Candyland Cocktail

Despite the name, the Candyland cocktail isn't so sugary sweet and naive — it's actually inspired by this year's Oscar-nominated film, Django Unchained. Said Jen Marshall, who made the cocktail for Nitehawk Cinema, the drink is named after Leonardo DiCaprio's character's plantation in the film. "It's a a good, classic Southern drink," she says.


For the drink

  • 1 1/2 Ounce Benchmark Bourbon
  • 3/4 Ounces fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 Ounce Crème de Mure (blackberry liqueur)
  • 1/4 Ounce cinnamon simple syrup
  • 1/4 Ounce mint simple syrup
  • Splash of grapefruit juice

For the cinnamon simple syrup

  • 1 Cup sugar
  • 1 Cup water
  • 2 cinnamon sticks

For the mint simple syrup

Pink Lady Cocktail

The pink lady is a classic cocktail with a light blush of color that's not as sweet as modern pink martinis. This was one of the first "girly drinks" and a favorite among high-society ladies from the 1930s through the 1950s. It has an inviting flavor that any fan of fine cocktails—including the very similar Clover Club—will enjoy. Although there is no verifiable origin to this drink, it's said to be a concoction created during the Prohibition era, when bad-quality gin was common, and other flavors were needed to mask the unpleasantness of cheap liquor.

The pink lady has a much drier, gently tart flavor than one might expect from its name. Unlike many of today's pink cocktails, it gets a slight fruity sweetness from the grenadine, but the botanicals of a good gin still shine and provide a nice balance of flavor. Not commonly present in household bars, applejack gives the drink a fruit-forward depth. This drink's soft profile will mix well with almost any gin and each will create an entirely new experience.

The egg white in this drink makes a foamy top on the pink liquid and creates a spectacular looking cocktail. But like in any egg cocktail, shake it longer than you would most drinks to ensure that everything is mixed well. Use pasteurized eggs, and give the egg a quick freshness test: Fill a tall glass with cold water, add the egg, and if it sinks to the bottom and turns to the side, it's very fresh. Floating eggs should be discarded. However, if you prefer, skip the egg without greatly impacting the flavor of the drink.

Candy Land


  • 1.5oz Dripping Springs Vodka
  • 0.75oz Peppermint Syrup
  • 0.5oz Cherry Heering
  • 1 candy cane

Step 1: Add 0.5oz of cherry herring to the base of your collins glass.

Step 2: Pour 1.5 oz of Dripping Springs Vodka to your shaker.

Step 3: Then add 0.75 oz of peppermint syrup to your shaker and get ready to shake!

Step 4: Now slowly pour over crushed ice and swizzle to make cascade.

Step 5: Garnish with crushed peppermint candies and/or with a candy cane.

This cocktail tastes like happy in a glass. It&rsquos a great dessert drink and it goes down so smooth. It will kick any sweet cravings that you may have and leave you wanting another. This will definitely be a holiday party drink that I will be making!

If you&rsquore expecting or wanting the non-alcoholic version of this cocktail, here&rsquos what you need.

We know that our readers love Halloween and it’s hard to believe that Halloween is only a week away. This weekend, the adult Halloween celebrations will be in full swing. We have been scratching our heads, trying to come up with new and innovation ways to make Halloween fun.

In my attempt to be new and innovative, I ended up rehashing the old. Thinking about Halloween had me remembering what I loved about it as a kid. While I did like dressing up, what I really loved about Halloween was the candy. I loved the anticipation of walking about to the door, ringing the doorbell and wondering what treat awaited. I remember the thrill of getting candy I loved, especially if it was a full-sized candy bar and the sweet sensation of eating it. I also remember the crushing disappointment when someone handed out an apple or a carrot or even a toothbrush. Seriously, what killjoys—who gives little kids a toothbrush other than the dentist.

Then I started wondering, why can’t adults trick or treat? How fun would it be to have a trick or treat party and serve liquid libations, otherwise known as liquid candy? If you live near your friends (where you don’t have to drive) or hire a car service, have a progressive party where you get a different drink at each different house. If that doesn’t work, have one person host the party and have everyone bring their favorite drink (or the ingredients needed to make the drink) to serve in rounds. Or, if you are really ambitious, have the party and make all the drinks yourself. Pour mini drinks in little sipping cups and hand them out. It will be just like Halloween where you get to try a bunch of candy and never know what you are getting next.

Here’s our favorite liquid candy drinks plus one apple drink for good measure. (You can’t leave out the healthy alternative! You remember that from Halloween, right?)

Candyland Tomatoes Make a Sweet Garden Treat

By Jodi Torpey
  • Candyland tomatoes are a currant-size tomato that's smaller than cherry tomatoes.

I’m a big fan of the seeds All-America Selections (AAS) sends me to trial each season. Each year the new crop of national and regional winners gets a good workout in my garden.

One of the national vegetable award winners for 2016 has proven to be a real winner in my patio container garden, too. Candyland tomatoes have performed exceptionally well, producing cute, currant-size tomatoes that are perfect for eating by the handful.

Currant-size tomatoes are much smaller than cherry and grape-sized tomatoes. These little red blasts of sweet flavor grow on 2-foot tall plants that are easily contained with a lightweight tomato cage.

In addition to their sweet flavor, there are three other reasons I’ve enjoyed growing Candyland:

  1. It’s a short-season tomato that’s ready to harvest about 55 days from being transplanted into the garden.
  2. The fruits form in clumps on the outside of the plants, making them a lot easier to harvest.
  3. They produce dozens and dozens of bright red tomatoes.

Candyland is an easy-care tomato, too. The seeds I started popped up quickly and made hearty transplants. Once planted in medium-sized containers, the tomato plants needed only regular deep watering, plus feeding with a liquid soluble vegetable fertilizer every two weeks.

These pint-size tomatoes are meant to be eaten fresh or perhaps to simmer into a tomato jam. I think they’re too small for canning or freezing.

PanAmerican Seed Company is the clever breeder behind Candyland. This tomato winner is only one of the dozens of winning fruits, vegetables and flowers listed on the AAS website.

Candyland Birthday Party Ideas

A party wouldn’t be a party without candy! This colorful event features some beautiful Candyland Birthday Party Ideas that will give you a sweet tooth! This fun Candyland Party was held for 2 siblings who both celebrated birthdays in December. Mom decided to throw 1 big party and candy was the main focus. Event Styling by K & L did an amazing job with the entire event.

The huge candyland cake was a showstopper. It was big, colorful and had amazing candy and cupcake details.

The dessert table was full of goodies. I especially love these cute candy cookies!

The party was bright, colorful and full of candy-inspired decor.

The cake design was absolutely gorgeous. It looks almost too good to eat!

Cupcakes, candy and ice cream cones with lots of color were featured on the cake.

Photos of the birthday boy and girl at a candyland themed photo shoot were on display for guests to view.

Gorgeous colorful vases were filled with bright flowers for the table centerpieces.

Colorful special guests even made an appearance.

Pretty chevron candy bar labels highlighted the sweets that were available to guests.

Who doesn’t love the Candy Lane board game?!

How gorgeous is this white feathered birthday dress with matching shoes and headpiece!

Kristin Chenoweth Loved Getting Close to the Contestants While Hosting &lsquoCandy Land&rsquo

The singer and actress even purchased 'Candy Land' contestants matching face masks.

Kristin Chenoweth is the first person to admit that she is not a cook. The singer-actress previously told Woman's Day, "I don't go in the kitchen very often," which explains her ongoing partnership with Kellogg's crackers. It doesn't, however, explain how she landed the delicious gig of hosting a new Food Network show aptly titled Candy Land.

"Candy Land was a sniper from the side that I didn't see coming," Chenoweth tells Woman's Day. "But I love it."

The show, which includes six episodes and premieres on the Food Network on Nov. 15, is based on the old-school board game of the same name. The show features competing teams, tasked with creating sugar masterpieces as they advance through the "game board," navigate surprise challenges with the hope of winning the grand prize: a whopping $25,000.

"I just can't wait for everybody to watch," Chenoweth says. "To watch these teams compete and really love each other, and to watch them create these confections with sugar, I just can't believe what they did."

The pieces the teams created showcase pure artistry, Chenoweth says. "I loved watching the artists &mdash and I use that word very carefully &mdash create entire villages," she says. "As an artist in a different milieu, I was so impressed by the different contestants and what they offered. I'd never be able to do it, so I stand in awe of what they created."

It wasn't just the confections Chenoweth loved on set, either. She also enjoyed getting to know each of the contestants and the show's judges, Aarti Sequeira and Nacho Aguirre. "I got close to all of them," Chenoweth says. "We were really bonding in a safe way, but it was the first thing I'd done in the pandemic, and we're all learning how to work now."

She says the set employed strict COVID-19 protocols and that there was an emphasis on safety. But of course, because she enjoys a bit of fun, Chenoweth got everybody matching Candy Land face masks. Despite the new filming environment, she wanted everyone on set to know "we're in this together."

When Chenoweth secured the hosting job her mother gave her some advice. "My mom said, 'Just try to learn something,'" Chenoweth says. "And I thought, 'But I don't want to cook, I'll leave it to you guys.'" In the end though, she did end up learning something important on set. "There's one thing I did learn," she says. "It was so cold in the studio, and as the host, I kept saying, 'Can you guys make it hotter? It's so cold,'" she says. "And they're like, 'No, that's the one thing you don't get.' And it's because food melts," she laughs.

On the bright side, at least her custom Candy Land mask could help keep her a bit warmer during filming.

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14 Excuses to Use Marshmallow Creme That Aren't a Fluffernutter

We&rsquore not discouraging diving into a jar of marshmallow creme with a spoon&mdashbut there are other ways to use this fluffy, sweet concoction. Many people don't realize marshmallow creme is a useful ingredient in making many desserts. Take a look through these ideas to see what we mean.

If you’re a s’mores lover (and who isn’t?), there’s a good chance you’re also a fan of marshmallow creme (aka marshmallow fluff). There’s something about this ingredient’s pristine color, gooey texture, and intoxicating sweetness that call to mind childhood favorites like peanut butter-marshmallow sandwiches. This sticky goodness isn’t only for eating and spreading, however it can come in handy when baking mouthwatering desserts too. Now you have an excuse to pick up a jar and put it to good use with these recipes using marshmallow creme. (And, hey, if you don’t use the whole container, all the better for snacking!)

Table of Contents

  • Recipes and Ideas for Some of the Best Christmas Party Drinks
    • 1. ‘White Snowman’ Christmas Dessert Cocktail
    • 2. DIY Winter Morning Christmas Eve Mixed Hot Drink
    • 3. Non-alcoholic Christmas Day Instant Mocktail for Children
    • 4. Traditional Green ‘Grinch’ Adults’ Holiday-Party Cocktail
    • 5. Christmas Brunch Appetizer Alcoholic ‘Toddy’ Recipe
    • 6. Santa Claus’ Red Robe Christmas-themed Cocktail
    • 7. Mixed Alcoholic Christmas Cocktail Shooter Shots for Guys
    • 8. Vodka-based ‘Gingerbread Martini’ Cosmopolitan Cocktail
    • 9. Simple 3-Ingredient ‘Christmas Hug’ Cocktail Punch
    • 10. Blue ‘Jack Frost’ English Christmas Cocktail/Mocktail
    • 11. Christmas ‘Poinsettia’ Easy Champagne Cocktail Drink
    • 12. Traditional Quick Eggnog Recipe for Christmas
    • 13. Special ‘Snowball’ Classic Cocktail for Xmas Party
    • 14. ‘Christmas Jones’ Xmas Cocktail & Mocktail
    • 15. ‘Rudolph the Reindeer’ Signature Christmas Carol Cocktail

    Table Of Content

    Lineage and general info

    Legendary cannabis cultivator Ken Estes is tagged as the brains behind the Candyland strain, which is described as a cross of Granddaddy Purple and a Bay Area Platinum Cookies strain. Estes himself was the original cultivator of Granddaddy Purple which has been popular in California for decades, largely because of its soothing effects.

    In a June 2020 interview, Estes said that he was looking for a daytime version of Granddaddy Purple that was less sedative, and also more resistant to mold. He then crossed a male GDP plant with a female phenotype of Bay Platinum Cookies, creating “a sweeter, easier-to-grow, lighter-on-the-head plant striped with nice, deep veins of purple.”

    And why did he choose the name Candyland? “I had so many crosses I just called that one Candyland. I wasn’t crazy about the name. I was trying to find [another name] that nobody could say was attractive to children. We just called it that due to a lack of names. But it was the best strain that evolved, so we stuck with the name.”

    In other words, it has nothing to do with the board game, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great thing to keep on the shelf in your living room to break out when you have company.

    Candyland (at times also referred to as Candyland Kush or Candyland OG) has a sweet flavor with earthy, spicy notes. It produces dense buds that can be dark green with varying degrees of purple.

    Watch the video: Candy Land Full Playthrough (January 2022).