Kisses of Mulatto

Kisses of Mulatto

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Mix the yolks then add the rum essence and water, then add the sugar and mix well.

Then add the baking powder, then the flour little by little to see if it incorporates well, it should not be a soft or very bad crust, more suitable, to have a consistency like a bread crust.

Add the soft butter at room temperature and knead to incorporate for about 15 minutes.

After all is well incorporated, put the crust in a food foil and leave it to rest for about an hour :)

Then make balls of about 10gr (they do not have to be large because they will grow when fried), they can be weighed with the kitchen scale or they can be formed from the eyes.

Fry until golden brown in a pot with a lot of oil and well heated, if the oil is not hot the donuts can crack, and will spoil their shape.

Leave to cool and prepare the chocolate sauce, mix the chocolate powder with the sugar, then add the milk, it must be a thicker sauce. Pass the donuts through the sauce and remove with a fork then roll lightly through the coconut .

Serve with a cup of coffee or milk.

Good appetite!


7 methods by which you can drive your boyfriend crazy. for pleasure

Here are some tricks that will help you seduce the man you like without fear of falling into embarrassment or actually making a bad impression. There are methods that can drive any man crazy!

1. Take care of the way you dress!

If your girlfriend looks great in a short, fitted and low-cut dress (yes, it's a really pornographic outfit, but in some contexts, it can be used as a weapon of seduction), it doesn't mean that your body will be put worth if you wear a dress the same. It is important to wear clothes in which you will feel sexy, but which will also benefit your conformity.

Some women look ridiculous when they are perched on heels or when they choose to wear sandals with heels and thin straps, although they do not have deer ankles.

It's true that one of the most suitable colors you can wear to seduce is red, but be careful to choose a shade that fits very well with your skin and hair color (ie dark red to burgundy if you are brunette , pink or coral shades if you are blonde, brick or red-purple if you are red).

Silky materials are best suited for such a thing. Make sure that the underwear is sexy and provocative, but at the same time comfortable, so as not to turn into a torture tool. Even if he can't see her, you will know what you are wearing and that will give you a conquering attitude.

2. Pay attention to what he has to say!

It is true that many women like to talk about themselves and feel that they are given the necessary attention, but men also feel the need to be listened to. Any man will find extremely interesting a woman who knows how to listen to what he has to say and pays attention to it, stimulating him to fulfill his dreams. or goals a little closer to reality.

3. Don't talk about your ex-boyfriend!

It is true that sincerity is needed in any relationship, but it is about the necessary sincerity, not about putting absolutely anything on the tray, just so that he also knows. If he asks you something about your ex-boyfriend, try to talk to him about it as briefly and succinctly as possible, sweetening the situation as much as you can.

You can let him know that you just didn't fit in, don't expose him to all the problems that took you away from him, to give him a reason to wonder if something is wrong with you, if the other one left you.

4. Wear a light but attractive scent!

It is not good to use intense perfumes when you try to seduce a guy, because, apart from the fact that they are tiring, it is very possible to find a scent that he cannot stand and to obtain an opposite effect to the expected one. .

Sensual perfumes will envelop you much more discreetly if you use them in the form of scented oil dripped in bath water, then in the form of scented powder with the same scent, after which you can use the method & bdquodomnitelor & rdquo: spray a little perfume in the air and go through the & bdquonorisor .

Yes, we are talking about an invisible cloud, not about a kilogram of perfume sprayed in the air. All this must be "done" about 45 minutes before the meeting with him.

5. Be careful to prepare the ground. to play!

If you invite him to your home, regardless of whether this happens after the actual meeting or even where the conquest attempts take place, make sure that the atmosphere is perfect for what you intend to do.

Avoid too strong light, so as not to highlight any wrinkles. In addition, your skin will look brighter if you use a more discreet lighting system, such as a well-placed lamp or an adjustable light source. Bonus: a weak light will help you get rid of inhibitions, if, or more precisely when it is necessary to undress in front of him.

6. Try a striptease number!

It is not about a show similar to the one in the bars with such specificity, but about a slow and sensual undressing. Let him lie on the couch and admire you as you slowly take off your dress, then your underwear, finishing with garter shoes and tights. It is important to let him wait for a while before giving him the opportunity to "enjoy" what he sees.

7. Explore her body down to the smallest detail!

Many women prefer to lie down and let him do all the work, especially when it comes to the first sexual intercourse with a new partner. Instead, it is better to participate intensely in the development of the action, exploring his body and finding out what exactly produces real intense pleasures. You will instantly detach yourself from his former partners, whom he will forget very quickly.

Mulatto kiss

I'm going to teach you a family recipe, which my mother used to make when I was a child. She did it recently (kind of 9 months ago) when my sister was pregnant and came to dream about the sweet mulatto kisses.

This is a simple and delicious dessert: they are tiny balls fried in butter and dipped in a thick chocolate broth. It looks so tasty! And the best part: I do it and still do it with the kids!

You will need:
1 tablespoon (tea) of powdered yeast
1 tablespoon margarine (I prefer butter)
7 spoons (soup) of sugar (being sweet any one serves)
& # 189 kilo of wheat flour (good good, and always sifted)
Vanilla to taste (some droplets, and can be replaced by chocolate essence)
1 drop of goblet (yes, cachaça even, but don't worry because it adds to the dough and doesn't leave a taste)
3 eggs

Mix the ingredients and knead until nice and smooth. Now is the time for work Fun: Call the kids and curl up tiny beemm dumplings! The smaller and tastier the mulatto kisses look.
After rolling fry in butter. Don't leave it too dark, will you? Reserve.

Now let’s get to the chocolate broth?

My mother makes 75% chocolate. If you want you can mix 20% chocolate but I don't like it because I prefer it with a more pronounced taste.

Mix 2 cups of chocolate tea with 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of sugar. Place 1 tablespoon butter and bring to the heat to incorporate. If not going to serve for children can put half a cup of cocoa liqueur. Bring to a boil and your broth is ready.

After the fried dumplings, dip them in the still warm broth. Place in a large bowl, or a nice bowl and serve with ice cream.

He has someone who sprinkles grated coconut on top, and he has an aunt of mine who barely passes the balls through the hot, removes and passes through the grated coconut. It looks good, but I prefer the dumplings dipped in the thick broth. It is to your liking, and in any case it is a delight!

You know, right? Do it there and send for me!

And still about the 2 year anniversary of the blog:

In addition to the awards I mentioned here I closed today with a jewelry designer friend of mine and we will have 1 pair of earrings and a necklace!

And also an ecobag! And a baby bag to be used as a tiracolo. But these are made by Elaine rsrsr


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Preparation mode

  1. 1. In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder. Separately, beat the eggs and butter until they form a homogeneous cream. Add to the mixture of dry ingredients. If you want, add the brandy (leave the frying to dry). Gradually add the milk until it forms a firm, smooth dough. Wrap small balls and fry in oil, over medium heat (they will grow). Drain them on paper towels.
  2. 2. For the topping, mix the butter, condensed milk and powdered chocolate in a pan. Bring to a simmer and stir slowly until boiling. Let form a thin cream. Don't be fooled by the texture of the brigade, otherwise it will be difficult to cover the balls.
  3. 3. Dip each dumpling in this cream and then in the grated coconut.

Ready! Now, just savor this delicious recipe for Mulatto Kisses.

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Although there was a lot of criticism, there were still people who defended him, pointing out that the problem is that Patrice has shapes that cannot be hidden under ordinary clothes, which are also suitable for school.

Others have pointed out that it is obvious that the way they dress does not affect in any way their ability to do their job well.

Following the wave of criticism, Patrice made his Instagram account private and told Daily Dot that: & # 8222I want them to respect me and focus on the positive things because these are the ones that really matter & # 8222. 8211 these being the education of children for the future, their care & # 8221.

Maybe if teachers like Patrice are allowed to do their job when they grow up, those children will know that it's not okay to judge or punish people for the clothes they wear.

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In support of Patrice, another user posted an image with Patrice in a different pose, and next to the image he posted the following message: & # 8222It's weird how no one posted this image with #teacherbae. The image that really matters & # 8221

At 70, she looks better than a 30-year-old woman - See the incredible story of a woman who discovered the elixir of youth - VIDEO

It is said that time is a woman's greatest enemy. And a strong argument of this theory is the huge turnover of the cosmetics industry, products that promise old ladies without wrinkles and eternal beauty.

Well, a Florida woman seems to have managed to defeat this ruthless enemy that attacks women's skin every second. Annette Larkins is 70 years old, but few would give her more than 40. She is a mother, wife and has grandchildren, but she is in a shape that would make any grandmother envious. Did she discover the elixir of youth?

He has no wrinkles, no health problems, and few would give him more than 30 years. Annette Larkins she did not resort to any miraculous anti-aging cream nor to cosmetic surgery, her secret is the raw-vegan diet. For 27 years he has given up prepared food products and consumes only vegetables and fruits from his own garden and drinks only rainwater.

Although she does not look like a septuagenarian, Annette is a mother and grandmother like any other old woman in the world. The difference is that she looks gorgeous for her age and she doesn't complain about her pain, she doesn't need a cane and she doesn't suffer from arthritis or rheumatism.

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Beauty has no secrets for a long time either Dana Sota. Our Romanian woman is natural from head to toe and has an enviable physique even though she has passed the first four decades of life. Mrs. Sota is a beauty consultant and stays young with a healthy lifestyle and. yoga.

Twelve kisses of mulatto

And there you go, today I'm going to teach you how to make a delicious sweet mulatto kiss, this is a very quick, simple and practical recipe to make, not to mention that most of the ingredients you must have there in your home. It is also valid to say that this candy is an excellent order for when that desire to eat a candy beats. Not to mention that it is an incredible option also for those who want to earn extra income.

The sweet mulatto kiss is an option to remove water from the mouth, because in addition to a simply divine taste, it still has no secret. Right here at home, whenever I want to eat an unconventional candy, I make the sweet mulatto kiss, because with it the success with everyone who experiences it is guaranteed, except the children, so the praise already comes from bonuses.

Did you like the idea? So how about giving the recipe for that sweet mulatto kiss that I separated for you soon down? Just follow the whole step by step with enough care that you have no mistake, after all the mulatto kiss is a wonderful candy that will surely sweeten and brighten your day. Therefore, now without further ado let's go into this recipe of giving water in the mouth!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

[child's instinct] after all who's pregnant here ?!

A few days ago I discovered that the instinct of a child is contagious. This has been going on since the beginning of the pregnancy, in which I suspected that I was hopeful because Mr. Shaka and the baby-de-mulata had desires for exotic food. I continued on my usual diet and nothing! But as it is a phenomenon that is widely described in the annals of obstetrics, I deigned to do the test and the rest is history!

Now in the final challenge, my childlike instinct has calmed down after assembling the crib, making the crockery, installing the chair, ordering the diapers to be washed, picking up the bathtub and filling the pantry and I just feel like resting and eating little. Already Mr. Shaka is on the line. Ontem was to see him clear the unexplored corners of the corridor. E o baby-of-mulatto, glass-cleaner and handkerchief, to clean tiles and windows:

- Mom, when you're in the hospital I'm going to stay here to clean everything for the mana not to catch any bacteria!

Cute boy from his mother. But is everything pregnant in this house ?! And the least pregnant hair seen is me.

Video: Η φωτογράφιση για το κραγιόν και το φιλί στο GNTM 06112018 (May 2022).