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Cake "Log"

Ingredients for the preparation of the cake "Log"

For the test:

  1. Chicken eggs 10 pcs.
  2. Sugar 1 cup
  3. Flour (wheat premium) 1.5 cups

For cream:

  1. Condensed milk 1.5 cans
  2. Butter (or margarine) 400 gr.
  3. Chocolate (to sprinkle) to taste
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 8 servings


Baking tray, Bowls, Mixer, Spoon-separator for eggs (if any), Fork, Fine sieve for sifting flour, Grater, Serving dish

Cooking cake "Log":

Step 1: Cook the dough.

We will prepare a biscuit dough, it is very light and the cake will literally melt in your mouth. To prepare the basics, the first thing you need separate the whites from the yolks. For this, an egg separator spoon is ideal, with its help it is very easy to separate the protein from the yolk. But if there is no such device - it does not matter, then just gently break the egg across, for example, with a knife and divide into two shells, one will have a yolk in another protein. Doing everything necessary above the bowl, gently transfer the yolk from one shell to another (at an angle), so that the protein gradually flows into the container. We take a mixer and whisk the whites slightly, gradually add sugar and achieve the formation of a fluffy protein foam. After that, without ceasing to beat, add the yolks in the bowl, and then the wheat flour. Despite the fact that the flour is already sold, I always try to saturate it with oxygen. sift through a fine sieve, so the baking is even more airy. Mix everything thoroughly, the dough should turn out approximately as if it were pancakes.

Step 2: Cook the biscuit.

Before starting to cook the dough, you need to put the oven to heat to a temperature 180 degrees. Take a baking sheet, grease it with a piece of butter (or margarine) and lightly sprinkle with flour. Then pour the biscuit mass into it, and set it to bake in the oven for about for 40 minutes. An important point in the preparation of this air miracle - the oven must not be opened until the end of cooking, and temperature condition must be strictly observed. Otherwise, the biscuit simply will not rise.

Step 3: Prepare the cream.

To prepare the cream, we need to soften the butter (or margarine) with a fork (I advise you to take the butter already slightly melted at room temperature), and then mix it with condensed milk. In general, you can cook any cream: custard, cream, or cream of boiled condensed milk. However, the cream with condensed milk is very delicate and in combination with a biscuit, it turns out quite tasty and airy.

Step 4: Making the roll.

Cool the finished biscuit and cut it in half into two. This is most conveniently done with a sharp knife with a wide blade. There is another option: put the biscuit on parchment paper and wrap it in a roll, and leave it to cool, and then unfold it and grease with cream. However, the first option will make the cake more saturated. Therefore, we grease both cakes with cream, and first roll the first biscuit into the roll, put it on the other and roll it again. Cakes should roll very easily and not break.

Step 5: Serve the Log Cake.

We shift the cake on a serving dish, seam down, and grease it with cream. Sprinkle with chocolate chips on top (three chocolate bars through a fine grater) and put in the refrigerator at least for half an hour. Cake "Log" is ready. Cut it into portions and brew aromatic coffee or tea. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - The baking sheet can be covered with parchment paper.

- - You can put chopped almonds in the cream.

- - On top of the cake, you can decorate instead of chocolate chips with chocolate icing.

- - Some people prefer to cook biscuit sticks and put them in the form of a log, smeared with cream. But for me, this is more like tiramisu (though without cheese)

- - If you do not have time, then you can buy ready-made biscuit dough.