behave oddly when no suitable bus is found for whatever reason. You can also use Nysse mobile app for journey planning.

Most buses go through the centre, with the area around Kauppatori serving as hub – but distance between some stops is long, as the roads around Kauppatori are closed during construction works (2018–2021?). Now most "hub" stops have been moved one block down toward the river, to Linnankatu or its surroundings, some to Puutori square two blocks toward the bus station. Most regional buses now start from the bus station. Most lines now use the Aurasilta bridge instead of the Tuomiokirkko bridge. There are also other fundamental changes in the routes in the centre.

There are few 'circle lines', so usually if you need to transfer, you will need to take one bus to the centre, then transfer there to the bus taking you to your final destination. As buses generally go in two directions from the centre, make sure that you are taking the correct numbered bus in the correct direction as well. Transfer by the cathedral, Puutori or some other suitable stop may be more convenient than using the central stops, as these are spread out during the works at Kauppatori.

Destinations are mentioned in Finnish on some stops and alternating between languages on most buses, but you should still note the numbers of the lines you intend to use. If going towards Kauppatori it is mostly enough to know on what side of the street to stand.

Buses passing the municipality border mostly have 3-digit numbers (notable exceptions lines 6 and 7). Buses not reaching Turku (often minibuses with sparse schedules) have their number prefixed with a letter, such as L for Lieto – but "P" means Turku lines meant primary for seniors. There are some quirks, e.g. some regional buses use stops for city buses, others those for coaches. Regional buses with destinations outside the Föli area are part of the cooperation inside it, but for trips out of the area you cannot use Föli tickets at all (notably 7xx, 8xx and 9xx via Kaarina). Some of the regional buses have stops like local buses in the Kauppatori area (fewer during the construction works), some at Puutori, and some depart from the bus station.

A single ticket is €3 (children 7–14: €1.50), and is valid for unlimited transfers within two hours of the ticket's purchase. In the night (23:00–04:00) tickets cost €1 more. Notes of more than €20 are not always accepted. Persons in wheelchair and the person assisting travel for free, as does a person with an infant or toddler in a baby carriage (use the middle door, the driver will help with the wheelchair ramp there is usually sufficient space).

If you intend to take the bus more than twice a day (read: in more than two 2-hours periods), it becomes economical to ask the bus driver for a 24-hour ticket, priced €7.50. The bus office at Kauppatori and the tourist office sell cards for one day and more, costing €7 for the first day, €3 for each additional day up to a week, €30 for two weeks and €5 + €52 per thirty days (€20 for ten additional days). On 25 November 2019 the price rises with €1 for the 1–7-day tickets and €2 for the 14 day ticket.

Bus tickets can also be bought through the Föli app, which also shows the live bus time-tables and has a route-planner, or (single tickets) by mobile payment without the app when boarding.

You can also use NFC payment with Visa, Mastercard or Eurocard (Diners Club and American Express do not work) or a mobile device with Apple Pay, Pivo or Google Pay: the payment card or mobile device is displayed to the reader device, which then says "Lähimaksu hyväksytty" ("Proximity payment accepted"). The system calculates the fare combining all trips paid with the card/device: a new single ticket fee (€3) will not be charged until the two-hour changeover period has ended, and a day ticket (€8) or 7-day ticket (€26) will be substituted when those are relevant.

Those staying more than a few days or travelling as a group may want to check other options also, e.g. "value cards", with which trips (including transfers) cost €2.20/1.20, plus €1 in the night. For groups, ask for a group card (ordinary children's cards are personal, adults' cards valid for three persons). Show the card to the machine once for each person the first time, once for all the group at "transfers". Value (and days) can be added on the Internet, in the Föli bureau, in R kiosks and at some other locations.

Once upon the time modifier letters (as in 12A and 12B) got removed and numbers changed (in this case to 32 and 42). The lines are ordered according to these associations: 1, 2, 2A, 3, 30, 4, . Often the associated lines behave the same most of the route, but have different destinations in one end. In a few cases the destination varies without any change in line number (e.g. 13 going to Impivaara, "uimahalli", half of the time), usually with a sign in the front window of the bus. The corresponding notes in the timetable are often incomprehensible without some understanding of the individual lines, but usually you know when you need to understand them and can ignore them otherwise. The worst trap is some extra rush hour buses on long lines stopping prematurely: check that you get the one going all the way to your stop.

Timetable booklets give starting times at the ends of the route and at Kauppatori, and an estimated duration of the trip to or from Kauppatori. Some lines are (only or additionally) listed in groups, with information for common (possibly intermediate) destinations. Sometimes a line being in the booklet twice is not evident, check carefully. The timetables at major stops instead give the estimated passing time of the bus (and line number, as lines are grouped together). A timetable booklet can be bought from the bus office at Kauppatori (€1). A map is for sale separately (€2 not including the neighbouring towns, nor the extreme points of Turku). School buses, night lines, rush hour lines and lines serving the elderly, and the quirks of these, are partly handled in their own maps, chapters and booklets, although tickets are valid as usual.

Some interesting or useful lines include:

1 Seaport – Centre – Airport The line to use to and from the airport and seaport. Departs from the airport and seaport every 20 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays, twice an hour on Sundays, more often to/from the harbour at ferry arrival/departure times. Much cheaper than taking a cab. Passes the bus station in the centre of Turku between Kauppatori and the airport (except the extra harbour services, which turn at Kauppatori).

8 Centre – Railway station – Ruissalo The bus route through the large Ruissalo island, a popular summer destination with beaches, villas, a botanic garden and a nature reserve.

14, 15 Saramäki – Oriketo – Centre – Erikvalla / Kakskerta Bus lines which go to islands of Satava (14) and Kakskerta (15), which have beautiful countryside and archipelago nature to enjoy. 40-min ride from Kauppatori (one way).

21, 23 Centre – Paattinen – Tortinmäki Long countryside route which you can ride at no more cost than the ordinary city bus ticket. Tortinmäki is a 6-km walk (or bike ride) from Kurjenrahka National Park, in season some of the services go all the way to the park.

99 Ilpoinen / Uittamo – Skanssi – Länsikeskus – Perno / Pansio A long suburb sightseeing line bypassing center, one-way ride takes over 1 hour.

180 water bus Martinsilta – Pikisaari and Ruissalo (uses Föli tickets, bikes free late May through August, some more weekends). See below.

By taxi Edit

Taxis are abundant and easily available throughout the city. There are three crunch times when getting a taxi might be problematic: the morning and evening ferry departure times (particularly in summer), around 08:00 and 21:00, and the bar closing times (particularly on weekends) around 04:00.

Before the deregulation quick 1–3 km trips would cost in the €8–15 vicinity, and you should not have to pay much more now. Most companies add a fee per kilometre and a fee per minute, more or less doubling the nominal price. Taxis generally accept major international credit cards. At the railway station and similar places there may also be a "Kimppataxi" offering rides together with strangers (cf minivans in some countries), which in some cases is considerably cheaper.

Most taxis use the Taxidata call centre. There are several other companies, including Taksi Länsi-Suomi (serving most of Finland Proper), the Helsinki based companies (at least Menevä and Kajon) and some small ones, but their cars are mainly found at certain taxi ranks. If using their call centres it might be wise to check that there is a taxi available nearby before committing. Pre-booking is free for some of these competitors. Like elsewhere in Finland, the taxis belong to smaller companies with just an agreement with the call centre.

  • Taxidata, ☏ +358 2 100-41 . Also bookable by app. Calling centre used by most taxis. Fees about the same as before deregulation. €1.67/call+pvm/mpm (app free) flag-fall M–F 06:00–18:00, Sa 06:00–16:00 €3,90, other times €6.90 €1.10 + €0.90/min or €1.59/km + €0.90/min for 1–4 or 5–8 passengers. Example: 4 persons 5 km in the evening, 30 km/h, called by phone: €1.67+6.90+5.50+9+mpm = €23.07+mpm . ( updated Jun 2017 )
  • Menevä Turku, ☏ +358 50-471-0470 (head of office) , toll-free: 0800-02120 (booking) , ✉ [email protected] . Also bookable by app or web. Fixed price based on calculated route and time if destination address given when booking by app or web. Flag fall M–Sa 06:00–18:00: €4, other times and holidays: €7 1–4 persons €0.90/km + €0.90/km, 5–8 persons minimum €20, €1.60/km + €0.90/min (July 2020) . ( updated Jul 2020 )
  • Taksi Länsi-Suomi, ☏ 0100-0700 (extra charge?) . Serves most of Finland Proper. Call centre in cooperation with Taksi Helsinki. Available also through the Valopilkku app. Flag fall M–F 06:00–20:00, Sa 06:00–16:00 €4.90, other times €7.90 1–4 persons €1.29/km + €0,79/min, 5–8 persons €1.69/km + €0,79/min . ( updated Mar 2020 )
  • iTaksi, ☏ +358 10-212-0000 (extra charge?) , ✉ [email protected] . Also bookable by app or web. Fixed price based on calculated route and time if destination address given when booking by app or web. €4.00/6.00+€0.90/km+€0.85/min .
  • Yango. Yango is a Russian company which offers cheap fares. €6.00+€1.10/km+€0.40/min (Starting fare includes 5 min and 2 km) . ( updated Dec 2020 )
  • Smartphone apps: Valopilkku, 02 Taksi

By ferry Edit

  • 60.4411 22.2479 11Föri . 06:15–21:00 daily, in summer 06:15–23:00, replaced by boardwalk in cold winters . This city ferry shuttles people and their bikes (no cars allowed) across the Aura River since a century, first taking passengers in 1904. Beloved by Turku citizens, the little orange ferry covers a grand distance of 78 metres and takes about a minute and a half. A running local gag is to ask visitors if they have taken the trip from Turku across to Åbo on the Föri yet actually, both sides of the river are called the same, Åbo is just the Swedish name. Incidentally, the name comes from the Swedish färja and is related to the English word "ferry". Free .
  • Föli water buses. 2021: Daily 24 May–30 Aug, Sa–Su until 19 September. Every 45 min, round trip 1.5 hr. First departure 10:15, last return back by Martinsilta 19:55 . m/s Ruissalo and m/s Jaarli go from just downstream from Martinsilta (eastern, left bank) to the Kansanpuisto park on Ruissalo, via Forum Marinum and either Pikisaari on Hirvensalo or the Telakka marina. Tip: Take a bicycle with you without extra fee if the ferry is not too crowded. €3/1.5 (ordinary Föli ticket), bikes free .
  • 60.4483 22.2683 12Jakke Jokilautta. River ferry Jakke is a café ferry going up and down the river all the way from the castle to the cathedral. Along the way you can enjoy refreshments and the wonderful views of the city. Some of the cruises are also guided. There are five stops along the river for the ferry: Tintå restaurant, Pharmacy museum, Esposito, Turku guest harbour and Crichton street. The ferry always stops at the Pharmacy museum and Crichton street, and if there are people waiting for the ferry, also on the other stops. €5/2 (children 3–14), family (2+2) €12 .

Archipelago cruises Edit

There are a number of cruises in and tour boat connections to the archipelago, e.g. to the island Vepsä, a recreational area of the city (1–2 hours), to Nagu parish village or Själö (2 hr across Airisto, back in the evening), to Utö in the very outskirts of the Archipelago Sea (5 hr twice a week, overnight stay at the island necessary due to the distance) or to Naantali with the Moomin world, Kultaranta (the summer residence of the President of Finland) and a nice wooden old town. Most ferries taking passengers to the archipelago can be found between Martinsilta bridge and Föri. Some of the tours are available only in summertime, others continue as long as ice conditions permit.

On your way out from the city you can see the old ships by Forum Marinum, Turku castle, the harbour and Pikisaari and Ruissalo with their old charming villas, before you reach the open Airisto.

  • 60.44416 22.25336 13s/s Ukkopekka ( just downstream of the Martinsilta bridge ). Family-owned steamship. Archipelago cruises from Turku to Naantali (day cruises 1 hr 45 min each way, immediate return or 2 hr in Naantali) and to the island of Loistokari (evening cruises, dance at the Loistokari pier, buffet meal included) in the summer season. Naantali: €24 single, €29 return, family €66/80, lunch €14 Loistokari: €48–55 children 3–12/3–14 half price .
  • 60.4433 22.2515 14m/s Rudolfina, ☏ +358 2 250-2995 , +358 40-846-3000 , ✉ [email protected] . Lunch and diner cruises. €30–40, including a meal .
  • 60.44401 22.25297 15Rosita, ☏ +358 2 213-1500 , ✉ [email protected] . With m/s Lily you can depart for a two-hour cruise in the Airisto or spend the entire summer's day (or a few) on the Vepsä island. The voyage is an hour each way. There is a café on board. The main deck consist of a bright 100-person lounge, with a 40-seater cabinet downstairs and a large deck and sun terrace upstairs. Also plain cruises. Return €20/9, single €12/6, family €47, pets €4 children 0–11 reduction €2/ticket on internet . ( updated May 2021 )
  • m/s Norrskär, Läntinen Rantakatu 37 , ☏ +358 400-176-684 , ✉ [email protected] . 2021: 8 May–19 September Sa–Su, 12 Jun–29 Aug daily 09:30 or 10:00 from Turku, 11:15 at Själö, 12:15 in Kyrkbacken, start from Kyrkbacken 16:00 or 16:15, back 18:15 or 18:30 . Connects Turku with Själö and Kyrkbacken. Times with guided tours on Själö. Kiosk on board. Lunch possible in Själö or Kyrkbacken. Själö or Kyrkbacken single €25/15, return €37/23 bike €6, return €10 children 3–15 years . ( updated May 2021 )

By car Edit

Parking lots by the street are sparse at rush hours, but otherwise you should be able to park your car for a while quite near the place where you are going. Short time parking often free, otherwise expect to pay €1–2/hr in the centre, less in the outskirts, where even free lots can be found.

Parking halls, such as the underground 60.4549 22.2606 16 P Louhi (stairs/lift to Kauppatori and the pedestrian street) usually have plenty of free space. Q-Park also operates several parking halls in central Turku. Most of the largest hotels have their own parking halls. When parking in the street in winter and spring, note times reserved for maintenance. The roads around Kauppatori are now (2018–2021) mostly closed for through traffic.

The vast majority of the city's sights are within a kilometre or two from Kauppatori. Two sights in the city are considered above others (by Finnish visitors): the medieval castle, which is the symbol of Turku, and Turku cathedral, the national shrine of Finland, but there are several more modest pearls to find. Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova invites visitors to explore the medieval history and culture of Turku and to reflect upon thought-provoking contemporary art. Luostarinmäki is the only larger part of the city that survived the great fire of Turku in 1827. Nowadays it houses an open air living handicrafts museum, with local artisans working in traditional ways. The biological museum has dioramas showing Finnish fauna of different biotops. The museum of art has a collection from the time of national awakening in the 19th century, besides more modern works. The Museokortti card gives free entrance to most museums.

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