Fruit salad by Vladut

Fruit salad by Vladut

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Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Fruit salad by Vladut:

I cleaned the fruits, he cut them :) the banana slices, the diced apple and the diced orange. He mixed them all in a bowl, broke the biscuits on top, sprinkled the almond flakes, prunes and honey. And she served us all in colorful glasses :) Very, very good!

Fruit salad by Vladut - Recipes


COCKTAIL RECIPES - Jello salad. Each week we will learn together how to prepare a new recipe in the section called COCHET RECIPES. Here we will learn how to prepare certain recipes, we will discover useful information about certain ingredients. With a little care and coordination, no dish is impossible to prepare. So don't be afraid! With small and large we are preparing to become chefs with NEWS FOR CHILDREN. Today we will prepare a cool summer dessert together.

Jello salads or jelly salads are a common feature of regular meals in the United States. Most likely because they are cheap and easy to prepare, but still attractive and tasty. In Utah, where Jell-O is the official state snack, jelly salad is commonly available at local restaurants such as Chuck-A-Rama. In Canada, a traditional Newfoundland cold platter typically includes a variation of jello salad.
Did I pique your curiosity? Then we are ready to get to work. To prepare this salad we will need the following.


It is a jelly salad, so we will need 50 g of gelatin, 1 liter of fruit juice, syrup, vanilla, lemon juice, milk or liquid cream and fruit. We leave it to you to choose your favorite fruits.

Method of preparation

First we put the gelatin in the water to swell it. Meanwhile, put the milk or cream and syrup in a bowl to boil. When the gelatin has swelled, drain it and add it over the composition on the fire. Let it boil together for a while, stirring constantly until the gelatin dissolves. We can start placing the fruit in the shape we have chosen. Add the jelly over them and leave the dessert to cool. The preparation can be served with cream or fruit sauce according to preferences.

Don't forget to ask your parents for help when using the stove.


Potluck: a communal gathering in which each guest brings a different dish (from English)

Fruit salad made by children

Culinary tips # fruit # salad # apples # strawberries # oranges # kiwi # recipe Recipe for the best fruit salad Recipe for the best fruit salad When you feel like something sweet, healthy and delicious try a fruit salad . But if you haven't tried to prepare something like this at home, it would be good to know that it is one of the simplest desserts you can have. Fruit salad - a simple and delicious recipe for babies of 10-12 months. All you need is apple, quince, banana, orange, grapes, biscuits Salad is ready! Depending of everyone's preferences to it salad of fruits you can also add strawberries or plums (I did not find). If you are preparing for an older child, salad it can be garnished with whipped cream and a piece of chocolate, on top. Good appetite

Fruit salad is a simple recipe, a delicious mixture of diced fruit, fresh and / or compote, simple or with various additives: brandy or fine liqueur, sour cherry, whipped cream or yogurt, ice cream. It can be fasting or sweet. Written recipe and step by step video For a balanced fruit salad it is recommended to use ½ hard fruit, with less juice, and ½ fruit with more juice. To prevent the fruits from oxidizing and to keep them looking fresh, then you can squeeze a little orange juice over them. This can also be the basic juice of fruit salad, but you can also choose the juice from. Page 1 of 2 - fruit salad - posted in In the kitchen: After the advice received that does not leave too many additions, I can say that I put another teaspoon of ice cream, then I put the fruit, then cream and on top of grated chocolate or a slice very thin from a green, fragrant lemon or a grape or a glazed fruit, finally, what I have, plus a champagne biscuit

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  • Fruit Salad - Fruit Salad. Ingredient: - Bananas - Orange - Apples. Find out all about topics like fruit salad, fruit salad, baby play, fruit food, food, delicious, delicious food, kids, healthy food, fruit salad recipe, fruit salad recipes
  • Method of preparation. Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into cubes. Then combine all the fruit in a large bowl. In a smaller bowl, mix the honey with the juice and lemon peel and vanilla. Pour over the fruit and mix well. Transfer the fruit salad to individual cups and garnish with freshly chopped mint
  • How to prepare Fruit salad Detailed recipe: http://www.gatesteusor.ro/salata-de-fructe A simple and tasty recipe! For other delicious recipes, see ..
  • Recipes for children: Pizza-style potato pennies Check with bananas and cinnamon Baked oat pudding Granola and strawberry yogurt 1,829 recipes, 37,318 reviews and 54,069 votes 5
  • e. It can be made fasting or sweet. More r ..
  • to cook, give yourself a few

Fruit salad for children Tal recipes

  • Ingredients: - apples - kiwi - orange - banana - whipped cream - sugar.
  • e, and the fruits are played and discussed until they are enjoyed by a consumer of healthy food. Here you will find the story in the reading of the actress Denice Nester Grigore. The story read by Denice Nester Grigor
  • You turned them into a fruit salad
  • Method of preparation. People in Northern Europe tend to eat this salad often, especially during the summer. Because it is an extremely easy recipe and can be made at home immediately, below we tell you what are the steps you need to follow for the best potato salad

Fruit salad - Culinary recipes with Gina Brade

The truth is that we (the young people in the gang) were already students and we enjoyed this well-alcoholized fruit salad At 20 kg of fruit salad we put 2-3 good bottles of rum. You can leave aside a few servings for children (without alcohol) and in the rest add plenty of rum (real rum, not rum essence!) We have for children Fruit and Vegetable Salad Games Online - The newest and most fun fruit and vegetable salad games vegetables on children's games.ne

Fruit salad: 7 quick and delicious recipes

  • Search CopiiSiMamici.ro for fruit salad. Searches related to fruit salad: fruit salad
  • Pregnancy by weeks Symptoms, Discomfort Children's names Recommended tests Complications and Problems Pregnancy Discussions (Community, Forum) Groups Pregnant (bellies) Journals, Blogs Keep a diary Birthday calculator
  • Fruit salad recipe - for children Ingredients fruit salad Ingredients for four servings: two apples, an orange, two bananas, pineapple compote, a bunch of grapes, a kiwi, half a glass of whipped cream, two tablespoons of caster sugar, two tablespoons of ground walnuts or hazelnuts, grated orange peel
  • You may also be interested in: parfait cake made with cornelia rednic, parfait cake made with cornelia lupu rednic, goat steak made by jamila cuisine, cake figurines for children hello kitty, parfait cake made with cornelia rednic parfait with coconut, chocolate cream made with fire , children's appetizers, homemade siliotca, whipped cream.

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  1. Recipe for children: fresh salad with fruit, cheese and almonds. pasta salad If you want to convince your little one to eat more fruits, combine them with almonds and a good quality unsalted cheese. You will get an appetizing salad that is easy to digest
  2. ute. In the meantime, prepare u
  3. . In a bowl, mix the cream with the sugar until it becomes whipped cream, at the end, add the essence and mix. Remove the bowl from the cold, add the whipped cream and decorate as you like
  4. made by children Page 4 of 5. You may also be interested in: I often hear from children who do not eat fruit. Or to insist and offer children as much variety as possible in general, a vegetable that children do not like. But this rule does not like cream soup
  5. This story, Magic Fruit Salad is the 2nd story in the collection of the 10 magic stories in the Code of Successful Children collection. Below is a complete list of them. I hope you fully enjoy each of them and discover their little secrets, hidden from view among the lines written with love for children.
  6. Culinary recipe Fruit salad with whipped cream from the category Fruit salads. How to make Fresh Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad - Sweets - Children and Moms

  1. Avocado Fruit Salad: It depends on the age of the baby here, if you want, you can mix all the ingredients in a mixer until it becomes a fine puree or you can just crush them with a fork and mix the yogurt
  2. take the lid and transfer to a large bowl
  3. All-fruit salad. As the title implies, a tutti-frutti salad is made from fruits of many kinds. Tutti-frutti salad is generally made from seasonal fruits, so depending on your imagination, other fruits can be added or replaced.
  4. Red fruit salad. Ingredients: a small watermelon a large pomegranate, ripen a handful of green mint leaves, chopped lime wedges Preparation: Wash the watermelon well, cut into slices, then remove the core. The pulp is cut into 2-3 cm cubes. The seeds are removed. The core is placed in a bowl
  5. Preparation: - Mix the sauce with honey and juice. - Put 2 teaspoons in each of the 4 small bowls. - Arrange the fruits on a plate in 5 separate sections, with the sauce bowl placed in the middle. - Enjoy each fruit with sauce and the rainbow look of the platter
  6. to contribute and they will make the time spent online as pleasant as possible. If you are passionate about this sport, don't miss the new games from all the categories listed on the site.

Fruit salad with honey The child

If you are tired of eating fruit salad as a seasonal dessert and you want to change something, we recommend you try a fruit pizza, made from a tender and tasty top, a layer of light cream cheese and a topping of your favorite fruits of your choice. Doesn't that sound delicious? Preparation time: 1 hour and 20 minutes. Cooking time: 20. Powdered milk children 1-3 years Special formulas and HA Lactose-free milk Goat's powdered milk Tea and Supplements. Calming colic Tea Special edible oil Juice for children Baby fruit puree Hipp Bio Fruit Salad, from 8 months. 10.00 lei. Set stock alert. Out of stock. Out of stock. Hipp Bio fruit puree with fine fruit. natural fruits The price of natural gas will continue its upward trend in the future, even if in the next ten years the price increases will be moderate, Gazprom representatives told Adevarul. Addiction to the whims of nature will never allow renewables to become basic sources for [.. Baby food. Babies 12-18 months Salad with seafood and smoked salmon is a light and delicious salad, but also healthy. A reduced salad recipe. 15m Potato salad with smoked fish can be made in any season of the year and I consider it the ideal option. recipe details. The fruit salad below is inspired by trying to make any meal, for my little girl, more fun. When she is sick or when we simply have a craving for fruit, this salad saves the day. Ingredients for Mediterranean fruit salad for children 1 banana 1 yellow apple 1 green apple 1 clementine

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Ingredients: fresh fruit 2 tablespoons lemon juice 4 tablespoons fresh mint sugar 20 ml fruit liqueur fruit nectar Preparation: Wash the fruit and cut into appropriate large slices. Place in a layered salad bowl. Sprinkle sugar between layers and sprinkle with fruit liqueur 40929 Free Images of Fruits. 1087 1054 158. Background Fruits Berries

. The ingredients are just as diverse, as a huge variety of fruits can be added to the salad composition. Ingredient []. apples, pears, plums, quinces, oranges, bananas, etc., compote, cream, granules of Shaorma sugar of home, simple recipe, made with cold, remaining steak of grilled or with chest of turkey chicken, ready in 10 minutes. A simple and tasty recipe, which can be consumed in diets like Rina, Dukan, low carbs. And to make everything easier, you have the video recipe at the end of shaorma, where I explained everything in detail and step by step

Recipes for children

  • e, and seafood salad has beneficial effects on memory and can be an excellent aphrodisiac
  • FRUIT SALAD Image: www.albumdefamilie.ro Here you go, the salad is ready Today, my father prepared it. From watermelon But also from the melon. To match It put blackberries in the bucket. Today only I picked them From the forest, from the plain. I was a little scared of the bear. He was on the hill above. Chew with blackberry lust
  • Fruit salad with lime cheese The challenge from Fan Branza-Delaco to prepare a recipe with Ghosts from white lime cheese made me think of a delicious fruit salad. It can be made in many combinations, it all depends on the imagination but also on the season
  • Fruit salad Baked vegetable salad Fruit pasta salad Fruit salad with figs and mozzarella Watermelon salad with feta and mint Arugula salad with chicken, orange and pomegranate Beetroot salad with mozzarella and arugula Beetroot salad with oranges Beetroot salad for winter Spinach salad with grapefruit and fetus
  • ute to be well cooked. Before stopping the fire, check with a fork if they are cooked well. If they are cooked, remove them from the water and leave them to cool.
  • and nutrients

Baby fruit puree Hipp Bio Fruit Salad, from 8 months, from few ingredients, BIO agriculture. No added sugar, no milk derivatives, no flavors, preservatives, dyes or thickeners. Set the desired amount, leave the rest in the closed jar, and keep in the fridge for 3 days. Salad with mayonnaise is a delicious recipe that you can prepare at any festive meal. In a saucepan put a pinch of salt, a little pepper and 500 ml of water, then boil over high heat. When it boils, add the cleaned and well-washed salad to the boil. Simmer for about 15-20 minutes. Fresh Fruit Salad Thank you for choosing to have fun with us on the hottest games site in Romania, PEZO.ro. You played the game Fresh Fruit Salad for children on pezo.ro, your favorite site for free and online games for kids. Fresh Fruit Salad is a game from the category Cooking Games where you can find the best games for you

Fruit Salad. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 6:13. Summer Fruit Salad Recipe. Reke. For example, a fruit salad for children can be a wonderful dessert or a snack. There are quite a number of recipes on the basis of which you can cook delicious salads, but not all of them are suitable for baby food. That's why we offer you a selection of recipes designed especially for children. Fruit and vegetable salad Lots of vitamins in your plate. Prepare a tasty fruit and vegetable salad at any time of the day! "Mommy, Daddy, I'm scared of the dark." Fear of darkness in children - how we can help them overcome it. Cooking games where you have to prepare a very delicious fruit salad. Cut. (Played: 63,319 times) Dora Diego is a fox. Help two cute kids cook some delicious cakes! Watch carefully (Played: 871 times) Ice Age

How to make fruit salad, step by step video recipe

In addition, raspberry seeds contain substances that are a natural sun protection factor. I chose ricotta because this cheese specialty is made from whey and contains a significant amount of protein, is easy to digest, strengthens immunity and destroys bacteria. Vladut has been eating ricotta since he was 1 year old. Ingredient Buy Exotic Fruit Salad, 150g online from Auchan, exceptional quality at a great price. Quick lift! Right of return in 30 days Buy Eggplant salad 525g Whims and Delights from eMAG! You have the freedom to pay in installments, benefit from the promotions of the day, opening the package upon delivery, easybox, free return in 30 days and Instant Money Back Seafood Salad Thank you for choosing to have fun with us on the hottest site of games from Romania, PEZO.ro. You played the game Seafood Salad for kids on pezo.ro, your favorite site for free and online games for kids. Seafood Salad is a game from the category Cooking Games where you can find the best games for you. Pasta salad with vegetables and yogurt sauce - Recipe VIDEO Greek salad with pasta and yogurt Fruit desserts (33) Puddings and others sweet foods (38) Ice cream (4) Miscellaneous children's food (68) Children's desserts (75) Quick recipes (147).

Fruit Salad. Jun 24, 2019 | 0 comments. Fruit Salad assorted. Infinity Events. CONTACT US! on the face, glitter, carnival costumes are the main elements of a memorable party! Children's shows, children's magician, plays or karaoke show for children, all can give color to any event for. The group room is decorated with an autumn look: branches, dried leaves, flowers, grasses, acorns, chestnuts, (all gathered by children on the trip from the Botanical Garden, made a few days ago, at the Flower Exhibition, edition of 31 a, Iasi,) autumn fruits, (brought by parents), botanical atlas (from the kindergarten library,) coloring books. In order to pass more easily over the first month of the year and wanting to have a balanced and somewhat healthy diet, with minimal financial expenses, I chose fruit salad. If you liked our recipe `My Fruit` Salad Recipe don't forget to review it

Regarding the buckwheat and fruit salad that I propose today, if you have ready-made buckwheat hydrated and prepared fruits, assembling the salad is not difficult at all and does not take time. Tip: if you want to thaw blackberries faster, place them in a sieve and pour a stream of warm water (max 30 degrees), and they will thaw quickly Buy Fantasy Fruit Salad, 150g online from Auchan, exceptional quality at good price. Quick lift! Right of return in 30 days My dears, today began the Christmas fast, the most beautiful and easiest fast of the year (with many releases at over ). It is a fast of joy, of hope, which I, with God's help, want to keep to the end, so we will enjoy together the spiritual food it will bring us, but also the bodily food ( I have so many wonderful fasting recipes that I barely.

Fruit salad with lemon sherbet and basil. Read More. Beef salad with chicken breast. Read More. Leurda salad with tomatoes and glue. Read More. Lorraine salad. Recipes for children (91) Recipes for Easter (33) Salads (59) Salads (30) Slow Cooking (18) Sauce (17) Soups - Soups - Bags (55) Salted Tarts (40) Tarts and Cheesecakes (43. Sure we have in the fruit bowl bananas that we have left after the supply made before the holidays.These fruits can be used constructively in various forms.We will make a salad, in which, in addition to bananas we will add a natural yogurt, which will ensure a detoxification after meals full of winter holidays Recipes for you Home Contact 1/20/201 Povesticopii.com is a collection of audio stories in mp3 format. The site includes most of those stories, and in addition to audio stories, we also have a collection of video slideshows, written stories, coloring pictures, and games.

On the other hand, pineapple, apples, pears, grapes, bananas and oranges formed the most delicious fruit salad. They added a little compote and wrote on the label: DESERT. They all put themselves in the fridge and waited patiently for Daria's return from school. She was not late to appear Arugula and strawberry salad Now that it's strawberry time, let's enjoy their taste and nutritional properties in a simple salad to prepare (in less than 5 minutes) and much easier to eat. Ingredients about 2 cups arugula salad 1 cup staple VEGETABLE SALAD Image: www.culinar.ro Long ago, mommy taught me how to clean vegetables. For a tasty soup To be healthy. Cut the carrots lightly without any help. Celery and parsley The same with the slow. With onions it's harder When you cut it, I always cry. Today mommy shows me how to make a salad. Peeled cucumbers Cereal bars with dried fruits, honey and seeds ideal for children and adults. They are a healthy, delicious and energizing snack or dessert. Let me tell you a little about this recipe. It is very easy to make, it is made quickly and what is important are the bars are very healthy

Recipe Fruits made salad - cooks

OLX.ro offers you the opportunity to publish free ads for your city and its surroundings. You will easily find on OLX.ro interesting free ads from Bucharest, Ilfov and other cities in the country and you will be able to easily get in touch with those who published them. On OLX.ro you will find jobs, apartments and rooms for rent, used cars and mobile phones at low prices. Healthy autumn recipes. General Autumn fruits and vegetables will urge you to return more and more often to the kitchen and try new and delicious recipes. Even though the days get shorter and even colder, autumn offers a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables. The apples. read more. Calorie restricted diet

Skilled children, fruit salad, creative colleagues, colors and smiles! Always close to you! We continue online Fruit salad A simple and tasty recipe for Family fruit salad. How to help your child grow confidently: 5 tips to put into practice 'Mommy, Daddy, I'm afraid of the dark'. Fear of darkness in children - how we can help them overcome it. You can play at the store in English, asking for certain fruits. You can group the fruits according to color, practicing on this occasion the vocabulary of colors in English. You can describe in English what fruit salad you would create (and then even prepare it and eat it together) As it is understood from the title, an tutti-frutti salad is made from fruits of several kinds.. Tutti-frutti salad is generally made from seasonal fruits, so depending on your imagination you can add or replace other fruits. The tutti-frutti salad sauce doesn't have to be

Original play doh plasticine set from which you must get a beautiful fruit salad. All accessories are included, fork, 4 plasticine containers, basket, plates. This product was added to our catalog on Monday 13 April, 2020. About Eggplant Salad with Dark Mayonnaise Mayonnaise made from 2 eggs and 177 g of sunflower oil is mixed in the robot with 571 g of ripe eggplant. In the category of cooked food there are other foods, with fewer calories

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Fresh fruits Fresh vegetables and salads Borscht and pickles Basic foods, preserves and spices Coffee, cereals, sweets and chips Natural and healthy products Dairy, Eggs and Bread Meat, Sausages and Fish Frozen products Beverages and tobacco Home maintenance and animal care Child care Care personal Fruit salad with seeds and cereals Bavarian strawberry Chia jelly Grapefruit dessert with honey and yogurt Apples in puff pastry Baked pumpkin with cinnamon Crisp with apples (vegetarian) Baked apples with cow cheese Cake-Fruit salad Recipes for children (156 ). For a contrast of textures, you can add pieces of biscuits, raisins and other dehydrated fruits or even chocolate chips to ice cream. If you add a little chopped fresh mint, ice cream will also have a refreshing and invigorating effect. Homemade vanilla ice cream is perfect to be served in cups or cones

Fruit salad by Claudia Groza - Stories for children

Smoothie is a drink made from fruits, vegetables, ice, milk and syrup. It can be made from fresh or frozen dishes. Smoothie is an ingenious preparation, rich in vitamins and minerals, which can be prepared both in a blender and with the help of a food processor. A box of unprepared caviar (I had herring). bread zema from half a lemon oil Chop the onion, and put in a bowl with the caviar. Mix so that the eggs break. Add oil, little by little like mayonnaise. Our Cooking Fruit Salad game, which you want to play now, can also be found in the following categories: cooking games, barbie games, cooking games, cooking games, cooking games online, sara games, barbie games in the kitchen, cooking games with sara, so you can't get bored on your favorite site. Ingredients fruit salad with honey (for 2-3 people) In this recipe you can use fruit according to everyone's taste, this being just a suggestion. a few fresh strawberries (100 -200 g) a ripe mango fruit. a bunch of grapes (only berries) 2-3 kiwis. 2-3 bananas. 100 g black currants. melted bee honey (3-4.

Fruit salad, the perfect dessert! - Petitchef

At Casa Romaneasca restaurant you can choose from predefined menus or we can customize the BAPTISM menus according to the preferences of each client and the allocated budget! BAPTISM MENU 135 LEI Cold snack Goose liver pate, tomato water lily stuffed with eggplant saladS Homemade caviar salad spreads, cheese roll with Baptism menus Read More Play free salad games now! the newest salad making games online you can play on cujocuri.com a site with the newest and LARGEST COLLECTION of salad making games 2020 Plums, pears, apricots, peaches, nectarines, cherries and a fork next to them, salad of fresh fruit, which seems to be waiting to be eaten. Daily dose of vitamins at a glance. Ideal wallpaper for a kitchen or living room, fruits in bright colors, bring a touch of fresh Fruit salad is relatively easy. It takes patience to peel and cut all the fruit into small pieces. We used apples, pears, oranges, bananas, kiwis and a canned compote with a mixture of fruits (pineapple, grapes, etc.). Apples oxidize quickly so they must be combined with oranges. It is squeezed

The best potato salad in the world - simple recipe

seafood salad. Desktop Image View this image at desktop size. Slideshow Album. Slideshow! View all album photos in slideshow. Publish / Recommend. Publish Picture Online! Post the picture on your favorite forum or blog Send e-Photo. Send by Email! Send your friend the picture as a greeting card Fruit salad. at the end of the school year! Today we celebrated the end of the school year from a young age to a great age! Irinuca, 11th grade with a beautiful average over 9, Ioana after a harder year (6th grade) almost 8.50, and the youngest a deserved First Prize I say so, because despite the uglier writing and hurry to finish his homework, participated in. Salad it is ready in 15-20 minutes, maximum. I prefer to serve it cold, so immediately after preparing it I put it in the fridge. If you are very hungry, you can eat it even hot. Of you also know how much I love oil of olives We have enough space to host in optimal conditions: weddings, baptisms, festive meals, parties for children (in a specially arranged place) and any other special event in your life. Currently we have 2 salons with a capacity of 70 / 140 people who have an intimate and chic setting, where you will definitely come back with.

Description - Magic Fruit Salad I know that before any purchase you want to discover as many of the secrets of this book and whether it is worth buying or not. Well, I will try - without being as subjective as possible - to outline as realistically as possible what you will find in this book, or, more artistically, who I am. for orders of at least 300 lei. Subscribe to the newsletter here. Promotions and offer 5 answers to A quick salad with seafood. That's how I learn to make healthy food to lose weight until the wedding, at least so common sense. What did you do to us with this lack of communication when I see the pictures of the salad as if I feel like eating goodies Finocchio salad Ingredients: -finocchio -1 orange -1 lemon -1 grapefruit -less -balsamic vinegar & gtAll about home & garden & gt Vegetable salad recipes & gt Finocchio salad - Page 0

The No. 1 salad in the world! Salad cake that will take the lead at any holiday table!

We present you a recipe for salad in layers with chicken breast, nuts and prunes. Although it is prepared amazingly simple and fast, guests will be pleasantly amazed by the look and taste of such an appetizer. The less common combination of chicken with mushrooms, nuts and prunes gives the salad a special taste and pleasant texture. Surprise your guests with such a delight and the recipe will be in high demand.


-200 g of mushroom mushrooms

-1 cucumber and walnuts for decoration


1. Boil carrots, potatoes and eggs.

2. Peel the carrots and grate them. Clean the eggs and pass them through the small grater. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes.

3. Boil the chicken breast in a saucepan with water and a pinch of salt. Allow to cool and finely chop.

4. Cut the mushrooms into slices and fry them in a pan with hot oil.

5. Chop the walnuts. Soak the prunes in boiling water for 5 minutes. Then drain them and cut them into cubes.

6. Put the cheese through the small grater.

7. Arrange the salad in layers as follows:

-1/2 of the amount of potatoes

-1/2 of the amount of cheese

-1/2 of the amount of meat

8. Grease each layer with mayonnaise or cream. Garnish the salad with strips of fresh cucumber, walnuts or greens to taste.

Note: To get a good-looking appetizer, arrange it in a removable baking dish, lined with cling film. Refrigerate the salad for a few hours. Remove the shape and foil. Arrange the salad on a plate.

La ferma din Orheiu Bistriței vor fi făcute brânzeturi sub brandul AgroArdeal

La ferma familiei Peica din Orheiu Bistriței se lucrează de zor la producerea unor tipuri de cașcaval, telemea, șvițer și chiar și smantână. Cu rețetele se joacă unul dintre administratorii fermei, Vlăduț Pieca.

Tânărul este student la Facultatea de Medicină Veterinară din Cluj Napoca și este extrem de implicat în toate activitățile care se desfășoară la ferma familiei. Vlăduț se ocupă, alături de câțiva muncitori, de îngrijirea vacilor dar și de cultivarea a 200 de hectare de pământ de unde procură hrana pentru animalele de la fermă. Ferma este robotizată și dotată după ultimele standarde atât în ceea ce privește utilajele, cât și echipamentele cu care se lucrează.

Ca element de noutate, încă de luna trecută, Vlăduț s-a pus pe treabă și și-a început activitatea și în sala de procesare a laptelui. Tânărul a testat câteva rețete pentru brânzeturi și smântână.

“Noi obținem zilnic cam 4.000 litri de lapte și am decis să procesăm săptămânal 4.000 de litri pentru a obține brânzeturile pe care dorim să le producem. Facem produse strict cum se obțineau înainte, doar cu cheag și saramură. În produsele noastre nu băgăm absolut nimic, niciun mediu de cultură”, explică Vlăduț Peica.

Deocamdată la ferma de la Orheiu Bistriței au fost testate rețete pentru 2 tipuri de cașcaval, șvaițer, telemea și smântână.

Produsele sunt făcute, iar acum sunt puse la maturat și așteptăm rezultatele”, mai spune Vlăduț Peica.

Deocamdată familia Peica nu a decis cum va scoate produsele pe piață însă au luat în calcul două variante: deschiderea unui magazin propriu cu vânzare stric de produse lactate sau încheierea unui contract cu un alt magazin prin intermediul căruia să facă vânzarea.

În prezent, la ferma din Orheiu Bistriței sunt 300 de vaci care produc anual aproximativ 1,2 mil. litri de lapte.

29 Rețete salata de fructe pentru un sănătos și răcoritoare rețete gustare

În zilele mai calde, câteva lucruri sunt la fel de plăcute ca mâncarea alimentelor proaspete. Mai bine atunci când fac bine pentru sănătate, contribuind la nutriția corpului tău! Pentru un mic dejun sănătos sau un desert răcoritor, ce zici de o salată frumoasă de fructe?

Nu există prea multe misteruri pentru a face o salată de fructe și puteți încă să vă pregătiți combinațiile pe care le preferați, atât cu fructele dvs. preferate, cât și cu cele improvizate cu cele rămase în frigider. Pur și simplu se coajă, se toacă și se amestecă. Very simple!

În plus față de fructe, este încă posibil să crească masa cu iaurt, miere, nucă de cocos rasă, suc natural și chiar înghețată. Hmmmmm .

Și încercați să-i sunați pe copii să vă ajute, cei mici vă pot ajuta cu sarcini simple cum ar fi îndepărtarea bananelor sau scoaterea strugurilor din ciorchini.

Inspirați-vă cu rețetele pe care le-am selectat și pregătiți-vă salata de fructe preferată astăzi!

Salate simple

1. Salată de fructe cu suc de portocale: Această rețetă este foarte ușor și merită amestecat toate felii de fructe pe care le aveți. Împreună cu fructele, adăugați puțin zahăr și suc de portocale pentru a ajuta la conservarea salatei mai mult.

2. Salata de fructe cu suc de portocale și nucă de cocos rasă: aici, în această rețetă, în afară de sucul de portocale vârful este de a adăuga nucă de cocos rasă și de a folosi fructele de sezon - în acest caz, papaya, pepene galben, kiwi, mango și ananas.

3. Salata de fructe cu suc de lămâie: Sucul de portocale este deja tradițional în rețetele de salată de fructe. Ce zici de inovare și de utilizare a sucului de lamaie? Împreună cu o lingură de sirop de agave, ajută la păstrarea salatei!

4. Salata de fructe cu suc de rodie: această rețetă, în plus față de suc de rodie diferențial, include, de asemenea, semințe de dovleac și semințe de floarea soarelui, afine si iaurt natural. Încearcă-l!

5. Salata de fructe cu crema de lamaie: completati reteta cu o crema de lamaie preparata cu doar trei ingrediente: iaurt natural, lapte condensat si jumatate de suc de lamaie.

6. Salata de fructe cu suc de mango și miere: o opțiune excelentă pentru cei cărora le place să combine gustul diferitelor fructe. Este posibil să variați sucul de mango cu suc de fructe pasiunii, portocaliu sau mandarin.

7. salata de pepene verde și căpșuni cu lamaie si menta sirop: autorul reteta de gătit la foc mediu o murătură care ia apa, zahar, coaja de lamaie si menta frunze. Apoi combinați cu suc de lamaie și lăsați-l să se răcească. Cu acest sirop a adăpat fructele tăiate. Sună grozav!

8. Salată de fructe cu iaurt: o opțiune rapidă și ușoară care poate fi făcută cu aroma de iaurt la alegere: lămâie, căpșuni, prune, banane . Tu decizi.

9. Salata de fructe galben cu iaurt: ce zici de alegerea aceluiasi fruct? Aici am folosit banane, portocale, ananas, mandarine și mere. Pentru a termina, un pic de semințe de floarea-soarelui, susan, semințe de in, ovăz, stafide și nucă de coji tocată tăiate!

Salate elaborate

10. Salata de fructe cu vin alb: opțiunea de a primi prieteni! Fructele sunt curățate, tocate, amestecate și apoi udate cu o combinație de suc de portocale și vin alb port!

11. Salată de fructe cu ciocolată: ciocolată + salată de fructe = combinație făcută pentru a merge dreapta. Ideea de aici este foarte simplă: adăugați ciocolată topită peste fructe.

12. Salata de fructe cu lapte condensat și pulbere de ciocolată: laptele condensat merge bine cu totul, mai ales cu salata de fructe. Utilizați fructele de alegere, amestecați cu lapte condensat și presărați cu pulbere de ciocolată. Enjoy!

13. Salată de fructe cu budincă de vanilie: această rețetă este ușoară, opțiune excelentă pentru cei care doresc să reducă consumul de dulciuri fără suferință. Pentru preparare, utilizați un pachet de budincă fără zahăr.

14. Salata de fructe cu budinca de nuca de cocos si chia: in aceasta reteta ingredientul neasteptat este chia, care absoarbe lichide si se sfarseste prin a crea un fel de gel. O opțiune sănătoasă, practică și nutritivă.

15. Salata de fructe cu menta și proză: desert cu fața de vară. Cel mai bun? Este foarte ușor de făcut. Pentru a pregăti, utilizați piersici în sirop, căpșuni, 1/2 ceașcă de proză, frunze de menta și iaurt natural.

16. Salata de fructe cu iaurt grecesc si turmeric: turmeric, de asemenea, cunoscut sub numele de turmeric, are mai multe beneficii pentru sanatate: este antiinflamator, anti-cancer si antioxidant. În rețeta de salată de fructe dă o notă specială acolo.

17. Salata de fructe cu sirop de măsline și portocaliu: ulei de măsline combinat cu fructe? Da! Uleiul de măsline nu trebuie folosit numai în pansamentele sărate, iar aici, în această rețetă de salată de fructe, face diferența.

18. Salata de fructe cu cremă de vanilie, frișcă și granola: servită într-un castron cu straturi diferite, această rețetă de salată de fructe este o tratație a ochilor și a palatului.

19. Papaya și salata de banane cu miere, lămâie și ulei de nucă de cocos: în afară de aducerea de aromă, iubitul momentului, uleiul de cocos, face încă salata de fructe mai sănătoasă. Pentru a îndulci mai mult, o atingere de miere.

20. Salata de fructe: Această rețetă este pe un capriciu. Fructele alese - banana, căpșunul, guava, bergamota și pere - au fost combinate cu iaurt natural, granola și miere. Masă completă și plină de sănătate.

Salate cu prezentări diferite

21. Salată de fructe în ananas: Pentru a vă face salata de fructe și mai răcoritoare și tropicale, un sfat: serviți în ananas! Este ușor de făcut și arată bine pe masă!

22. Salata de fructe în coș: Pentru a varia în prezentarea salatei de fructe, încercați să serviți într-un coș făcut cu aluat de tort. Este simplu și foarte fermecător.

23. Salata de fructe în oală: cum să pregătiți salata de fructe o dată și să puteți consuma întreaga săptămână? Aflați să vă serviți într-o oală și să evitați risipa.

24. Salata de fructe pe bimbur: cu bețe de gratar, fructe de sezon și un sirop de fructe pasiunii și zahăr, faceți o gustare frumoasă și rece.

25. Salată de fructe caramelizate: Această rețetă amestecă câteva fructe crude cu alte fructe caramelizate în tigaie. Rezultatul este o salată diferită și gustoasă.

26. Salată de fructe specială: Pe lângă prezentarea în cupe, straturile colorate de fructe sunt împodobite cu iaurt grecesc și granola. Este minunat să vezi și o plăcere să mănânci! )

27. Salata de fructe moleculare: în gastronomia moleculară, ideea este de a folosi procesele chimice și fizice atunci când vine vorba de gătit. Asta este, punem pariu că nu ați văzut niciodată o salată de fructe ca asta înainte!

28. Salată de fructe prăjită: Oferirea reîncărcării în rețetele clasice este întotdeauna o idee bună. Aici fructele au fost coapte - și arata uimitor cu înghețată. Ce zici de testare?

29. Tartar de frutas: nimic mai mult decât o salată de fructe cu o prezentare superbă. Utilizați fructele preferate și adăugați miere pentru a "lega". Lemon shavings dau acea atingere finală.

Îți plac alegerile noastre delicioase? Nu uitați să împărtășiți aceste sfaturi cu acel prieten care Îți place o salată de fructe și le testează pe toate pentru gustări răcoritoare și sănătoase!

Salata făcută de un chef american a devenit virală și e considerată &rdquoo crimă împotriva umanității&rdquo

Un chef TV a ales să facă însă &bdquosalată de popcorn&rdquo, folosind floricelele de porumb drept bază pentru acest fel de mâncare, stârnind controverse printre pasionații de rețete.

Bloggerul american Molly Yeh a apărut la popularul canal Food Network pentru a-și prezenta invenția. Salata este un amestec de popcorn, maioneză și legume. Deși ea adoră acest fel de mâncare, recunoaște că alții ar putea să o considere neortodoxă.

&rdquoUnii adaugă și pește în salată. Chiar dacă vi se pare că nu merge, după ce o guști, este foarte bună&rdquo. Sosul salatei constă în maioneză, smântână, muștar de Dijon, zahăr, oțet de cidru de mere, sare și piper.

Sosul este amestecat apoi cu mazăre, morcov, țelină și popcorn.

După ce rețeta a apărut pe pagina de Facebook a postului Food Network, comentariile au început să curgă, unii numind-o &rdquocrimă împotriva umanității&rdquo.

&rdquoÎmi pare rău, dar arată dezgustător și nu aș mânca-o niciodată, toată maioneza aia este teribilă&rdquo, a scris un fan.

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5 rețete de SALATĂ de iarnă din FRUCTE

Dacă vă plac salatele de fructe dar nu știți cum să combinați ingredientele, inspirați-vă din rețetele de mai jos. Salatele de fructe citrice și tropicale sunt ideale pentru perioada de iarnă, când organismul nostru are nevoie de mai multe vitamine.

Improvizați și adăugați și alte ingrediente în afară de cele listate aici, în funcție de gust și ocazie.

Salată de Fructe de Iarnă

♣ Salată de fructe de bază

• 3 portocale
• 3 kiwi
• 2 bananas
• 1 măr
• 2-3 linguri de stafide
• 3-4 linguri de nucă de cocos

Stoarceți sucul de la 2 portocale. Folosiți a treia portocală pentru salată, curățând-o de coajă și tăind-o bucăți mici. Puneți cubulețele de portocală într-un bol. Adăugați mărul și fructele de kiwi tăiate cubulețe, precum și bananele tăiate rondele. Adăugați stafidele, sucul de portocale și fulgii de cocos. Amestecați ușor. Dacă mai trebuie lichid, adăugați puțină apă.

♣ Salată de fructe românească

• 1 strugure alb
• 2 pere
• 2 mere
• câteva piersici din compot (dacă aveți)
• 1 mână de nuci

Amestecați perele și merele tăiate feliuțe cu boabele de strugurii. Stropiți fructele cu puțin suc de portocale sau lămâie și asezonați cu nuci mărunțite.

♣ Salată de portocale, kiwi și salată verde

• 2 portocale
• 3 kiwi
• 1 salată verde
• 3 linguri de semințe de pin

Așezați câteva frunze de salată verde spălată în prealabil pe un platou. Curățați portocalele și kiwi de coajă, apoi tăiați-le feliuțe fine. Așezați-le alternativ peste salată, cât mai frumos. Presărați apoi semințele de pin.

Stropiți la final toate ingredientele cu un dressing preparat din: 3-4 linguri de ulei, 3 linguri de suc de portocale, 1 lingură de miere, ½ linguriță de suc de lămâie, ½ linguriță de sare, ¼ linguriță de piper alb și 1 vârf de cuțit de piper cayenne, dacă aveți în casă.

♣ Salată cu grepfrut

• 3 grepfruturi
• 2 bananas
• 1 mână de merișoare
• 3-4 linguri de miere
• sucul de la 1 portocală

Puneți sucul de portocale proaspăt stors în bolul de salată și amestecați-l cu mierea de albine, până se dizolvă. Adăugați merișoarele, bananele tăiate rondele și grepfruturile tăiate cubulețe. Amestecați ușor și lăsați salata la rece cel puțin o oră, apoi serviți.

♣ Salată de ananas

• 1 ananas mic
• 1 rodie
• 2 grepfruturi
• 2 mandarine
• 100 g de nuci

Curățați ananasul și fructele citrice de coajă. Tăiați-le feliuțe mici și puneți-le într-un bol. Adăugați semințele de rodie și garnisiți la final salata cu câteva nuci.

♣ Salată tropicală

• 1 mango
• 2 bananas
• 3 portocale
• 2 felii de pomeolo
• 1 felie de ananas (opțional)

Tăiați mango, bananele, pomelo și anansul bucăți mici. Procesați la fel și cu piersicile. Stoarceți sucul de la portocale și adăugați-l peste fructele din bol. Amestecați ușor și lăsați salata puțin la rece înainte de o servi.

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.

Ați mâncat măcar o singură dată o salată din roșii cu gulie, castraveți și migdale? Dacă nu, încercați să vă preparați o astfel de salată și veți vedea cum este!

Așa arată și salată de roșii cu gulie, castraveți și migdale!

Mai multe informații în articolul Migdalele – 10 beneficii surprinzătoare pentru sănătate.


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