Wahlburgers is Debuting in Philadelphia in the Form of a Food Truck

Wahlburgers is Debuting in Philadelphia in the Form of a Food Truck

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Mark Wahlberg’s burger chain is coming to Philadelphia as a food truck this fall

Marky Mark’s burgers and the funky fries are coming soon to a food truck near you.

The Wahlberg brothers are bringing their burger chain, Wahlburgers, as featured in the eponymous reality TV show, to Philadelphia, at the Piazza at Schmidt's in Northern Liberties, according to Philly.com.Although the burger chain won’t be opening until the winter, Donnie, Mark, Robert, and Arthur Wahlberg will be debuting a food truck this fall to tide us over until the more permanent burger fixture opens.

Menu highlights include one-third-pound Our Burger, Alma’s Favorite Chicken, Portobello Mushroom Cap, Tater Tots, and Aqua Hydrate. The famous brothers might actually be working to cook up a special Philly signature burger, called the "Invincible Burger” based on Mark Wahlberg’s 2006 movie, Invincible, about the Philadelphia Eagles’ great Vince Papale. You can enter the contest to help choose toppings for this new Philly-specific burger (we’re praying cheese sauce and shredded steak tops the list).

When the restaurant opens, it will also have a full bar with a beer, wine, and cocktail list.

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